What with the economic crunch on for the average American, would you consider this
Christmas maximizing gifts to the needy while minimizing gifts to those that have everything; or
if you are among the more affluent, do both.  "Godliness with contentment is great gain."  And
"Having food and raiment, let us be content."
This "raiment" of the Bible would literally be more like a covering, which along with food and
the necessities for living, worshipping and Bible Study, along with the materials for evangelism
is something that many not in America do not have.  Can you give right now during the Holiday
season to these Christians and their Christian Mission in the Buddhist country of Myanmar
{formerly Burma}.
Their expressed needs, which you will find in the emails on the page of this website,
Samaritans" are:  (1) Christian Bibles and literature; (2) monetary gifts for the Christan Mission
and Bible classes; (3) donations to purchase the Bible shown in two photos below; and (3) a
laptop computer with double sided printer to print Bible commentaries and literature.
You will also find the mailing address and email address of the Mission Pastor, Zam Lam
Thang on the
"Good Samitan" Page.  If you wish to email SunGrist_Bible directly,, or mail us directly at P.O. Box 960 Cloudcroft, NM 88317, we will do it for
1.  The Pastor's wife teaching kids.
2.  The Pastor, Zam Lam Thang, teaching and preaching to the Christian
Mission.  {You can see the less attentive deacon or uninteresting
Buddhist in the small congregation.  And by the way Pastor Thang has
several higher level degrees, some in English, including a Doctorate of
Ministry from Canada.}
3.  One view of the building in Yangon
Myanmar, the capital city, which they wish to
purchase for $14,000 to house the Mission
and Bible Seminary.
4.  Another view of the proposed
building for the Christian Mission.
CHRIST FOR CHRISTMAS:  Remember, Jesus said, "If
you have done it to any one of the least of these, My
brethren, you have done it unto me."  (Matthew