Progress Chart for One Commentary on Ephesians

I. Preface and Outline of Exegesis.

II. Integration of Life Introduction.

1. Purpose.
2. Justification.
3. Security,
4. The Christian Vocation.

III. Basics of Life and Ephesians.

1. One.
2. History of a Church.
3. History and History of Ephesus.
4. Christian Life History.
5. A Short Commentary of 197 pages.

IV. Ephesians chapter 1: IN CHRIST.

1. Count your Blessings.
2. Outlines of Ephesians 1 {for Bible teachers}.
3. A Prayer for All Christians.

V. Ephesians chapter 2: BEFORE AND AFTER {BIC and AIC}.

1. The Contrasts of time, memory, and Christ.
2. “With all the rest”, Inclusive Again.
3. More about the Contrasts.
4. Living Doctrines in Ephesians 2.

VI. Ephesians chapter 3: “WITH THIS IN MIND”.

1. An Attitude of Worship.
2. The Special Prayer.
3. Benediction.

VII. Ephesians chapter 4: PEACE, UNITY, AND ONENESS.

1. Unity in Diversity.
2. Peace and Unity.
3. Oneness.
4. How to Promote?


1. Ideal Characteristics.
2. Application of Ideals.
3. A Great Mystery.
4. “What God hath Joined”.

IX. Ephesians chapters 4-6: GOD’S PSYCHOLOGY.

1. Implementation of the Teachings.
2. Behavioral Modification, Walking.
3. Fighting Sandals.
4. Proverbs from Ephesians.
5. Bad Attitudes.

X. Ephesians chapters 4,5: ESSENCE OF EPHESIANS.

1. 10 Commandments of Ephesians.
2. Specifics of the 4:17 thru 5:9 Passage.
3. A Liar?
4. Love’s Ingredients in Ephesians.
5. Some Finals on the Exegesis.

“Contend for the faith” with the Christian Fables of our talented?

Thank you for your obvious attendance to the Posts of Christian Fables, and please also consider the Pages.  The emphasis of the pages will be more on the preachers of those fables and the specific fables as we “contend for the faith” with the Christian Fables of our talented?  Of course, most of you know the two most famous and popular of our Christian brethren in the body of Christ with some very questionable doctrine and practices are the two J’s, Joel Osteen and Jimmy Swaggart.  They are on the same side, the side of Christ; however while they glitter like silver and gold in the household of God, their total doctrine of fables show them to in reality be like dirt and wood.

Link below to the beginning of the series of pages: