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Al Sharpton is Right about the Mormons!

Al Sharpton is right about the Mormons albeit a little contentious.  Although like a well-known radio Bible teacher has said, “I wish the fundamentalists could ‘contend for the faith’ without being contentious”, at some point is our tolerant of the American Democratic faith gone overboard to indifference, we have to consider the truth that the “god” of the Mormons is not the God of our Bible, nor is the Jesus of the Mormons the Jesus of our Bible.  If you do not believe that spend a little time in the 4 Bibles they claim to be the Word of God:  The Doctrine and Covenants, the Pearl of Great Price, the Book of Mormon, and their own Holy Bible with the notes of founders inserted in the text for proper interpretation {It is even worse than the fundamentalists who regard the Notes of the Scofield reference Bible as truthful as the Bible itself; however, at least in the case of the fundamentalists, the Scofield Notes are the bottom of the pages, not inserted inside the verses like the Mormon Holy Bible so you definitely give as much weight to the teachings of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young as you do “every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God.”


After years of seeking exclusion from the rest of the world, the Mormons are now trying to find acceptance; and with the load of their past doctrine, which still largely remains intact among  those not Jack Mormons {if you spend any time living and working among the Mormons you will find many of them, if not most of them, call themselves Jack Mormons, generally because they believe in a little alcohol on the side, or at least in the basement where they have bars}, and they can not have at the same time exclusion and acceptance.  See how they have excluded themselves with 4 unique Bibles still largely unknown to most Christians; they have a Temple on Mormon Tabernacle Square locked to all but faithful card-carrying Mormons; oh yes, they do claim to be the only church and you must see a little intolerance and exclusion in that, THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST, and THE CHURCH OF LATTER DAY SAINTS, making themselves a peculiar brands of so-called “saints” to separate from the rest of the Christian world.  Now they want acceptance. Yes and no, they want enough acceptance of their Bibles and young missionaries that knock on so many doors as to make it hard for the rest of us to do the same, acceptance of their “god” and “Jesus”—but mainly just respectability for a religion that has two curses from our Bible resting on them.


You can easily verify that based on The Doctrine and Covenants they believe in a “restored gospel” that is different from the Gospel of our Bible, a Gospel that puts works right back in salvation as a requirement and tries to restore all that Jesus came to do away with in religion.  You know the consequence written in the real Bible of preaching or teaching any other gospel than that which was first delivered.  “Let them be accursed”, the Apostle Paul wrote.


The second curse that rest upon them is the curse found in the book of Revelation that condemns any that add to or take away from the words of the Bible.  In spite of your toleration of the American Democratic Faith, sweep on by indifference to truth, surely you can see that the faith in 4 other Bibles have added to the Word of God, just by virtue of the fact that you can see that in arithmetic 4 is an addition to 1.


For more on toleration and the majority in the American Democratic Faith as contrasted to the Faith of Jesus and the Bible which demands truth over toleration and the minority over the majority, please go to or for more on what Mormons really believe and propagate in the total context of the truth of the only real Bible please go to   Please do not forget the trend now of “standing for nothing and falling for anything” as Peter Marshall said years ago even as more recently testified to by the Presbyterians as they voted whether to stop saying that “Jesus is the only way of salvation” as it seems intolerance.  You simply can not remain Christian in practice as real as status if you deny the truth of Jesus as the only way of salvation, no matter under what disguise, that of toleration or Americanism or indifference.

2007-05-13 13:29:16 GMT
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