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“These things I have written to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life, and that you may continue to believe in the name of the Son of God.” (I John 5:13)
You are going to have to get more serious in 2019 about this matter of Christian faith, or the IN CHRIST of faith in what He did on the cross for forgiveness of sins as well as in the Resurrection of the dead to share eternal life, and for the faith once for all delivered to the saints in the Bible which is Word of God. MTD will absolutely not do it, as that belief system is very close to no faith in God, Christ, and the Bible at all. As preachers like Peter Marshall prophesied (preached) in the 50’s, “If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything”, but not heeded by church members or American society during since the falling away from real God, real Christ, and real Bible; and now fulfilled from the parents and teachers in the lives of the millenniums–a belief system in almost nothing except the American Democratic faith. As American citizens of equality under the law, we can be grateful for that; however for Christian life and living according to the ALL Scripture method and movement it is vastly inadequate. Any Christian that strives to live life with only that faith in a Civic Religion is like an automobile firing on only one cylinder. And to help are the following–
All Scripture Christian Life and Living Books

  1. Friends of Jesus in this Bible and Computer Age.
  2. One Commentary on Ephesians, 7 Essential Christian Doctrines.
  3. Some Sounds of Sound Faith.
  4. Snatching, Stumbling, and the Falling Away.
  5. What the Churches Don’t Want You to Hear.
  6. “Den of Thieves” from Jeremiah and Jesus.
  7. Hideout for Bad Habits.
  8. Technical Applications of Computers.
  9. American Thought for Christians.
  10. American Scot Ventures and Adventures.
  11. Growing a Church the New Testament Way from Some Baptist Best.

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Eternal Security

Security of the Believer

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New Books from SunGrist, Check ‘em Out
SunGrist BibleBooks B&W LC series

LC has a double meaning, Learn Christ and Low Cost

As a young newly licensed to preach sailor in Naval Aviation, it was fortunate to find a series of Low Cost books of excellent quality from Moody Press. Efforts are made to duplicate that in 5X8 black and white print with colorful covers.

nc bw mill_001 50per
1. Little Epistles of John and Paul.
2. “Come and See”, the Gospel of John.
3. The Testimony of Jesus, the book of Revelation.
4. CFI Black and White Low Cost edition.
5. One Commentary on the Bible, Book I.
6. One Commentary on the Bible, Book II.

Some about the Security of the Believer, a Harmony of the Epistles of John and Paul.

Chapter 35: Security of the Believer from the Apostles John and Paul. 3
Chapter 36: 47
Complete Outline of I John. 47
Division Three Faith Contending Versus Security Verses 47
“Little Children”. 78
Some Matters of Outline Exegesis. 80
Outline of I John Continued. 81
Chapter 37: 84
Faith and Faith Contending in the Bible. 84
The Word “Faith” in the Old Testament 90
“Faith” in Hebrews 11. 92
The Context of Romans 8:22. 102
Dead Faith versus Living Faith. 116
Chapter 38: 118
The Sound of a Sound Faith. 118
Chapter 39: 212
What Do You Do?. 212
Chapter 35: Security of the Believer from the Apostles John and Paul.

Years ago, I wrote a commentary entitled, IF TWO AGREE, A HARMONY OF JOHN AND EPHESIANS, because I thought the ultimate in an illustration of agreement or the harmony of the Bible would be books like John and Ephesians where the two Apostles never met. After all these years I am still impressed with the harmony of all the 14 books from Paul, the three Paul edited, and the 5 books from the Apostle John. Indeed, I am impressed with the harmony of the Bible as a collection of 66 books from one author, the Spirit of Christ.


The security of the believer is taught throughout the Bible. Six books, three from Paul and three from John, are chosen to illustrate the security of the believer.
Paul and Timothy to Philemon, to Apphia, Archippus, and to the church in your house, grace and peace from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ. I thank my God that the knowledge of your faith becomes even more effectual as the good from your faith is acknowledged as what is in you is in Christ Jesus. Brother, all the saints are encouraged by your faith.
I, Paul the aged and a prisoner, beseech you more than enjoin you for the sake of Onesimus that you might receive him even as me. He departed for a season that you might receive him forever: receive him as myself, your partner, and receive him as above a servant, as a brother. Any wronging of you or debt, put that on my account. Let me have joy of you in the Lord, refresh my bowels in the Lord. I have confidence that you will do more than I say and prepare me to lodge as I trust to be delivered to you. At your house salute: Epaphras, Marcus, Aristarchus, Demas, Lucas. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Amen.

III John:
The elder to Gaius: Beloved, I wish that you may prosper and be in good health directly proportional to the prospering of your soul. It was rejoicing to listen to the brethren tell of the truth in you and of the walk-in truth. That my children walk in the truth, there is no greater joy. What you have done for brethren and strangers has been witnessed before the church.

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