This present period of
the Falling Away in
Christ's kingdom and in
the history of
Christianity is like none
other.  The positive
challenge for disciples
has to be great in order
to match the present
Age, called by Jerry
McMichael in this book
"This Age of the Bible
and the Computer"--yes,
similar to the "Virgin and
the Machine".  The
challenge of Jesus
presented to 11 of the
Apostles to be called a
"friend" by Jesus Himself
is that sufficient

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Save trees, paper, and money!  What you
will primarily gain is truth, the faithful
exposition of the truth of the Bible without
any attempt to use you for some higher
goal except the One-ness in Christ.  {See
Friends of Jesus.}
"No longer do I call you
servants...but I have called you
friends..."  (John 15:15)

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