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Entry for September, 2006

Like Newt stated, we are in World War III whether we know it or not.  Of course somebody doubts that a world war can exist until France surrenders.  Well if you compare the last events of Matthew 24, the book of Revelation, II Thessalonians, II Timothy, and Daniel, you will know that the world and the Middle East are lining up for the last great battle called Armageddon.  For example, we wondered what in contemporary times would bring all nations against we now.  We have wondered about the son of perdition that will lead in the great last battle against Jerusalem...well, there are a lot of Muslim options now such as Osama Bin Laden, his son in Lebanon now, the President of Iran, the leader of Hisballah, all world leaders who desire the destruction of Israel.

For what is happening to churches during this period of the Falling Away, you can read more in "What the Churches Don't Want You to Hear" at product_churches.html.  For more on how individuals who claim to be Christians stumble, grow no root, and then fall way after 40 years of seeing the works of God--not from churches as during the time of the Falling Away church attendance will go up in order for members to find some measure of security, but those who call themselves by the name of Christ, and remember that not all who say "Lord, Lord" will enter the kingdom of heaven--rather the inevitable Falling Away event--not that God wants it that way but knows it will happen and often tells of it in the Bible, that is that Falling Away of the majority of church members is from Christ, God, and the sound doctrine of the Bible, read more in "Snatching, Stumbling, and the Falling Away" at product_stumbling.html.   And for what the individual church member should know to prevent being a victim along with the many members around them you can read about in "Christ for Individuals", about the five books of the Apostle John at Product_LCCvol2.html.

2006-08-13 20:52:09 GMT
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What is difficult to figure is how a camp of the saints, alias Christian believers, will be outside of Jerusalem?
2006-08-22 22:00:44 GMT
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