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Fly with Salvation and Baptism
from                          Romans
12 Volumes of  Expanded Learn Christ Commentaries

 Prophets and Apostles.

2.  Christ for Individuals, 5 books of the Apostle John.

3.  Remember My Bonds, 14 letters of the Apostle Paul.

4.  The Falling Away, the book of Hebrews.

5.  The 19 Writing Prophets.

6. Jeremiah and Prophesy.

 Literal Forever Kingdom.

8.  One Commentary on Ephesians.

9.  Get Real and Relevant on Revelation.

10.  One Commentary on Romans.

11.  Bible Reports for Believing, the Gospel of John.

Snatching, Stumbling, and the Falling Away, the
Gospel of Mark.
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Last Things (Eschatology) from
the Apostle John Series:

It in classical Bible classes not
general considered that the
Gospel of John and the little
epistles of John would be
considered in last things or
eschatology; however, since
during the recording by John of
the revelation of the book of
Revelation, John was instructed
to take the little book and eat it,
most likely that little book
included the Gospel of John and
the little epistles, they should be
included for last instructions to

1.  Book of Revelation in context
of the New Pentateuch.
2.  Harmony of Revelation,
Daniel, and Ephesians Book I.
3.  Get Real and Relevant on
4.  Final Tribulation.
5.  In the Spirit on the LORD's
Day, Testimony of Jesus. (Book II
of the Harmony).
6.  The Little Book John ate, the
Gospel of John.
7.  Second Epistle of Peter Stirs
the Christian Mind.
Low Cost Bible Study
Book (Commentary) on
the book of Hebrews in
the SunGrist Golden
Editions for $10.
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Gospel According to Romans, from
the Gospel Tract Series of books
Gospel in the Minor Prophets

Hideout for Bad Habits
Snatching, Stumbling, and the
Falling Away

   is now
available on Amazon in KIndle
and Paperback

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It is a very much needed book for
the Christian in order to make a
reconciliation mentally between
The Security of the Believer and
the Falling Away
The 12 Volumes of the Learn
Christ Commentaries