Free Bible Course on Prophets and Apostles, Last call for Class of 2018.

NOTE:  You have little ideal unless you research it how unsound doctrine by the way of theology has infiltrated our churches and schools.  Correcting it is an uphill battle, but we must contend for the faith once for all delivered to the saints (Jude 3), and rescue every soul possible from “seducing spirits and doctrines of devils”, the curse and plague of II Timothy 4:3,4 the end result of which is christian fables.

Free Bible Course.

best ad for class of 2018
You ARE Welcome to the “Prophets and Apostles, the Bible” class in progress now at

SunGrist Adult Continuing Education, One Bible Class of 2018 at


Free class and free textbook

base for fb cover one bible course



You are welcome to free download the textbook if you want to check on the best Word of God study possible, or if you want the free download at  .


You will enjoy Bible with this talented and international study group with a free textbook

and free course.   Please address any requests for additional info or questions or inquiries

to Jerry McMichael at Thank you for your time.

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