Christain Fables

Progress Chart on Christian Fables, Labels and Doctrines
and Romans for Christian Fables

1.  Itching Ears Theology.

2.  The Real Second Coming vs The Lie of  that “Sort”.

3.  Fundamentalists.

4.  Wood and Clay in the House of God, the Lie of this “Sort”.

5.  “Loose Lips Sink Ships”.

6.  Bible Doctrines of God, Christ, and Godliness.

Baal, Balak, and Balaam, and Blessings.

8.  Fables, Labels, and Doctrines.

9.  Perspective on Jesus.

"Last Days".

Satan and Lawless One PDF,
Download then view and/or save.

NOTE:  At this point go to "Israel and Last Things" Bible study
series to supplement Christian fables and Romans for Christian
fables.  Yes, you guessed it this subject of Christian fables,
especially when you add in world labels such as Islam, Judaism,
and Mormonism is a big subject, but it has to be in order to:  (1)
Prove that with these six major Christian fables of today, we are
deeply into the great apostasy called the Falling Away; (2) There
are, in Israel and America, if you search hard for them out of the
limelight of TV, encouraging signs of kingdom growth, however
since the Falling Away is inevitable on a world scale, there can
be only isolated times of refreshing {See
Jesus and Refreshing
Evangelism}; and (3) There is always the opportunity to rescue a
few from fables, saved but singed.  

11.  Secondily at this point go to Romans Bible sessions listed
below, or
"Progress Chart for Romans", and continue
simultaneously with Christian Fables, Labels, and Doctrine}

Romans #2:  “O Man”, No Partiality with God!

Romans #3:  Romans for Christian Fables and World Labels {soul

Romans #4:  God, Arabs, and Jews, 7 AMENS of Romans.

Romans #5:  Valley of Achor on the New Earth.

Perspective on Jesus and Israel .

13.  Perspective on Arabs and Israel, “No More, No Less” violated.

History of Christian Fables (II Timothy).

15.  City-State Leadership of the Seared Conscience.

“The World /Society We Want!”, Not Beheading.

This Bible study of the 5 major Christian fables of
today is supplemented with Bible series of sound
Bible doctrines on:  (1)  
Israel and Last Things, and
Romans and Gospel Pride.  You will find
background and notes, even a preliminary outline
and some research at
Christian Fables
Introduction.  Also at Christian Fables Background.