What is the chemistry of combing an extended life of unbelief
with say 40 years of continuous lack of faith in God, Christ, and
the Bible.  The chemistry does not provide a pretty picture,
according to the Bible!
What Can Happen to the Life of
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                       Strong Delusion

{this is the new last chapter of REPORTS TO AND FOR BELIEVING, chapter

Lastly and in this closing chapter of REPORTS, it would be negligent for a
preacher of the Bible not to mention the severe consequences of a turning
away from the truth in this life as well as the future consequences.  Most at
some point have heard the extreme consequences for the future life, but not
for this present life which are also severe.  Even as it takes severe effort on
the part of God’s people or unbelievers to “turn away from the truth”  (II
Timothy 4:4), so these turners become victims of severe consequences
during their life on earth. It is not easy for unbelievers or for the “tares” in
the church without the proper wedding garments, to resist the incessant
promptings of the Holy Spirit as He does the job that the Father and Christ
sent Him to planet earth accomplish, right up until the time of the Falling
Away and the little while as Satan is released from bondage, and for over
two thousand years since the first day of Pentecost after the Ascension, He
has across the world, day and night, and persistently convicted the whole
“world of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment” (John 16:8-11)  But you
know, whether you are a stumbling and falling away brother who Paul has
told in Hebrews 3:12 to “beware brethren, lest there be in any of you an
evil heart of unbelief in departing from the living God”--and surely we know
since that is the very definition of the Great Apostasy where most Christians
and church members fall away or as Jesus said “because sin will abound the
love of many will wax cold”; and then you perhaps know better if you have
persisted as an unbeliever in spite of much exposer to Bible, and as you
have listened to that small inner voice of the Spirit as He does convict you of
sin, of righteousness, and of judgment, “of sin because you do not believe,
or righteousness because instead of Christ being seen the Holy Spirit is felt,
and of judgement because even the highest power on this earth, Satan, is
judged by God at the end of this age.
NOTE:  Hopefully you are not among those of church members who practice
the self-delusion of a rapture sort of like a second second coming, seven
years of Falling Away and final tribulation from which your are absent from
this earth and so on and on with these extra-biblical words and concepts
like millineum.  If you are please read “Prep for ‘the End’” of DEN OF
THIEVES and also “Sound Doctrines of the Second Coming” which you can
do at the website of SunGrist_Bible, www.biblecombibleman.com .

20-1:  Consider the Mountain to Climb in Order to Turn Away From Truth.

First we will consider church members as to how difficult it must be for
them to cultivate and develop that “evil heart of unbelief in departing from
the living God” that Paul warned about in Hebrews--for one obvious thing
they have more truth of God, Christ, and Jesus to turn away from than the
unbeliever; but secondily we will consider the challenge to an unbeliever to
remain in unbelief.
1.  The Challenge to church members and churches to turn away from truth.
Another reason that Christians who are church members should be
considered first is that the actual phrase of the Bible, “turn awayfrom the
truth” and of II Timothy 4:3,4, is written to church members.  It is much
harder for us Christians of over 50 years to imagine that a whole church can
actual climb this mountain so high of “departing from the living God”
(Hebrews x:xx) so as to actually turn away from truth.  It is far easier to
adjust our mental tents to the prospect of the first three stages of
development of the Falling Away, most generally called and recognized as
the Great Apostasy, where church members:  (1) become intolerant of
sound doctrine, “they will not endure sound doctrine”’; (2) habitually
practice lives and church membership driven more by their “own personal
desires and wants” than Christ and the Spirit; and (3) heap up this vast
number of Bible preachers and teachers in pulpits, pastorates, and on TV
and in conferences, as well as in popular books of the “itching ears types.  
You know, that we can imagine; because for one thing we are seeing it
now, on a large scale and in all churches and denominations.  We can also
because of what is on the American religious scene right now, imagine the
fifth and final stage of the Falling Away easier than the fourth; that, of
course, is where church members “are turned into fables”, for we know
some of the fables that both hath been bought by the Mormons and the
Roman Catholics, and the more current fables of the Gospel of Prosperity
and Health, the rebellion against Bible teachings on marriage and divorce
without any repentance to God, the massive number of special revelations
that bring two curses of the Bible on the special revelators, and so on and
on.  However, our problem comes to consider what in the world will it take
to move the majority of the whole church {and this is in the sense of the
whole church here on earth which is not the same, by far, as the church of
the firstborn written in heaven} away from “the faith once for all delivered
to the saints” (Jude 3) and objectively recorded in the Bible as the Word of
God.  Every think the church does, and stands for, is personnified in that

