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Question # 135:  
Explain Matthew
Like with all ASPI interpretations of Scripture, good hermeneutics
demands:  (1) let the Scripture say what it is trying to say, alias go
with the more obvious unless you know of other Scriptures that
have placed constraints on the more obvious; (2) keep the two
verses in the context of the chapter, to whom is Jesus speaking
and in both Matthew 21:45 and 21:15 you see that Jesus was
addressing the religious leaders {by the way all the government of
Israel} of Israel; (3) keep in the context of the book, Matthew; and
(4) keep in the context of the Bible, both NT and OT.
It is obvious as early as the book of Joel and Jeremiah, as we
continue to study on Jeremiah, that God had rejected the majority
of the nation of Israel as His own people; and I think you would
have to say that being the people of God is synonymous with
being the nation of God.  This was reinforced in Daniel and
Zechariah as it was determined by God that shortly after the life
of Jesus {the kingdom of God was formally established as the
subsequent people of God during the life of Jesus, also according
to Daniel--see "
The Kingdom"} that only one third of the Israel,
with persecution, would survive as the people of God.
Of course after Paul met the Ascended Christ in Saudi Arabia and
went back for the so-called 7 silent years at Tarsus, to re-read
the OT, he had the background to formulate notes for the writing
among other 14 NT books of the book of Romans.  Here in the
book of Romans is the bottom line rejection of the majority {if you
reject the majority of a nation as the people of God, that nation is
rejected} of Israel as the people of God, or citizens of the kingdom
of God.
 {Of course never forget that in the New Jerusalem
lowered down from heaven on Mount Zion, and as the
center of all Gentile nations of the kingdom on the new
earth, there the 11 Apostles of Jesus will reign in the
kingdom, and they along with Jesus were a small part of
the nation of Israel.}
For further Bible research on this question:  (1) carefully with a
large concordance go through all the scriptures in the NT on
"kingdom"; (2) stay tuned to the Bible Studies on this website and
by email during 2010 on "
The Kingdom" as well as on "Jeremiah
and Prophesy"; and (3) by all means you will want to read CUP
OF WATER which contains a thorough treatment on the
kingdom.  {It is free at the following webpage:  
download CUP OF
Following is a footnote to Question #135:  Explain Matthew 21:42,43.
The Real People of God of the Real Israel

Then we come to see in Hosea 1:10 and with its explanation in Romans 9:25,26 that
the real people of God after this rejection of Israel would become a kingdom of
Gentiles from across the earth.
"Yet the number of the children of Israel shall be as the sand of the sea, which
cannot be measured or numbered.  And it shall come to pass in the place
where it was said to them, 'You are not My people,' there it shall be said to
them, 'You are the sons of the living God.  Then the children of Judah and the
children of Israel shall be gathered together, and appoint for themselves one
head; and they shall come up out of the land, for great will be the day of
Jezreel!"  (Hosea 1:10,11 NJKV)
And the quote with explanation preceding the quote is found in Romans 9:24,25.
"Even us, whom he hath called, not of the Jews only, but also of the Gentiles?  
As he saith also in Osee (the Greek word for Hosea), I will call them my people,
which were not my people; and her beloved, which was not beloved."  
(Romans 9:24,25 KJV)

{This is an excert from Chapter 8 of volume 1 of the LCC commentaries.}
Following is another selection from Chapter 8 on volume 1, this on the Day of the
LORD in Joel.  This subject of the Day of the LORD and the rejected nation of Israel is
nothing new, only a surprise to those who have either neglected the Bible or just now
getting serious about it!
The Day of the LORD in Joel.
There is an immediate Day of the LORD as immediate judgment is passed on Israel,
an army from the LORD. (Joel 2:1-11)
There will be an immediate restoration of the people (Joel 2:18-27)
The last days will start on the First Day of Pentecost after the Ascension of Christ (Joel
A Final Restoration of the Chosen of God, the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem; and
the gathering of all nations for final Judgment (Joel 3:1-21).
(1).  The reasons for Harsh Judgment with the nations (Joel 3:2,3).
For the sake of God's people and His heritage in Israel.
Because these nations have scattered His heritage in Israel among the nations.
Because these nations have divided up God's land.
Because these nations have cast lots for God's people.
They have made harlots out of the boys of Israel.
They have sold the girls for wine.
They act like they are trying to get even with God.  {Recall from the Bible Studies in
Jeremiah, that God said through Jeremiah, "There is a conspiracy against Me."  See
Bible Studies in Jeremiah and Prophesy.}
They have taken the silver and gold out of the house of God.
They have sold the people of Judah and Jerusalem to the Greeks.
(2).  The Gathering of all Nations for Final Judgment. (Joel 3:9-12)
Prepare for war.
Gather all the nations in the valley of Jehoshaphat.
There God will sit to judge all the nations round about (Joel 3:12)
Put in the sickle, the harvest is ripe, the wine press is full, and the vats are overflowing
with great wickedness (Joel 3:13).
Multitudes are in the valley of decision since the day of the LORD is near:  the sun and
moon and stars are darkened (Joel 3:14,15)
The heavens and earth are shaken while at the same time God is a refuge to His
people.  (Joel 3:16)
The New Heaven (Joel 3:17-18).
Question # 136:  When Is the Holy Spirit Withdrawn from Earth?
Bible Answer:  Although ignored by preachers and church members alike--the reason
not being mentioned but no doubt is because the churches do not want the public to
know that they are leaders in the Falling Away--the book of II Thessalonians is a
treasure house on "last things" {eschatology} including the Second Coming of Christ,
the Falling Away, and the withdrawal of the Holy Spirit from earth.
And the last of I Thessalonians (5:1-11), sets up all those details of Holy Spirit
withdrawal and last things with:  (1) Paul, who gave us the most details of the "when"
of the Second Coming in II Thessalonians as predetermined by the two signs that must
come before the Second Coming, the Falling Away of the churches and Christians, and
the visual on the man of sin, said that he would not waste the time of the church (I
Thess. 1:1) by writing Scripture about the exact time and season of the Day of the Lord
(I Thess. 5:1), (2) since Jesus had already said that none, including Himself at that
time, knew the exact time--to the whole world the day of the LORD and Lord must
come as a thief in the night.  If your whole neighborhood is being robbed, and crime is
rampant in your community, then you know that the probability of a thief coming to your
house is likely, but you don't know the exact time!
You must realize that this One Day of the LORD and Lord is a complete package of
many world wide and significant events, some of which are mentioned here in II
Thessalonians.  {For more on the Day of the LORD and Lord, please read the web
"Day Of The LORD".}  Of course the most significant event, glorious for
Christians and fearful for the unsaved, is the Second Coming to Christ, when "every
eye shall see Him"  (Rev 1:7).

