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New Bible Q&A  for 2013
2013 #1:  How has the church fallen away from truth?  Click here for the
answer from the Bible.

2013 #2:  The How of the Falling Away, a continuation of the answer to
the first question, and with a dialog offer.
Click here.

2013 #3:  Bible outline on prosperity.   
Click here

2013 #4:  What is Bible prophesy on Israel, Iran, Gog and Magog, United
States, rapture, Texas, deception, weather, etc.  
Click here for Bible
Prophesy I (Prophets and Prophesy) and click here for Bible Prophesy II
(Predictions for the Future).  
Click here for "Gog and Magog".

2014 #5:  "according to the scriptures why is so many believers turning
away from faith".   
Click here.
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