Leaky Barriers to Strong Delusion  (Chapter 29 of "Den of Thieves)

In conclusion, and in a way that only can be understood but not misunderstood, the Leaky Barrier of II Timothy 3:
16,7 must be related to the Strong Delusion of II Thessalonians 2:11.  We are somewhat surprised as we read II
Thessalonians 2:11, the period after which Satan is turned loose by the withdrawal of the Holy Spirit from earth,
to find that although Satan, of course “the father of the lie”, is allowed to be more influential in history for a “little
time” as the Holy Spirit withdraws from His extensive influence that started a thousand years ago {really over
2,000 years ago on the first day of Pentecost after the Ascension as He came in great power, presence, and
glory to “convict the world of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment--and just think how much more powerful
Satan can be with his lies as this three fold work on earth is terminated}...the surprise, of course, is that there is
only ONE LIE, “the lie”.

“And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie.”  (II
Thessalonians 2:11)

Maybe you are even more surprised that (1) this strong delusion comes from God, and (2) that this “they”
appears to be the unbelievers of the world instead of church members since we know that the Falling Away
period in Christian history, the final stage of which will be the loosing of Satan after a long, variable period of time
in history and with the withdrawall of the Spirit, which is really now over two thousand years.  While this long and
variable period of time in history is only used four times in the Bible, the most attractive of which is that of the first
resurrection of Christian martyrs, those beheaded like John the Baptist and the suffering bloody deaths like the
Apostles--all of those martyrs from the first century to now, and over a period of from two thousand years ago
until just a few days ago in foreign countries, that attractive one described in Revelation 20:4 with the words
“they...shall live and reign with Christ for one thousand years”, naturally demanding a variable like in the
algebraic a,b,x,y, and etc, since more recent martyrs in foreign countries, some even beheaded, get to live and
reign with Christ only a few absolute years while John the Baptist and the Apostles have been able to live and
reign with Chrsit over two thousand years. {And it should be no surprise to you that in order to describe the
variable period of blessing for all martyrs, that John would take an earlier teaching from Peter, one for which he
was then and now famous for, in described how that to God the Father “one day is as a thousand years, and a
thousand years as one day”.  In the mind and heart of God, time and history, living and reigning, were a variable
than ran from 1 to 1000, or 1000 to 1, or more.}

29-1:  Fourth and Fifth Stages of the Falling Away and the One Lie of Satan.

It should be obvious from what is happening (1) in our world, alias the rising tide of the flood of the mystery of sin
and lawlessness, and (2) in the churches as less and less the bad habits {“perilous times”} of II Timothy 3:1-9--
you know “lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, blasphemous” and so on and on with all these “follies” of
church members, where less and less they are being revealed as follies or bad habits, and where the “form of
godliness” of a habitual religion has taken the place of something real and inward from God, that the barrier of II
Timothy 3:16,17 is leaking.  Like the barrier of the sea wall at Galveston the surge in the world and in the
churches, and like the barriers in New Orleans, have been breached.  They are leaky like II Timothy 3:16,17 are
leaking:  the vast sinkhole of ALL SCRIPTURE erupted; the gap of church administration--”doctrine, reproof,
correction, and instruction in righteousness” is leaking; and the gap between Scripture and church administration
and Applications to Christian Living is also leaking.  While of the five stages of the Falling Away of II Timothy 4:
3,4--(1) intolerance toward sound doctrine, (2) church members more motivated by their own “wants” and
“desires” than by Christ and the Holy Spirit, “lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God”  (II Timothy 3:xx), (3)
the vast “heaping up” of itching ears Bible teachers on TV and in the churches and world with new and novel
words, sayings, and doctrines, (4) the turning away from the truth, and (5) the turning into fables__there has as
yet not been a wholesale among the churches, it would seem, a turning away from truth and the turning into
fable of the last two stages of the five, they are certainly starting to leak with such fables as the Gospel of
Prosperity and Health, with the special revelations and words of the Pentecostals, and with the fundamentalists
influence with Scofield Notes that disguise real eschatology.

Back to the ONE LIE from the loosed Satan of the “little while” of the Falling Away, and how does it relate to the
fourth and fifth stages of the Falling Away, that is how does this one lie from Satan related to (4) the turning
away from truth and the turning into fables on the part of Chrsitians and church members?  The one lie, of
course, that is most famous in the Bible is the lie that Satan first told Adam and Eve to get sin to enter into the
bloodstream of the human race; and you know that lie to be “do not believe God in that you will not die if you
disobey God”  (Genesis 3:4)  And we would naturally expect to believe that this is the same one lie at the end of
time and during the little while before the final One Day of the LORD and Lord Jesus Christ when after the
crumbling of the old earth and old heavens, Jesus comes.  And indeed this belief about the nature of the one lie
is confirmed in what we read in the context of II Thessalonians around “the lie” verse.

1.  Before the one lie verse, in II Thessalonians 2:10.

“and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love
of the truth,that they might be saved.”  (II Thess 2:10)

(1).  this lie from Satan causes (a) unrighteousness and (b) deception among those who perish with Satan in the
lake of fire and brimstone (Revelation 20:10);
(2).  the “they” believed the lie that God must be righteously heeded and obeyed so that this lie naturally kept
the from believing the truth, the major gist of which was Jesus, “the way, the truth, and the life”, and faith in that
(3) and they were not saved, they were lost by believing this lie from Satan.

2.  You remember, don’t you, the one lie of the one verse, II Thess 2:11.

“And for this reason God will send them strong delusion that they should believe the lie...”  (II Thess

NOTE:  By the way I think you are naturally beginning to get the impression that this “they” is both the
unsaved in churches and in the world, the tares as well as the wheat.

3.  The verse, II Thessalonians 2:12, after the one verse of the one lie.

“that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in
unrighteousness.”  (II Thess 2:12)

(1) They all of the unbelievers, church members or of the world, are condemned when they believe the lie (1)
that they can not trust God and (2) that they will not die as a result of disobeying God, that disobedience of
(2) they, church members and worldly, “did not believe the truth”, do not believe the truth, and will not during the
little time of the Falling Away, believe the truth.
(3).  these “THEY”s had “pleasure in unrighteousness”; and if you do not see in one of the bad habits or follies
of church members in II Timothy 3:1-8, and during the periolous times, the verse “lovers of pleasure more than
lovers of God”, you miss a lot of Scripture, a lot of truth.

NOTE:  Also surely you see in this not believing the truth, also the fourth stage of Falling Away
development in “turn away from truth”!

29-2:  Back to the Leaking Barrier  of II Timothy 3:16,17.

Don’t get the wrong message here!  There is nothing wrong with II Timothy 3:16,17, and almost all would
subscribe in talk to it, without by the way walking the walk.

1.  The Barrier of II Timothy 3:16,17 that is leaking.  (You might say that it is leaking the unrevealed or
uncovered bad habits and follies of II Timothy 3:1-9, so that the leaks turn into a flood of (4) lack of truth and (5)
turning into fables.

“(1) ALL SCRIPTURE is given by inspiration of God {boy, do we have the talkers on inspiration especially among
the fundamentalists}, and is profitable (2) for doctrine,for reproof, for correction {these fundamentalists go for
those outside their own churches which they call moderates as a slur and ignore any correction and reproof of
their own members drowning in the bad habits of II Timothy 3:1-9}, and instruction in righteousness {much
instruction, much new instruction and novel and itching ears instructions with new words and special concepts of
special extra-biblical revelations, because they work} that (3) the man of God {also women of God and youth of
God} may be perfect {and mature} thoroughly furnished unto all good works”.  (II Timothy 3:16,17 with comments)

2.  The sink hole of ALL SCRIPTURE is erupting with flooded waters.
3.  The gap of church administration, “doctrine,reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness” is a leaky
part of the barrier.

29-3.  God Sends the “Strong Delusion” of II Thessalonians 2:11.

Hopefully you see in that verse, not that Satan sends this “strong delusion” on all unbelievers of the world and
church, but that God Himself sends this strong delusion.  Granted Satan and his disciples, even the False
Prophet and the Beast, that are cast into the lake of fire and brimstone with Satan with “Death and Hades”
(Revelation 20:13,14 and 10)

1.  Even the Apostle Paul had strong delusion before Christ violently intervened to turn him around, Paul thinking
before conversion that he was actually doing the will of God in the persecution of first Christians.

