Some Sounds of Sound Faith
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God through Christ gives us the grace to know sound
doctrine and sound faith. When I first mentioned THE
SOUND OF A SOUND FAITH to people, the question was
asked “What is sound faith?” At that time I could only reply
“that is a good question”; for we all know the different
sounds of faith, churches, denominations, and religions that
clamor in the world for attention. The immediate answer is
that God gives us through Christ the grace to know sound
doctrine, and then the grace to have confidence in what we
know! “For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of
confidence, of love, and of a sound mind.” The sufficient
answer which demands some additional explanation is that
SOUND DOCTRINE (this, of course, includes sound faith) IS
to borrow some words from Jesus as quoted from the
Apostles and recorded in the Bible. Hardly anyone interested
in the Bible as the Word of God would deny that sound
doctrine is every word that proceeds out of the mouth of
God. However, it is much like the global statement that
“Christ is the answer for all the problems of the world” which
leaves unanswered many complementary questions such as
which Christ: the Christ of the Mormons, or the Christ of the
Lutherans, the Christ of the Bible of most Christians, or the
Christ of some television evangelist that are in Christ‛s work
for the money? (It should be obvious that there must be in
the world today “wolves in sheep‛s clothing” that Paul told
the Ephesian elders that would come immediately after his
departure. And when you also consider the danger of
popularity in Christ faith [the difference between the majority
of “many” and minority of “few” of Jesus‛ teachings, it seems
most probable that the popular television evangelists are the
“wolves in sheep‛s clothing”.}
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