Christian Faith and that Book.  How did we get away from it?
2.  The Challenge of the unbeliever to remain in unbelief.  Often and
mistakenly we think of unbelief as a negative matter of such an absence of
faith or belief; but not so, it takes a lot of positive effort on the part of
unbelievers, especially as they ignore or oppose the promptings of the Holy
Spirit, in order for them to remain in unbelief.  It goes on relentless for
years and years; that is, until they finally after over 40 years pass the point
of no return {pardon the aeronautical term which is that you can no longer
turn back on your journey or flight} called the “unpardonable sin”.

3.  In reality, based on the Bible, the unpardonable sin for unbelievers and
church members is the same:  it was taught by Jesus that all blasphemy
would be permitted, like that the religious leaders of His day , committed as
they denied Him, except against the Holy Spirit.  You can say what you want
to in the presence of preachers, Christians, his friends, and even in a
church; but what down deep in your heart and for about 40 years you say
to the Holy Spirit is what God will ultimately hold you accountable for as far
as your eternal salvation.

4.  And let it be emphasized again, as at the start of this chapter/message,
that pass this point of no return of the unpardonable sin of unbelief, can
mean almost as much destructiveness in your life, according to Romans 1,
as the eternal lose of your soul!  What happens is described in Romans 1:18-
32, almost too horrible to list; and while there was a time when it could not
be read publicly in churches, now compared to what is actually happening in
churches and American society, it is mild!

20-2:  What Happens to the Unbeliever or Departee in this Lifetime on Earth?

1.  The displeasure of God has always and persistently been “revealed from
heaven” against:  (a) all ungodliness, (b) all unrighteousness of men, and
(c) against all who “suppress truth in unrighteousness”.  (Romans 1:18)
2.  What may be known of the truth of God, God has and is manifesting to
them, “for God {Himself} has shown it to them” through:  (a) the designs
and comforts of Creation which show clearly some of His attributes  {even
right here, “they are without excuse” (Romans 1:20) ; and (b) the high
ideas, virtues, and characters held up and previously taught in American
education and society; and (c) the soul or spirit that God has Created in
every man with a mind, heart, and conscience...“for when Gentiles, who do
not have the law, by nature do the things in the law; these, although not
have the law, are a law to themselves, who show the work of the law
written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and between
themselves their thoughts accusing or else excusing them...”   (Romans 2:
14,15)  However we must get back to Romans 1 and what happens with
continued rebellion against God.

3.  Even as they knew and have known some things about God, and since
“they did not glorify Him as God” (Romans 1:21), nor did they express or
continue to express gratitude to God, three things happened to them during
their lifetime on this earth:  (a) their mentality was adversely affected as
they “became futile in their thoughts”; (b) their emotions were drastically
upset as “their foolish hearts were darkened”; and (c) their reputations and
characters were ruined in the sight of their peers as “professing themselves
to be wise, they became fools”.  {While the temptation is to stop here to
elaborate on how the Bible in the OT states that “the fool has said in his
heart there is no god” and in the NT how God takes “the wise in their own
craftiness”, even to dwell more on Romans 1 and 2, but instead we will
complete this broad outline now in order to put before you more pressing
matters, then in a later section of this chapter, come back to some part of
Romans 1 and 2.}  What happens with continued unbelief and “departing
from the living God”?

4.  As unbelievers, or lack of believers, become more and more foolish in
mind, heart, and imagination, (a) they make images to take the place of the
God of Truth and the Truth of God, images like men, birds, animals, and
even “creeping things” (Romans 1:23); (b) God gives them up to
uncleanness and the lusts of their own hearts so that they dishonor their
bodies between themselves, men with men and women with women; and
(c) God gives them over to a “debased mind” to swing through the whole
gauntlet of unrighteousness, from sexual immorality to deceit and unbelief
{actually there is a list of 23 bad habits which goes even beyond the list of
19 bad habits among church members of II Timothy 3:1-9}.