2.  Paul was able out of his own personal exprerience with “the blindness” of strong delusion as well as personal
knowledge of the blindness of the Hebrews of his own nation, to express this strong delusion as not only
blindness but also beyond that as blindness to the fact of blindness.  Even as Plato told of the people who lived
unground thinking that all the reflected light they received was real light, so Paul before conversion and the
Hebrews of his own nation thought they were so right, just like most church members today, on the little truth
they received; and in fact, they were blind and blind to the fact of their blindness.

3.  That big lie for the nation of Israel Paul described in Romans as “the chief cornerstone”, Christ and faith in
Christ, of God’s new living temple that was rejected by the nation in their strong delusion, and which fell on on

4.  The Prophet Daniel told of the fate of most of Israel, by way of strong delusion, as during the time of Christ
only one third of them would believe for a very short period of time during and after Christ.

5.  The Prophet Zechariah told of the strong delusion that would keep most of the people of Israel from ever
again knowing God and Christ.

29-4:  How intolerance toward sound doctrine can go to falsehood and fables?

While it may be encouraging to think that most in most Christian churches have not wholesale go all the way
through the first three stages of Falling Away development into the terminal phases of (a) a wholesale turning
away from truth, surely which you see as the result of strong delusion from God, and (b) a turning into fables,
what with the leaky barrier of II Timothy 3:16,17 and the lack of reproof and correction from pulpits and church
administration with implementation of righteousness in Christian living,it is a short and easy, perhaps one that
correlates easily with the “little time” that Satan is loosed before the Second Coming, step or steps in history in
Fall all the way into stage 4 and fifth, a turning away from truth and a turning into fables.

1.  The History of Churches and Denominations shows some have already made a wholesale departure from
truth and a wholesale buying of fables.

(1).  Long ago, in fact, about the mid-history of a thousand or so years ago, the Roman Catholics as predicted in
“the latter times” of I Timothy x:xx, sound out wholesale to unsound doctrine and the seducing spirts of devils.
(2).  About midway in American history, and about Civil War time, the Mormons sold out whole on both last two
counts as they accepted 3 Bibles obviously not from God the Father.
2.  So many signs today among church members indicate how far American churches are into the Falling Away.
(1).  Worship leaders take God’s name in vain, the bad habit of blasphemy and pride of II Timothy 3:1-9.
(2).  So many church members, well over 50% are divorced; and do not which is so easy, admit the intolerance
toward the sound doctrines of the Bible on marriage and divorce, then worse than that, deny they sinned against
the doctrine of God, and did not ask the forgiveness of such sins from God which isso easy to obtain, primarily
because they can not out of pride admit any sin in their own righteous life.
(3).  Over 60% of Christians and church members believe in the false Gospel of Prosperity and Health which has
in their own minds, churches, and lives taken the place of the sound doctrine of the Gospel as it was delivered
by the Apostle Paul as part of the “faith once for all delivered to the saints”.
(4).  This “faith once for all delivered to the saints” has become to many church members today of the
Pentecostal type, a “faith partially delivered to the saints” and although written objectively in the Bible for sound
doctrine, in their own hearts and minds has become simply a partial platform for more special revelations of
today from their own apostles and prophets.
( 5).  While it is true that salvation is a two step processing, “to believe” and “for believing”, it has been distorted
by many unsound doctrines in many different forms where some kind of work or works on the part of Christians
makes and proves the second step of “for believing”.  Sometimes it is water baptism for salvation,sometimes it is
a filling of the spirit with the speaking in tongues, an obvious perversion of sanctification, and sometimes it is the
acceptance of these special revelations as if, contrary to I Corinthians 14, the “Word of God came to them only
or came out of them.”
(6).  So many of these half-truths and fables of extra-biblical and Scofield Notes from the fundamentalists have
clouded what Christians believe and must believe to receive the messages of eschatology such as the Falling
Away, the New Heavens and Earth, the rapture, and the Second Coming.
29-5:  Scripture on the Second Coming and Distortions of Sound Doctrine.
Like with the Roman Catholics and the Mormons, these “last things” notes of Scofield and the fundamentalists
are so dangerous because there is some truth in them as a point of departure--they take a verse “and go
everywhere preaching”; and at the bottom line with hasty scriptural justification and a non-Scriptural look at the
history of civilization, they quickly and sometimes almost immediately in their messages, get into half-truths.  Half-
truths are also more deluding than lies, like that God is too good for you to die,; however, half truths are as much
or more unsound doctrine than lies and outright falsehoods.  {You see that from the book of Jude which we will
with time and space get to.}  Hopefully you will find with a faithful and precise look at exact Scriptures of the Bible
on the Falling Away, just some of these fables of unsound doctrine that contribute to the delusion about the “last
things” of eschatology; most unfortunately and surprisingly have come out of the Scofield {and Darby} Notes of
the Scofield Reference Bible and from the fundamentalists, surprising because Scofield went to a Dallas
Congregationalists {almost high church} church after being a divorced lawyer, and with his correspondence
courses on those same NOTEs was able to influence the most backward young preachers of Tennessee {Bob
Jones University}, of Texas {Lester Roloff and John R. Rice, although admitted outstanding preachers}, and
Arkansas, and even two popular preachers that we respect today as 90% right, David Jeremiah and John

