Salvation and Baptism
From the Bible

It seems unjustified that
there should be so
much confusion on
BAPTISM. Do you want
to know what the Bible
teaches on how to be
saved, and what part
baptism has in the
salvation. Baptism in
water is a picture of
what happens inside
the life of any believer
where they die to self
with Christ and are
raised to walk in a
newness of life. Asking
for baptism is a sign
that change has
happened inside of the
believer, and how
welcome it is in heaven
when a person makes
the request like the
Ethiopian did of the
Evangelism Philip in
Acts, "Here is water,
what doth hinder me
from being baptized?"
Nothing Philip replied if
you believe that Jesus
is the Christ, the Son of
God Who died for your
sins and the sins of the
world. He becomes
your savior, your Lord
and Master!