NOTE:  We will also need to come back to this chapter of Romans on what
God does in this life to the unbeliever and departee.  You see it in 1:26 with
the “God gave them up to vile passions”; you see it in the 1:28 of “God
gave them over to a debased mind”; and above that in 1:24 where “God
also gave them up to uncleanness”; just like you will find as we look next at
the “Strong Delusion” of II Thessalonians where “God sends strong
delusion” because (1) “they did not receive the love of the truth” (II
Thessalonians 2:10, and (2)  so much love of the truth rejected to prohibit
“that they might be saved”.

20-3:  What God does in This Lifetime to Those Who Turn Away from Truth!

Even as perhaps you noticed from the reading in II Timothy 4:3,4 of the
five stages of the Falling Away developement--intolerance toward sound
doctrine, driven by wants and personal desires, the vast heaping up of Bible
teachers with “itching ears”, the “turning away from truth”, and the “are
turned into fables”, is that the average church member of the Falling Away
turns himself away from truth, God turns him into fables, just like in some of
the details of the Falling Away as given in II Thessalonians, as unbelievers
and departees do not receive a wholesale love of the truth so they can be
saved, then “God will send them strong delusion”  (II Thessalonians 2:10
and 11).  You just noted also what God did to the minds, hearts,
imaginations, and etc of those who caught themselves in the downward
spiral of a godless life as “they would not retain God in their thinking”  
(Romans 1:28).  Can you imagine that?  All these bad things came into the
character and personalities of unbelievers simple because they would not
stop to think about God; yet, He is our Creator and Sustainer, our Judge,
and “we are the sheep of His pasture”, He is the potter and we are the clay;
and certainly He is entitled--God be LORD forever and glorified, as He will
be, world without end, Amen, Amen, and Amen!

While we still must answer more adequately how the church of churches
can actually “turn away from the truth” as it is in God, Christ, and the Bible,
having only introduced the subject and having briefly looked at some of the
bad things that happen in the life that does turn away from truth, we will
continue to consider all these Scriptures on what God Himself does to those
who turn away truth.

1.  When the church and church members turn away from truth, according
to II Timothy 4:3,4, they “will be turned aside to fables”.  It might at first
seem to be the automatic result of a turning away from truth, and that is
possible, but in light of how we must consider the similarity of the content
of II Timothy 4:3,4 with that of II Thessalonians on “strong delusion”, then
we must put the weight of the interpretation of Scriptures also with God
turns them into fables even as He in II Thessalonians 3:11 “sends them
strong delusion”.  Of course we know from the context of II Thessalonians
that this strong delusion happens after:  (1) the Holy Spirit is withdrawn
from earth; (2) this withdrawal of the Spirit releases Satan for “a little
while” (Revelation 20:3) from the bondage and restrictions that he has
been in since the Spirit came to earth on the first day of Pentecost since the
Ascension; (3) after the church of Christians are well into the Falling Away;
and (4) after the son of perdition becomes apparent and visual to the
church.  It is easy to see how the Mormons with their four non-Christian
Bibles were influenced by a fallen angel and Satan to turn into the fables of
those Bibles in response to the curse on (1) all that add to or take away
from the book of Revelation and the Bible, plus the curse on (2) those who
preach another Gospel, say like their “Reformed Gospel” of good works for
salvation; and further to see the Roman Catholics long ago and about mid-
history {“the latter times of I Timothy 4:1-5}, allowed themselves to so
turn away from truth of Scripture and Christ as they became subject to
“seducing spirits and doctrines of devils”, not only putting man’s authority
above the Word of God, and taking forgiveness of sins and granting of
salvation away from God and Christ in favor of their own priests, but also
those fables of I Timothy mentioned as “forbidding to marry, and
commanding to abstain from meats that are good for the body”.  However,
how can the denominations and preachers and teachers and church
members that we have known so long and grown up with turn away from
truth to the extent

that they turn into fables?
2.  The obvious answer has to be, and based on Scripture, that when they
actually do it, and like the religious leaders of the Jews during the life of
Christ, that when they come to the point of doing it, they do not even know
that it is happening to them.  {Of course, as is the point of this emphasis,
God does it, that is the turning into fables, when it sees in any life no longer
a hope for the recognition of the truth.}  They are blind and they are blind
to the fact that they are blind; they have eyes and they can not see; they
have ears, and they can not hear.  They stumble over the stumbling block of
the truth and the truths of Christ.

3.  We dare not progress too far on without a brief mention of “THE LIE” of
II Thessalonians 2:11--”And for this reason God will send them strong
delusion, that they should believe the lie”--with its similarity to “THE LIE” of
Romans 1:25--”who exchanged the truth of God for the lie”.

