Definition of the dark side of the world:  It is not nearly as
simple as Bush tried to make it with the evil axis, almost a
comic book analogy of what is good and what is evil, hardly
a question to be answered by a politician.
Let us stick with the definition of Romans chapter 1 which
has always be true for world civilizations, past, present and
future.  The dark side is plainly any mind that is darkened
to unrighteousness by a refusal to "retain God in their
thinking"--all unbelievers in Jesus as the way to His Father
whether it is Muslims, Mormons, atheists, or humanists.  
They are living on the dark side most influenced by Satan
and what the Bible calls "the world" of which Satan is the


Brutal Necessary Truth

Whatever good or bad you may say of the American
Democratic faith or authentic Christian faith, you must
recognize that American Christian are tolerant to the
excise—it is both a strength and weakness—and therefore
even as previously for Mormons, Masons, atheists, and
humanities, the brutals of zingers and truth were given,
now it is above and beyond high time to share this same
brutal truth with Muslims.  Not only tolerance as expected
by all Americans, but respect for students and other people
met in Jeddah and Boumerdes, have held back from
frankness on the brutal truth until it can be contained no
longer.  Those that are in most danger are those who are
Muslims only for social, political, and economic reasons:  
those like Mormons who are stuck and influenced by their
social environment, and especially those most in danger of
demon possession.  Winston Churchill while serving in the
British army in the Middle East tried to describe that
danger, long before ISIS, the Taliban, Hamas, and so many
other radicals, with the words “When Islam gets in a
individual, it is like a mad dog.”  And how can you know
the point of no-return in any Muslim when they pass inside
themselves from one who tries to live in peace and a mad
dog which can more appropriate in the Bible be called
demon possession, or when Satan who has been worshipped
and served for years is triggered to take over in the human
This point of departure from the norm of any Muslim is
witnessed by the all-American Mohammed youth in
Chattanoga Tennessee, and increasingly during this last
years we are witnessing that erratic behaviour among so
many other youth on an evil crusade that go to fight with
ISIS and other radical group.  Is every Muslim in danger of
such self-destruction?  Yes, because when the One God the
Father of the Lord Jesus Christ is not served and
worshipped compounded by the worship of any god that is
not a God, and one that so exhibits in violations of the God
of the 10 commandments—you know murder, rape, lying,
stealing the land of others, coveting what other countries
have, and you name which one of the ten {in a minute we
will come to the first two commandments, of no other gods
before the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, and making a
false image of God}...that is when this false practice of
worship and service even as of olden days of Baal, since
there is no such go, and the only other supernatural being is
Satan, this false worship and service becomes the service
and worship of Satan.  Brutal but true.

A few brutal facts:

1.  It is true that ever since the life, death, and resurrection
of Jesus Christ, un-comprimising Christians are in a
minority compared to the rest of the world, called "of the
world" in the Bible.
2.  Satan does help those like Muslims who will bow down
and worship him, even as he tempted Jesus with, "All these
things will I give you if you will bow down and worship
me".  Jesus gave the answer then that we would extend also
to all Muslims, "You shall worship the LORD God {and
Jesus many times identified Him as His Father}, and Him
only shall you serve..."

NOTE:  If you can met this bottom line requirement from
Jesus as to the God you worship, then you are excused
unless you want to know what danger Muslims are in as
well as what dangers Muslims pose.

3.  Mohammed did not write the Koran as it was written by
a committee of choice of the Caliph number 3 thirty years
after the death of Mohammed.  It is a compilation of oral
history, Mohammed's sermons and writings, and quite
frankly what a people of Saudi Arabia at war with the rest
of the world wanted to think.  You would simply have to say
that the Koran was written by the Arab government rather
than Mohammed.

4.  Mohammed was an immoral person guilty of child abuse
and much other violations of the 10 commandments of the
real God; and so a religion started by him but which by no
means he was completely responsible for, is an immoral
religion with many commandments that violate the Ten.

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Dark Side of the World: