Snatching, Stumbling, and the Falling Away with the
Gospel of
SNATCHING is made for easy reading, not in chapters, but
in short sections. Color is utilized to enhance and highlight
with the Bible quotes in green and the notes in blue. Can
not remember exactly when it was first published as a
Desktop Pub shortly after getting a Professional Certificate
in Desktop Publication from Univerity of Arizona, Tucson
while working as a Principal Systems Engineer at Raytheon
Missile Systems. Apologize for not extended publication in
Amazon Kindle and Paperback and thru SendOwl in the
SunGrist Golden Eagle Pubs, because this is the best as the
Spirit and Bible were moving; and as such is now in 2020
considered number one for my kids, grandkids, and great
grandkids. Some mistakenly like to say that the parables
should not be taken literally; however Jesus taught
extensively in parables, and any and all teachings of Jesus
must be taken literally. He came all the way from heaven,
giving up much for 31 and 1/2 years of lower status on
earth including the death on the cross for the sins of the
world (the atonement), crucified or us as stated in
Galatians 2:20. Mark, using a manuscript furnished to him
by the Apostle Paul, lists 52 of the teaching parables of
Jesus. Even as the Apostle John uses 7 miracle signs for
focus on the life and teachings of Jesus, so Paul thru Mark
uses the 52 parables, mainly on the kingdom, to enhance
understanding on both "the gospel of the kingdom" and the
forever kingdom on the new earth Itself. While Scofield
theologians make a heretical mistake as they say Jesus
made a mistake as He came preaching the gospel of the
kingdom, because most of Israel did not accept that
message and concept of the kingdom; sorry, but God
through Jesus did not make a mistake or any false claim, it
is the folly, seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils of the
Scofield mites that lead them astray on the Bible, the
kingdom, and the gospel.

PREFACE: “Snatching, Stumbling, and Falling Away"

Like many medical diagnoses, this perspective of churches
and denominations today is not particularly pleasant to
hear. However, the challenge of the Falling Away
introduced in THE SOUND OF A SOUND FAITH demand an
explanation of the seeming contradiction of “Once Saved
Always Saved" and the perspective that most church
members will be victims of the Falling Away. This book on
SOME MORE SOUNDS is built on the basic Bible convictions
of the first book, but tries to explain in a practical way
based on the parable of the Seed and the Sower ,the actual
process of church members falling away, not from the
churches as church attendance may actually go up, but
rather from Christ, God, and the Bible. The Falling Away
and the process by which it happens as sin abounds and
the love of many waxes cold is hard to explain. The Falling
Away of the magnitude to call it THE Falling Away only
happens twice in history, once to the children of Israel in
the wilderness and once before the Second Coming of
Christ. It is especially hard to explain simultaneously the
sound doctrines of the Security of the Believer and the
Falling Away, yet they are both true. The secret of success
like in all Bible study is to find the Authorized Public
Interpretation from Jesus and the Apostles. By that I mean
to look at real Bible on how much like the physical birth
where 9 months is required to the spiritual new birth like
Jesus said. This is so much unlike the instantaneous new
birth of the fundamentalists and others, which is at the
foundation of the only approximately 25% of the wheat in
local churches and denominations as compared to the 75%
of tares. We also in the sequel to this book, TOLERATION
OF THE TARES, need to utilize the outline of Mark which we
diligently develop in this book.

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