"Behold, He is coming with clouds, and every eye will see Him, even they who
pierced Him.  And all the tribes of the earth will mourn because of Him.  Even
so, Amen."  (Revelation 1:7)

NOTE:  For more on the Second Coming of Christ, please read the web page
"Sound Doctrines on the Second Coming".

Now with these cautionary warnings before so as not to go beyond or go any things
less than what is the Bible, let us get directly to II Thessalonians and the question of
when is the Holy Spirit withdrawn from earth.  The answer is that it is just before the
"little while" (Revelation 20:3)  between the release of Satan from bondage and the
Second Coming; because what releases Satan and the man of sin to do their worst is
the withdrawal of the Holy Spirit from earth.  In other words the Holy Spirit is no longer
on earth to convict the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment (John 16:8-11).

You must read for yourself and from the Word of God in II Thessalonians 2:3-12 how
"He", the Holy Spirit "restrains" (2:6) so that the man of sin {the son of perdition, and
the end time ultimate and leading servant of Satan} can not make his appearance on
the world scene until in God's own good time.  {However, do not be deceived that the
"little while" is a long ways off in the future, what with all the Muslim leaders of today
who desire the destruction of Jerusalem, and already threaten the destruction of
Jerusalem, one of those leaders could well be the man of sin.  This multi-nation attack
on Jerusalem marks the end of the "little time", because this is when Christ and God
directly intervene in human/earth affairs to destroy the army, and judge the whole

"Now when the thousand years {another way to say "last days" and to warn
that it will be even longer than two thousand years} have expired, Satan will be
released from prison {a very figurative way, like all of the images and language
of the book of Revelation, to say that the withdrawal of the Holy Spirit from
earth releases Satan to do his complete dirty-work through the man of sin} and
will go out to deceive the nations which are in the four corners of the earth
{this is the fourth and fifth stages of the Falling Away (II Timothy 4:4,5), when
the world turns away from truth and is turned into fables}, Gog and Magog
{believe me from Old Testament that is the world}, to gather them together to
battle {this gathering of armies will make the World Wars of the past look small,
you see God wants them all there in the Middle East in the Valley of
Jehosaphat}, whose number is as the sand of the sea."

"They went up on the breath of the earth and surrounded the camp of the
saints and the beloved city.  And fire came down from God out of heaven and
devoured them."  (Revelation 20:7-10)

You were warned that things happen rapidly after the Day of the LORD and Lord
starts, immediately at the end of the "little while".  Today, just like in the days of the
Apostle Paul, we are waiting for these 2 major events to happen, as our warning about
the start of the "little while" just before the Day of the LORD and Lord and the Second

If you have been confused by the Millennium {not a Bible word} Movement from
Scoffield and Darby, and fought for by the fundamentalists who took over the SBC, do
not let them as they have done to thousands put so many extraneous to the Bible
events out there in front of you, that you cease to be immediately watchful for the
Second Coming, falsely thinking that there is yet 7 years here, plus a thousand years,
and maybe 40 more, and so on and on, here and there before the Day of the LORD, or
to think that any other events have to take place before the Second Coming besides
those clearly set out in II Thessalonians:  (1) The Falling Away that we are clearly into
now up to the fourth stage (II Timothy 4:4,5); (2) A visual appearance on the scene of
current history of the man of sin whose appearance is only possible because the Holy
Spirit has been withdrawn from earth; and (3) a peak in the rising tide of the mystery of
sin and lawlessness, also because the Holy Spirit is not still here on earth!

If you have not done so already please read the web page and newsletter for
March on
"Gospel of the Kingdom" introduction as it is melded into the "Bible
Studies in Jeremiah"; and keep tuned for the newsletter on "The Millennium
Movement Crashes on Truth".