1.  The rules for the
Technical Applications of Computers with
MATLAB course have changed slightly, and you should sign up
immediately as only 10 will be enrolled at one time.

2.  "Den of Thieves" ebook and later book is changed to the title of
NATIONAL DENS OF THIEVES.  Go to the page by that title to read
an explanation and the new preface.  

3.  The first chapter of the
LCLPNT will come out in the next few
weeks, available free in a PDF download.  See link for more details.
Many of you have requested and are waiting for Large Print Bibles.

4.  If you are interested some time next year in a History of
American Thought course, then please let us know at

5.  It is time to tie up the loose strings about
"Bible Studies in
Jeremiah and Prophesy" and "Advanced Studies in Jeremiah".  
Among other Biblical details, it must be illustrated from Bible how
the Calamities on Judah and Israel continued after the destruction
of Jerusalem.  From the context of Jeremiah, while it should be
clear how God's people had forsaken God, the fountain of living
waters, it remains to be clarified how hideous to God was also the
mistreatment of the leaders in the nation against the people in the
land, much like we see in America today in "greed, deceit, and

6.  "Top 12 Topics of the Bible" online course will be completed,
and then converted into an ebook available for purchase online
through clickbank.  Also perhaps like BIBLE REPORTS FOR
BELIEVING made available as a paperback on Amazon.com.  

7.  {By the way do not forget that BIBLE REPORTS FOR
BELIEVING, The Way of Continuing Faith is always available in
paperback on Amazon.com .}

BIBLE REPORTS FOR BELIEVING, The Way of Continuing Faith.

8.  You may want to read the "Missing Preface" to BIBLE REPORTS
FOR BELIEVING, before you order a paperback copy from Amazon.  
It is a unique book and uniquely written and you should be aware of
some of those unique characteristics.

GOOD NEWS!  "Den of Thieves" is now
published as an ebook.  You can NOW
download the complete book in PDF.  Go to the
"Almost Free" Order  Page and Click on Item #4
to order.

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