Israel and Last Things
Even as God has said in His Word, the Bible, that
He will not do anything without letting His own
people know, so there are many signs in the Bible
to let us know when the END is approaching.  We
can mention a few before we come to the final
history of the nation of Israel on this old earth
with the beginning at the new Jerusalem on the
new earth:  (1)  Jesus said the gospel would be
preached to every nation and then the END would
come (Matthew 24 and Luke 13); (2)  Paul, or the
Spirit through Paul, wrote in II Thessalonians that
shortly before the END, the Holy Spirit would be
withdrawn from earth, sin and lawlessness would
increase, the present Falling Away of the great
apostasy of the church with all these Christian
fables and a visual on the Man of sin would just
about wrap it up; (3) except for what we see know
in Israel as recorded in Zechariah 15; oh and yes,
(4) from Peter in Acts 2 and the quote from Joel 2,
how just before that "great and notable" One day
of the LORD and Lord, the intensity of the signs in
the heavens above and the earth beneath, the
"blood, and fire, and vapor of smoke" increase to
the point of the destruction of the old heaven and
earth with diminished light of the sun and moon.  
Somehow, the great LORD God of this Universe
has it all synced to happen at the same time as
armies of the nations surround Israel for
1.  Bible Perspective on Jesus and Israel.
2.  Israel Complete on the New Earth
    Note:  This Bible session is largely
    from Zechariah 13 and 24, and
    we can only pray that Israel today
    will heed their own Prophet
3.  "Last Days"
    Note:  You will allow the BBFers to
    continue to confuse you with their
    Christian fables on last things until
    you get the Bible meaning of "Last
    Days" as starting on the first day
    of Pentecost at the Ascension and
    going to the END with the Second
    Coming of Christ.
4.  Bible Perspective on Arabs and
Jews, Violation of the “No More, No
Less than the Word of God official
policy of Baalam.
    NOTE:  Like with the Prophet
    Balaam who influenced the death
    of 24,000 Hebrew warriors by his
    professional advice to King Balak,
    Prophets today also strive to live
    up to their reputations based on
5.  Baal, Balak, Balaam, and Blessings.
6.  Doctrine of Balaam.
Fabels, Labels, and Doctrines.
8.  Camels Spoke in an Unknown Tongue,
or The Bible as History.
9.  Bible Research and Reading on Satan
and the Lawless One Part I.
10.  Bible Research Part II.
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