SunGrist History of 14 years Online

lead in new index of blog of life and letters of Paul

A 14 Year History of Indexes

lead in new index of blog of life and letters of Paul

“Freely we have received, freely we give..”

1.  Most Bible 2017                                               Year 2017-2019

2.  All Scripture Method and Movement       Year 2014

3.  2010 INDEX                                         Year 2010

4.  Most Popular Pages           Year 2009

5.  The Ministry of SunGrist_Bible                      2008

6.  Year of Den of Thieves       2007

7.  Every word from God            2006

8.  Some Previous Year Indexes

Index Two

Index Three

Index Four

General Index

9.  AND MORE….

Open Door One
2.  Open Door Two
3.  Open Door Three

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SunGrist References, Background, and Credentials Story Tagline 10 years teaching: ENMU, Lee College, and INTELLEC; Aerospace Engineer--Lockheed and Raytheon; interim pastor 16 churches in Maryland, Arkansas, New Mexico, and Texas; and 4 years Naval Aviation at Pax River Maryland and Argentia, Newfoundland. Introduction Licensed to Preach by Dr R.G. Lee and the Bellevue Baptist Church and Ordained by First Baptist Church of Hot Springs Arkansas. Trained formally in Bible at Ouachita Baptist, Baylor, and Southwestern Seminary. Trained formally in electronics at NATTC at Millington, formally in Physics, Electronics, and Engineering at ENMU, Baylor, UH, and SMU. Professional Certificate in Desktop Publication from University of Arizona.

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