1.  The Fable of no “kingdom of Christ” on earth, only a kingdom to be established for one thousand years.

2.  False doctrines and perversions on the Rapture that give Christians false hopes that they will not be on earth
during the Final Tribulation.

3.  All this false history of the Man of Sin as a leader of the European Union that puts off the time of the Second
Coming and tends to ignore the Falling Away.

4.  Failures to consider the Falling Away and a Visual on the Man of Sin, the Son of Perdition, as pre-requisites
of the Second Coming.

5.  A mixing up with Scriptures on a fictious one thousand years on earth, alias millineum, with the New Earth
under the New Heaven.

29-6:  Sound Doctrine {Exegesis on Bible Teachings} on the Second Coming.

NOTE:  If you have not learned that fundamentalism as first generally practiced among Bible Baptists
was a dirty word when it came to Sound Doctrines of the Second Coming based on the Bible rather
than Scofield--although it is always and ever an amazement that such a foothold was gained in the
Bible belt from a Congregationalists minister in Dallas, who was a former divorced lawyer, the same
doctrines on the Second Coming that led fundamentalists to fight and destroy for control over the
SBC, and indeed keep even today keep that spirit of separation and fighting from the fellowship of
the Apostles and "the faith once for all delivered to the saints".

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"Leaky Barriers to Strong Delusion"
NOTE:  This "strong delusion" from God Himself of II
Thessalonians is so strong that church members and leaders
will not,or can not, face up to it!  You church members never
thought, did you, that the stock market and once reliable
financial institutions of this country and the world would also be
part of this strong delusion from God.  The worst part of the
final tribulation, at least on Christians, will be the Strong
Delusion from God Himself during the Great Falling Away at the
very end as the Holy Spirit is withdrawn from earth, releasing
from bondage Satan, who has been bound for the variable one
thousand years.  {1000 years is Biblical doctrine, but the
millennium is fictitious}  (II Thessalonians)  This strong delusion
from God will happen only to those many church members who
have allowed themselves to the victims of the first three stages
out of five of the Falling away as described in II Timothy 4:3,4:  
(1) intolerance toward sound doctrine; (2) lives and church
membership primarily motivated by personal desires; (3)
heaping up of teachers and preachers with itching ears; (4)
turning away from the truth; and (5) turning into fables.  This
bottom line of the Falling Away of stages four and five is the
strong delusion, and you do not want to be part of this.  You
can by avoiding the leaky barriers in your Christian lives and
churches of inadequate implementation of II Timothy 3:16,17:  
(1) avoid the sink hole of not ALL SCRIPTURE, (2) avoid the
revolt against "reproof and correction", and (3) avoid the
breakdown of all righteousness and all good works in the
implementation of the profitablility of ALL SCRIPTURE to ALL