Apostle Peter the Man

It is really quite difficult to separate
the Apostle Peter from Apostle Peter
the man, especially after his
profession of faith and new birth
more than 9 months later.  However,
the Bible does record three incidents
were his unregenerate humanity did
show up: (1) Peter acted quite
hastily when Jesus tried to teach
"humble unselfish service" through
foot washing, jumping to the request
of Jesus to wash his whole body
(John 13:6-17), (2) also hastily in the
Garden when the high priests sent
guards to arrest Jesus, cutting off
the ear of Malchus {it would be an
interesting story to know if Peter
apologized to him later or showed
him to Christ as Saviour} as if Jesus
really needed physical protection
since He could in an instant call
legions of angels ( Matthew
26:47-56);  (3) Peter after Jesus was
taken captivity by the high priests,
denied Jesus three times (John
18:12-27), but after His Resurrection
Jesus restored Peter to full
fellowship (John 21:15-19); (4) the
Lord in a vision of what was clean
and unclean had to straighten Peter
out on Gentile discrimination (Acts
10:9-16), and the next day the Holy
Spirit had to tell him to accept the
invitation from the Gentile Cornelius
(Acts 10:17-48); and later (5) Paul
had to reprimand him for a similar
Gentile discrimination as he had
table fellowship with certain Gentiles
until some came from the Apostle
James in Jerusalem (Galatians

As far as this last incident, Peter
certainly got over it, as by the time
he was carrying out one of his prime
duties as an Apostle, to write
Scriptures, as he did in I and II
Peter, not only did he give us great
insight into what Jesus truely meant
about "upon this rock I will build my
church" in I Peter 2:4-10 as well as
in other places in those two epistles,
but also gave a personal
recommendation to the Apostle Paul
as an authorized writer of Scriptures,
like other Apostles and Prophets (II
Peter 3:14-18), with a warning that
some of them are so hard to
understand, and that also like other
Scriptures, that some people wrestle
with them to their own destruction.

To read or download the last chapter
discusses the Pope and
contributions that Peter made to our
understanding of the real church
that Christ built upon a rock, the "my
church" of the Gospels.  This last
chapter of DEN OF THIEVES is
entitled as Jesus would want it, "My
Assembly".  The page of this website
for that book is
Den_of_Thieves, and
on that page you can read or
download to save, the chapter of "My
Assembly".  Also on the real "My
Church" established by Christ, "the
assembly of the firstborn written in
heaven" (Hebrews 11:23), go to the
page on
BELIEVING, and read or download
the chapter, "'My Church'" and
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Testimony of Peter to
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If you desire to read more
on how the chief ministry of
Paul, even beyond the
missionary journeys, was
as Chief Editor of the New
Testament, go to
Volume 4
of  the  LCC.  Also
3 which is on the life and
letters of Paul.
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The Apostle Peter
We have only 2 letters in the New Testament written by the Apostle
Peter, but some of his ministry and Sermons in the book of Acts You
really should read them completely at one sitting each, and
prayerfully to the Holy Spirit for help.