{Photos and recent email requests from Zam Lam Thang are now posted on the sister
Google website of SunGrist_Bible, .}

1.  Original Email from Zam Lam Thang in Yangon, Myanmar {formerly Burma}.

Dear Respected Sir or Madam

Warmly greetings you in Jesus' name!  I am from Myanmar, and serving the Lord in Myanmar.
I was your website and want to ask your kindly help to me.  Please do send us some books for us is
you are able to send them that we shall be very grateful to you for the glory of God and His

May god bless you.
Yours in Christ
Zam Lam Thang
GPO Box.1057
Yangon Myanmar

2.  Email correspondence with Zam Lam Thang.

Dear Jerry McMichael

Thank you very much for your email to me.As you know our country condition, it is very difficult to
have computer as this is the third world country.  That how I am asking to send books, even this will
cost many money.  One another way, we will be friend forever, and you can help for this computer
and I will make book form here, and you can send every time any books. This will affected that I
will also distribute all in Myanmar for the theological school. There are many theological school in
Myanmar.  But let me know what is you suggestion.  By the way we are struggling for renting home,
You can pray for us.  We are a very new ministry both in Literature and Church planting. May God
bless you.

Yours in Christ
Zam Lam Thang
GPO Box.1057

On Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 7:31 AM, Jerry McMichael <> wrote:>

You know the difficult expensive of shipping to a foreign country, even at book rate if there is any
such thing for overseas; but if you have the printing paper and computer printer resources, I am
prepared to make you an offer of almost unlimited possibilities for both Bible Teaching and Bible
Commentary Ebooks.  You are hereby extended the permission to print on your computer the
Ebooks  in PDF, such as CUP OF WATER, a condensed version of Mark with comments that was
sent to you in the last email and FRIENDS OF JESUS attached to this email, with the only
restriction that you include all the cover information as is including the Copyright notice.

We at SunGrist_Bible could also assist you in the procurement of paper for> your computer.  By the
way, does your computer print on both sides.  Let us know if you think that this will work, and if
you know of an inexpensive way to ship paper to your country.

Jerry McMichael for SunGrist_Bible

3.  Most recent email correspondence except for requests for photos.

Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 00:19:26 -0700
Subject: Re: asking books

Dear Jerry McMichael

I am very thankful to you for your email to me. Our country Myanmar is Buddhist country and the
third world country as well. There is very hard to reach the gospel.  In the capital city Yangon I
started the mission to reach the gospel of Jesus with literature and preaching the gospel among the
Buddhism society by renting home and without any sponsor for me. If possible ,  I want to get
books on Bible Teachings or Bible Commentaries. Actually if not, I want to get other christian
literature which your are able to provide for us. We are very happy and expecting to receive any help
and any gifts from you. We also have translation ministry in Yangon.  It is the best encouragement
for me to receive your email.
May God bless you.

Yours in Christ
Zam Lam Thang
GPO Box.1057
Yangon. Myanmar
What you will learn from the recent email request and requests below
from a Christian brother in a Buddhist country, can you imagine the
pressures on him and them, as he moves to a large city in Myanmar
{formerly Burma} to preach and teach the Gospel of Christ and
establish a mission for Christ.  Read the email correspondence below
and determine if you are persuaded that the need is real, for Christ,
and if something that you can easily do; also note below both the email
address and the mailing address.

1.  He is requesting Christian literature.

2.  He is requesting a computer and double-sided printer.

3.  He is requesting financial support for his home rent and for support
of the mission for Christ including a Theological Seminary.

4.  He is requesting the fervent and effectual prayers of Christian
brothers for the mission, the seminary, for the spreading of the Gospel
of Christ, and for the welfare of his family.

Bottom line, of course, of what Jesus taught in the parable of the good
Samaritan is:

(1).  Your neighbor is one in need that you know about.
(2).  You must help when you personally know about the need.
(3).  You must help when you have the means to help.

NOTE:  There is no generalizations at SunGrist_Bible, only helping
one at a time as we come to know about them, and according to the
means at our disposal; and the preference would be, especially because
of the cost of shipping, for you to ship and correspond directly.