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How Moral is Cursing and Homosexuality in churches of the Moral Majority?

Two Sins of American Society


Enough is enough in the name of American toleration.  There is a time and point at which intellectual honesty demands to be expressed against the taking of God’s name in vain and in the justifcation of homosexuality.  What do the two sins against God have in common:  they are both signs of degeneration in society!  While the United States still by far has the best government in the world, the nation can not continue forever that allows such disrespect for God and other people to continue to grow to the extent where churches allow and condone such behavior.  The sad fact is that it is too late to talk about it in a prevenitive sense when such profaning of God’s name and of the normal and natural relationship between man and women for God’s plan of marriage becomes acceptable to church members, nor is there any hope of correction when any society, US or otherwise, has progressed down the inevitable spiral of de-evolution that is described in Romans chapters 1 and  2.


It can easily be considered too simple to say that the source of homosexuality and profanity can be traced, according to the Bible in Romans 2, to the beginning in families when they did something as simple as FORGET TO THINK ABOUT GOD.  I guess the reason it seems so simple is because we do not realize that it takes a great deal of effort on the part of any family or individual to refuse to think about God year and year; and even as it gets easier after 20 or 30 years to ignore God and the things of God’s righteousness, so the downward evolution in the lives of such persons is almost unnoticed until suddently profanity and homosexuality becomes more the norm in their lives.  They can not even remember when and how they and their relatives and families, in church or out of church, first refused “to retain God in their thinking”, to use some of the words of Romans 1 and 2. 


“And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowlede, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting....”  (Romans 1:28)


Perhaps you have never thought of how serious it is not to retain God in the knowledge bank of your own mind along with a good education, good job skills, and the knowledge of life that comes from experience, even as perhaps you do not stop to think about how serious it is to God and as recorded in the Word of God to take the name of God in vain.  Sure, it is an Old and long established commandment among only 10 commandments like do not kill and steal, which we still honor with courts in the United States—the one which clearly states:


“You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain, for the LORD will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain.”  (Exodus 20:7)


In case you pretend a problem with interpretation here, as the start of an excuse for profanity behavior, what this means is THERE IS NO EXCUSE TO DISRESPECT THE NAME OF GOD, and that there is no excuse God will accept at your own inevitable judgment for the few or large number of times that take His name in vain!  And you see as you have developed and cultivated such abominable behavior through the years, also fine tunig your excuses—although increasing in American society it can be done on TV and anywhere on the street and at work without any need to explain—along the lines that God’s name just comes out without any thought or intention to do wrong; and that is the point, you do not think about it even to the same extent that you do not think about God Himself!  You may think about church and getting there on time every Sunday morning, or just for Easter; you may think of reading the Sunday School lesson, and giving and sitting there quietly, and even singing, during the church service; but how little you think about God, His righteousness, and the depths of the words He has given in the Bible show themselves with how efffortless you can take His name in vain or become a homosexual.


While the current news on homosexual marriages, and justifications of such abnormal according to God behavior, has overcome our reticence of  20 years ago to present such strong language as is in Romans 1 in public, in many cases the boldness of homosexual advocates has not overcome our lack to courage for intelectual honesty over timidity and the American concept of toleration of the American Democratic faith.  Perhaps you have never read, heard, or studied it closely but here are just a few things that the Word of God in Romans 1:24-30 says about homosexuality:  (1) The Bible calls it “uncleaness” in the lusts of the human heart (1:24); (2) A dishonoring of each others bodies (1:24); (3) Vile passions (1:26); (4) As against nature and wha is natural (1:26); (5) Shameful (1:27); and (6) Just consequences reaped in their own bodies (1:27).  Now, do you really think that the Word of God, to be respected as the Bible with wisdom beyond your own and your societal group if not as the Word of God—absoute in authority, sufficient in message, divine in origin, and high fidelity in communication—that is, that the Bible would use such strong language against homosexuality as “vile passions”, dishonoring, and uncleaness if homosexuality were normal, natural, and wholesome. You see, God does not want you doing it.  He has other plans for you that are much greater and more fulfilled:  it is called God’s plan for marriage of one man, one woman, with internally born children.


Sexual Immorality and then Failure to Think About God


It is informative that the statement about a failure of rentention of God in human knowledge {“did not like to retain God in their knowledge”, and I hope you noted in the wording that is the way they wanted it, that is “did not like to retain”} comes immediately after the six condemning phrases about homosecuality above; and from there on the language gets stronger and the condemnations louder.


1.      God witnessed this behavior, giving them automatically up to a “debased mind”. (Romans 1:28)


Can I interpret this as saying God sees homosexuality as the result of a DEBASED MIND?


2.      God lets them do things “which are not fitting” (Romans 1:28)


Can I interpret this as saying God things of homosexuals as “not fit”?


3.      God puts and God’s Word puts these homosexuals in the category of “filled with all unrighteousness” (Romans 1:29)


There is no interpretation here, just plain and forceful English language:  in the middle of all the wickedness of envy, murderers and haters of God is the “sexual immoraltiy” of homosexuality of Romans 1:29-30.


4.      God labels homosexuality as “sexual immorality”.


Once again no intepretation, just English; for did you read anything else about sexual and immorality in Romans 1 before this bottom line statement that homosexuality is sexual immorality?


How did American Society or any Society Get in this Mess?


Is it genetics?   Is it training or environmental influence?  Obviously, if it is a matter of human knowledge as already presented to us in Romans—that is, what any person or group allows and keeps in their mind about God and His righteousness—then genetics is eliminated.  You might say that the influence, or lack of influence of the family, church, and school along with other environmental influences of society are a matter of culture and training to the extent that they influence the retained God knowledge that a person has.  You see, just an absence of God knowlege when cramming in all the other tidbits of human knowledge is a cause of the downward spiral in American Society.


You must briefly go back to the beginning of Romans 1:18-32 to see how homosexuals, profaners, and all the unrighteous individuals of 1:29-31 got that way:  (1) God has always made known His displeasure {the word of Romans 1:18 is “wrath” against such ungodliness and unrighteousness {it has always be considered and made known by God to be wrong and counter to God}; (2) God has manifest Himself in several ways and in several persistent manners to every individual on the face of the earth {this is some human knowledge that came to every person where effort was required on the part of the individual in order to ignore}, some of those being mentioned in Romans 1 as the (a) wonders of Creation, (b) the human conscience, and (c) The Bible; (3) When a society or civilization that had some knowledge of the One True God ceased to glorify Him as God, nor be thankful to God, then they automatically developed a “futile” mentality; and (4) God allowed their foolish hearts to become darkened (1:21) {you see whereas it was after homosexuality the matter of a mind without God knowledge, now it is emotions that are futile and darkened}; (5) “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.


Yes, it happend to Babylon, and Rome, and Greece, Europe, Asia, and now it is happening in the United States.  Like in Germany the former leader on all the knoweldge of the world including theology and science, God and His righteousness were left out of the equation of thought, out of the emotiions; and consequently the whole society became fools while thinking they lead the whole world in knowledge and wisdom.  And perhap they did, minus the liking of keeping the knowledge of God in their thinking!  You see while some of these educated fools would like for you to see world history as an evolution in the knowledge of God as well as all knowledge, what we indeed see according to God’s own quck look at the history of civilizations is a certain de-evolution of God knowledge and the natural consequences in sin!

2007-06-29 20:47:36 GMT
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