PROPHETS commentaries
LEARN CHRIST commentaries are only available in bound paper hard
copy. In the perfect configuration for Bible study, these approximately
300 colorful pages are published in FrameMaker and bound in plastic
coil. You can begin on the God of the Bible in volume 1 as based on
the Magic Outline, top heading number 1, God is the "Living God of
the Living"; Christ is presented throughout all the volumes as, of
course, the overall goal of the set is to LEARN CHRIST FROM THE
PROPHETS AND THE APOSTLES, and throughout the 5 volumes you
will find sermons like the one, "We Preach Christ"; the Holy Spirit is
also throughout presented as the Other Comforter {other than Jesus},
the Helper, the Spirit of Truth, etc; and salvation is bad clear
particularly in the third volume, "Believe and Be Baptized" where in
each chapter we look at the 14 letters of the Apostles Paul. On Faith
you will enjoy the "Faith and Faith Contending" chapter in John's five
books, the subject of "Christ for Individuals, volume 2.  Gospel, of
course, in volume 3; also in every volume as the Bible presents the
many aspects of "Christ died for our sins".  For Assembly of the
Firstborn written in heaven, so much more important than any local
church, once again we primarily turn to Paul in Hebrews and in the
"Believe and Be Baptized" volume.  Day of the LORD and Lord, you
will find in volume 1 since there are many passages on such in the
Old Testament, and the Falling Away--well, that is part of the title in
volume 4.
Volume 1:  "The
Prophets and
Volume 2:  "Christ for
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Volume 3:  "Believe and Be
Volume 3 covers the 14 letters of
the Apostle Paul around the theme
often made clear by Paul of
"Believe and Be Baptized".  You find
all the great epistles of Paul here
like Hebrews and Romans (where
Paul after meeting with the
Ascended Christ in Arabia and
under the inspiration of the Holy
Spirit wrote his address to the
synagogues and the great
exposition on the plan of salvation},
Ephesians and Colossians (both
similar and a summary of the first
10 epistles), the two letters of
Corinthians (which if heeded today
would eliminate so many current
problems in churches}, I and II
Timothy, Titus, I and II
Thessalonians and so onl
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Volume 4:  "Christ, Paul,
and the Falling Away"
Volume 4 is built around the book of
Hebrews for focus on the great final
event of Christian history
approximately 40 years before the
Second Coming.  You find here also
much about Christ, the great high
priest; about the Apostle Paul as the
author of this and 13 other books of
the NT; and about sound doctrine, the
lack of which brings on the Falling
Away. You will also find a
reconciliation of the twin great
doctrines of the Security of the
Believer and the Falling Away.
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Volume 5:  "The Message of
the Writing Prophets"
volume 5, oh yes, the writing
prophets are relevant today,
preliminary to the teachings of
Jesus in Matthew 24 and in the
book of Revelation, point out
the last great events of the end
time.  However, there is much
more:  about the New King,
Jesus, the new kingdom, and
the new earth with a new
Jerusalem.  Above all, it
explains based on Scripture
what happened to the Jews as
the chosen people of God.
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