(1).  You can easily see in Romans 1:25 that “the lie” is the very
personification of falsehood, half-truths, and lies since the context is that
the lies is substituted for “the truth of God”.
“who exchanged the truth of God {you see how these unbelievers and
departees made an exchange like they would money, changing from truth to
lies} for the lie, and worshipped and served the creature rather than the
Creator, who is blessed forever.  Amen.”  (Romans 1:25)
NOTE:  How easy it is for church members to adopt such bad habits as to
worship and serve human creatures more than God, even as it is easy to
practice the other bad habits of II Timothy 3:1-8 such as “lovers of self”,
“lovers of money”, and “lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God”; and
are you start to see a pattern in God’s Word for “the love of the truth”
which also can easily be replaced by love of these other persons and things,
even as truth can be replaced with THE LIE.

(2).  In the context of “THE LIE” of II Thessalonians 2:10-12, you can also
identify the lie as the opposite of “the love of the truth” about salvation
through faith and through Christ; and with the specifics of the lie identified
in the same context as:  (a) unrighteous deception; (b) those who perish as
far as eternal life by believing; (c) those who refuse the love of truth; (d)
those who believe what will not save, and even here you see what effort
and positive exertions it takes to refuse belief; (e) they believe the lie so
that it has doctrines, even if perhaps sometimes those doctrines of devils
that God through Paul wrote about in I Timothy. (f) the nature of the lie
and the beliefs of the lie, alias falsehood, is such as to bring condemnation
now and eternally on the unbeliever {John 3:17 where the lack of belief
makes them “condemned already, because they have not believed in the
name of Christ”}; (g) “they do not believe the truth”; and (h) “they have
pleasure in unrighteousness”.

NOTE:  Do you find habitual pleasure in “unrighteousness”?

20-4:  Love of Truth in the Abstract Can Wipe Out Real Truth in the

Just imagine, you that have always loved truth in science and education and
learning; and to think that the commitment of your life can be such that you
actually “turn away from truth” and are turned into fables.  They betrays all
that you have ever believed and practiced on truth, honesty, intellectual
honesty, and science, and education.  And it would be very wise to add here
the insight of “absolute truth” and “relative truth” that Dr. R. A. Millikan,
the Nobel prize winning physicist for his proof of a discrete particle known
as the electron, gave to us in his lectures and book “Evolution in Science
and Religion”.

20-5:  “We don’t have to win, only Fight” During the Falling Away.

Although it galls us as Americans and American Christians since we are so
competitive and like to always win, this fight against the Final Stages of the
Falling Away---stage (4) and (5) is inevitably one battle that we are going
to lose.  We can put up a good fight, and according to the Bible we must put
up a good fight; and granted that our victory will come after the Falling
Away and Final Tribulation with the Second Coming of Christ, we must get
through as gracefully as possible that “little while” of strong delusion after
Satan is released, with the final tribulation of the heavens and the earth
crumbling around us, just before the blessings of the new heavens and new
earth.  However, as emphasized in the chapter/message of “Prep for ‘the
End’” of DEN OF THIEVES, while much of the teachings of Jesus of Matthew
24 and Luke 21 are on the signs of the Falling Away and Final Tribulation,
the prime message of Christ is for Christians to get ready to go through the
Falling Away and the Final Tribulation.

1.  Why do you think you read so often in the Bible, “Fight the good fight of
faith”?  Paul seemed resigned in the concluding chapter 4 of II Timothy that
the fight against falsehood as a body of truth was going to be lost, at least
that one gigantic long battle was going to be lost before the final warfare
was going to be won with the Second Coming of Christ.  Just before in 4:1
and 2, and before announcing that the battle against false truth would be
lost as the Falling Away went through the five stages of development,
presents two more positive aspects of this end time of history:  (1)  God will
have the final say and last words of the history of this world with His
judgment--”who will judge the living and the dead at His appearing” (4:1),
(2) with His Second Coming immediately after falsehood wins with the
majority of world residents over truth, and (3) with the full realization of
His kingdom on earth as the new heaven and new earth are ushered in and
populated by the new people that God has been calling out from among the
world for many generations.

You can tell by the way Paul urges young Timothy to “preach the word”,
and therefore to all preachers of the Word and all Christians of all time since
this also is part of the Scripture of the Word of God, that there will come
that time in history when all on earth, even God’s people, will listen to and
heed less and less the truth of the Bible.  You read into the admonition an
urgency of the shortness of time and history as God through Paul writes,
“Be ready in season and out of season”, and continues with the specifics of
methology in preaching, testimony, and witnessing and of church
administration, “Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and
teaching”  (II Timothy 4:2).   And then pop, the guarantee comes of the
inevitability of the Falling Away in the church, that of the great apostasy, as
it goes into the first stage of historical development with “For the time will
come when they will not endure sound doctrine” {You see, the implication
is that is it almost all over, at least among the majority of God’s people, for a
reception of the truth in preaching and correction.}; and ending with “and
they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to
fables.”  (4:4)

There is sadness in the heart and life of Paul who has started all these
Christian churches among whom young Timothy must preach and teach in
spite of their hardening hearts toward truth and the competition against
these itching ears Bible teachers; there is some measure of sadness as Paul
knows that shortly he will as a martyr in Rome be leaving some many dear
Christian friends among the minority such as young Timothy and others--”
the time of my departure is at hand” (4:6).  However Paul would encourage
Timothy and others engaged in the present fight against the body of
falsehood beliefs in that:  (1) in that the “good fight” (4:7) has been
fought; (2) in that the race God has set out for the few has been
successfully run against all odds; (3) in that “the faith once for all delivered
to the saints” of Jude 3 has been retained--”kept”--to the end of life on this
earth; (4) in that the full “crown of righteousness” awaits Paul and others
with the body resurrection at the Second Coming of Christ; (5) in that
Christ Himself, “the righteous Judge” will give to Paul and all others on that
same one “Day” of His Second “appearing”.

2.  You don’t read victory, but only battle, in the famous Christian armor
passage of Ephesians 6:10-20:  (1) it is to be “strong” without any
assurance of a win for that strength; and (2) it is to “wrestle” against
“principalities” {this is the famous “the lie” or the body of beliefs of
falsehood}, against powers which are much bigger than us {those of the
world and of Satan, although elsewhere in the Word we are guaranteed
that “greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world”}, against “the
rulers of the darkness of this world” {here you have your falsehood and
wickedness from both those that control the world of human flesh and the
ruling of Satan, who is after all the “prince and ruler of this world”, and his
many powerful and fallen angels with him}, and against “spiritual
wickedness in high places”  {certainly this is Satan and his followers, once
angels of light and of service to God, but still with much power to hurt and
destroy and influence toward falsehood, even more so as for “the little
while” near the end of the Falling Away they are loosed from the bondage

and restrictions of the work of the Holy Spirit here on earth.
3.  Of course, the victory over sin and death, over Satan and falsehood, is
also mentioned often, and does come, like Paul says after either death or
the Second Coming of Christ, which ever comes first for the very few that
are Christians.  It has never been a secret, as Jesus taught often and hard,
that while the majority of the “many” of the world would go the way of
falsehood to destruction that only a minority of a “few” would go the
narrow way of truth that leads to everlasting life; nor has it been a secret
that thousands and millions of tares have been allowed to remain in the
church body on earth, of course not written in the only church roll that
really counts in heaven, until separation at the Second Coming from the few
kernels of wheat left in the church on earth; nor has it been a secret that of
the many of church members during the Falling Away most will, also
according to Jesus in Matthew 24, “wax cold” to truth, Christ, God, and the
Bible as “sin abound”, this of course is also the rising tide of the mystery of
sin and lawlessness of II Thessalonians as Satan is released, and as the son

of perdition makes his appearances and for a short time establishes some
control over history and the world.
(1).  “This is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith.”
(2).  “Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus
(3).  “Death is swallowed up in victory.  Oh death where is your sting, of
grave where is your victory.”

20-5:  What Will Get Church Members Over that Hump as they turn away?

We still must account for sufficient motivation to get the majority of church
members over the hump as they make this drastic move to”turn away from
truth”, the fourth and next to the last stage of development in the Falling
1.  The Falling Away is called the Great Apostasy because it happens to the
majority of church members and churches.

2.  When Jesus taught in Matthew 24:xx that “because sin will abound”
during the Falling Away--obvious the same rising tide of lawlessness and sin
that is a mystery in II Thessalonians and of the Falling Away--”the love of
many will wax cold”, and since this love had to exist among Christians
before it could fall away, and since Jesus says it will happen among the

3.  How can this happen to Our Church?
(1).  As you keep up the intolerance toward sound doctrine of the Falling
Away, the first stage of the Falling Away from II Timothy 4:3,4.
(2).  As you continue to fail on an exercise of the self-discipline under the
headship and control of Christ in your church life, granted the most
democratic and respected institution of the vote, with a priority for your
own wants and desires like in the second stage of the Falling Away of II
Timothy 4:3,4.

(3).  All you have to do is just keep heaping up in many ways and through
many channels those “itching ears” Bible teachers with their special, new,
and novel special revelations and unsound doctrine perspectives and
(4).  The final move before God takes over and turns you and your church
into “strong delusion” or into fables, is as you and your church move away
from the truth as it is in the Bible, Christ, and God; and since you have
previously made it through the first three hurdles successfully, or
wrongfully, then you at this point will, no doubt, not even recognize that
you are turning away from truth.  What those itching ears Bible teachers
and preachers, false prophets if you would, have been telling you for years
and in books, comesto make a lot more sense than the truth of the Bible, to

20-6:  The Body of Beliefs called “The LIE” of Falsehood.

Even as there is in the world and in control of this world system a
progenitor of evil and falsehood, always at work and relentless in his efforts
at the destruction of truth and good, this one taught in the Bible as Satan
and once an angel of light, even so is there a false body of beliefs, say call it
false truth, that wars against truth as strongly, in fact more strongly in
numbers as it will win out over the majority of people, that counters and
opposes all truth, all of the spiritual realities of Christ, God, and the Bible, as
well as the “faith once for all delivered to the saints”.

We might compare that body of falsehood, THE LIE, to the truth of the
Christian faith, the “faith once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3) by
talking about a “false faith once for all deliverd to the world through Satan
and his angels”.  Don’t forget it worked on the Roman Catholics about mid-
history as they became victims of “seducing spirits and doctrines of devils”;
don’t forget it worked on the Mormons as one of those fallen angels,
Maronni that now sits on top of the Temple at Mormon Square, delivered to
Joseph Smith Bibles that compete for truth against the Christian Bible; and
primarily do not forget that this false faith once from all delivered to the
world has worked throughout history among the majority of the world and
during the Falling Away among the majority in the church body here on

1.  God’s intention as revealed often in His Word has been to selectively
chose from each generation of history a very small number that would
finally complete the exact number of “the elect” that He needs in order to
repopulate this new earth after the destruction of the old earth and heavens.

2.  God’s Word assures that all these few from each generation of history
will be selective to the extent that no longer on the new earth will there be
any little bit of unrighteousness.

“But there shall be no means enter it anything that defiles, or causes an
abomination or a lie, but only those who are written in the Lamb’s Book of
Life.”  (Revelation 21:27)

NOTE:  This speaks of the assured ultimate victory!  The victory of the body
of faith and truth over unbelief and falsehood; the victory of God’s Christ
over Satan; the victory of everlasting life over death and sin and pain and

As all called, saved, and chosen elect of God from all generations of the
history of this earth, and from all the nations of the Gentiles, are populated
by God on the new earth, and surrounding the New Jerusalem lowered
down from heaven {Revelation 21} with the throne of God, Jesus, and the
leadership of the saved Jews, then all this new people of God will dwell,
serve, and work forever near the very presence of God and Christ
themselves.  And that is more of the ULTIMATE VICTORY which requires
faith on the part of Christians to believe now, but will be easy for all of them
as they see what is around them, and they are there with all the real
Christian friends and relatives of all times in history!  With an Amen to this,
we write:  “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the
heart of man, the things that God has prepared for them that love Him.”.

And the desire and goal of this REPORT TO AND FOR BELIEVING has to
been to invite you relatives of my family to a reunion time and place there,
also to my extended family of friends to whom this book has been
addressed.  Won’t it be grand!

3.  Even as Jesus clearly identified “the end” of this world age before the
new heavens and the new earth as happening immediately after the Gospel
is preached to every nation (Matthew 24:14), so also He through the
Apostle Peter writing in II Peter 3:12 established that the church of the
Falling Away, and those Christians long before in the history of Christianity,
that is at least of the kingdom of Christ on earth, would have a part in the
time of that Second Coming of Christ, “hastening the day of the LORD and