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CHAPTER 1        Synoptic Gospels:  Matthew, Mark, and Luke.
1-1:  The Gospel of Matthew.
1-2:  The Gospel of Mark.   ***please start here as it is short and about Jesus***
1-3:  The Gospel of Luke.
CHAPTER 2        Gospel According to Romans, Hebrews, and John.
2-1:  The Book of Romans.
2-2:  Hebrews.  Christ, Paul, and the Falling Away.
2-3:  The Gospel of John.
CHAPTER 3        Paul’s Statement of Faith and Practice.
3-1:  The Summary of Ephesians.
3-2:  Corinth.
A.  I Corinthians.
B.  II Corinthians, Wisdom on Ministry and Prophesy continue.
3-3:  Galatians, A Miniature of the Gospel of Romans.
3-4:  Second Coming and the Falling Away.
A.  I Thessalonians.
B.  II Thessalonians, the Great Apostasy called the Falling Away.
3-5:  Pastoral Epistles of Paul, The Ministry.
A.  Titus.
B.  I Timothy.
C.  II Timothy.
CHAPTER 4        A Harmony of the Apostles.
4-1:  Harmony of Paul and John.
A.  Last 3 letters of the Apostle Paul.
1.  Phillippians.
2.  Philemon, The Church At Your Home.
3.  Colossians, A Rework of Ephesians.
B.  The Last 3 Letters of the Apostle John.
1.  I John, The Way of Continuing Faith.
2.  II John.
3.  III John.
4-2:  The Apostles James, Peter, and Jude.
A.  James, Pastor of the First Church at Jerusalem.
B.  Peter's Testimony to Jesus, Paul, and the New Earth.
1.   I Peter.
2.  II Peter.
C.  The Book of Jude, How to Fall Away.
4-3:  First Century Christianity.
A.  Acts of the Apostles and Holy Spirit.
B.  The Book of Revelation.
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