9.  Writing Prophets of the Old
Testament in SGEP
Created January 9th 2020
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There is no substitute for the reading of the Writing
Prophets themselves even as there is no substitute
for the actual reading of the NT and the whole
Bible. Like one Bible teacher said many years ago,
“Read your Bibles, they will throw a lot of light on
the commentaries.” Then again with something as
difficult as the Writing Prophets, especially in order
to ascertain the relevance for today, some guidance
is helpful based on hours with those Writing
Prophets. When Philip the evangelists’ caught the
Ethiopian reading from the queen of the Writing
Prophets, Isaiah, Philip asked, “Do you understand
what you are reading?” The Ethiopian replied, “How
can I except some man should guide me?” Thus
each reader of the Writing Prophets or of a
commentary such as this on the Writing Prophets
needs to have some nudge like for the Ethiopian in
the direction of Christ and other things most clearly
known in the NT to help with the OT . Often you will
find in the pages of this commentary the statement
“What God considers most important in the OT in
order to quote in the NT”; and that is the real “study
guide”, that and the ASI for Authorized Semi-Public
Interpretation. While this is a day of “itching ears”
Bible teachers with either “private” interpretations of
the Bible, out of the total context of the Bible; or
even more popular Bible teachers and preachers
who claim for themselves extra-biblical
interpretations. Yet Peter wrote in II Peter 1:20, and
that Word of God still stands like a prophecy
against any man or woman who would claim to
have a private interpretation that glories themselves
and makes a profit, “no prophecy of the Scripture is
of any private interpretation”. God Authorized a
more public interpretation consistent with all the
Apostles and Prophets; and it would be the API if it
were not for the fact that academic scholarship or
credentials or even popularity is not sufficient for
the understanding and teaching of the Bible, hence
the ASI for Authorized Semi-Public Interpretation.
Perhaps the biggest mess ever made with the Bible
of the OT among any society was by the religious
leaders of Judaism during the life of Christ; and
while we will not repeat here the labels Christ had
for these scribes, Pharisees, Sadducees, and
priests of His day, you will recall that they were
blind, they could not understand, and they had
come to substitute the teachings of men for the
commandments of God. Well, that is happening
again today as we see an unbelievable number of
men and women who teach the Bible for profit; and
we appreciate some of the extent today of the
popular “heaping up of teachers with itching ears”
of II Timothy 4:3,4, which matches if is not greater
than the present intolerance among church
members and denominations of sound doctrine.