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Incomplete Christ and Incomplete Gospel



If popularity of preachers is a bad sign of falsehood or “itching ears” Bible teachings since we are deep into the Falling Away, then why do preachers at large and growing churches like Jack Graham sound so solid when they preach message on Christ or the Gospel?  The real question that must be asked, “Is how do you account for his popularity” since you know that Prestonwood like any other local church today is full of the church member follies of II Timothy 3:1-9, and that Prestonwood like any other church has fallen prey to a certain extent {varies with time into Falling Away and individual church even as the 7 churches of Asia Minor had progressed away from Christ and the Gospel to varying degrees} to the inevitability of the world-wide Falling Away?  The obvious answer once you have become strongly grounded in II Timothy chapter 3 and 4 {see the Bible message “From Follies to Fables” on} is that such pastors, unlike Paul and Moses, are no longer revealing the follies of the church members advocated in II Timothy 3:9; and further like the very evangelistic Mormons have been doing for years, they are perching an INCOMPLETE Christ, and INCOMPLETE Gospel, and an INCOMPLETE Salvation.


Just for a basis, say a foundation in realities based on Scripture and church history, for how far such incompleteness can go along the path of the Falling Away, the transition from follies to fables, the full extent of “the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine” of II Timothy 4:3,4, you are reminded that according to the unique Bibles of the LDS, Jesus was the brother of Satan—that is part of the complete story of their Christ—and the Gospel is the Reformed Gospel because works are added as necessary for salvation.  Now, it is far more difficult to find where popular pastors like Graham have departed from the Christ of the Bible except perhaps in making Christ separate from God the Father {such as when they tell you to pray to Christ instead of God the Father, which is the way Jesus taught us to pray}; but primarily in preaching the Christ of a few verses or chapters of the Bible such as in John 10 and I John, when “all scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable…”, to the exclusion of so many of the chapters about Jesus like John 13-17 where pruned Christians are separated from “fruit that remains”.  Preaching a few popular “Christ” and “Gospel” verses in an accustomed manner {perhaps like preached when such preachers first came out of Arkansas and with a sound like Billy Graham} to the exclusion of so many others about Christ and the Gospel created a false impression that there are no follies among the church members of Prestonwood, is exactly what church members want to hear, and is what makes a preacher seemingly of Christ and the Gospel popular.  In other words, all he has to do to be popular is to ignore the rest of the story:  to ignore the follies of his own church members, leaving the impression he thinks, and they think, that while all other churches are participants in the Falling Away and have follies among their church members, only Prestonwood is free of those departees from the living God {Hebrews 3:12).


Further examples of incompleteness in Christ, the Gospel, and the Scriptures is that you will not even hear the mention of “the Falling Away” from such popular preachers as Graham, Olsten, and Warren; nor will  you hear them admit that like the rest of the Christian world and kingdom, their church is also a leader in the Falling Away.  Such churches is the only place that you can find such leaders in the Falling Away, since like with the children of Israel in the wildness, there can only be a falling away among those who have seen the works of God for over 40 years or so!  These popular teachers and preachers will refer to follies and intolerance toward sound doctrine in other churches and denominations as if they were not part of the kingdom of Christ that inevitably goes through the Falling Away during the approximately last 40 years of the Falling Away, plus a “little while” before the Second Coming of Christ.  {for more on these subjects of Eschatology and the Falling Away please review THE LEARN CHRIST commentaries at or the books of biblecombibleman such as “What the Churches Don’t Want You to Hear”, and “Snatching, Stumbling, and the Falling Away” which is a reconciliation of the Security of the Believer (and I would imagine that the listeners to a popular preacher get far more this Security than they do the realities and follies of the Falling Away} with The Falling Away based on the parable of the seed and the sower from Jesus.


Christianity today is soft, superficial, sentimental, and subverted; and it is the preachers and teachers of this incomplete Christ and Gospel that will be most popular during this time of the Falling Away!

2007-11-18 15:02:53 GMT
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