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What Do Graham and Prestonwood Have in Common with Haggard and the New Life Church?

Well, What Are You Hearing?


When churches don’t want you to hear that they are inevitably leaders in the Falling Away {inevitably because they like the children of Israel in the wilderness are the only groups that have witnessed the works of God for over 40 years or so}, what do they talk to you about on eschatology as a substitute?  That question can simultaneously be answered by considering a recent message {like today} by Jack Graham at the Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas on eschatology and on supposedly some of the first few chapters of Revelation including on the six seals of the sixth chapter of Revelation and what according to II Timothy 4:4,5 happens to a church and pastor during the Falling Away.

{For more Bible background on the Falling Away consider the LEARN CHRIST commentary, volume 4, “Christ, Paul, and the Falling Away”, and for more background of how modern fundamentalists churches are not-handling the Falling Away Scripturally read also WHAT THE CHURCHES DON’T WANT YOU TO HEAR.  To understand what has happened in evangelistic and fundamentalists SBC churches, where “about the Bible with isogesis” has become pre-eminent over “exegesis of the Bible itself”, please read also SNATCHING, STUMBLING, AND THE FALLING AWAY.


There is no effort to make Jack Graham the anti-Christ; and while we are on the subject of anti-Christ let us make a preliminary and fundamental correction of his very deceptive effort to quote John as writing that “the spirit of anti-Christ is already in the world”, which should have been a warning as we heard Graham attempt exegesis on Revelation to check the Bible in I John where we find that John wrote that “there are many anti-Christ’s in the world already”.  Graham and Prestonwood are just typical today of large churches  where popularity has led pastors to encourage the Falling Away, by the sin of omission in preaching of the reality, evidences, and causes of the Falling Away.  Truth like this presented today can not hurt the adored pastor of a church of approximately 10,000 admiring fans, a former President of the SBC at the peak of the history of the SBC when fundamentalists came into control of the SBC on the wings of the historical world-wide events of the Falling Away.


It is hard to know which is worse on isogesis in the place of faithful exegesis of the Word of God:  when Adrian Rogers, also a noted leader of the fundamentalists in the SBC preached a sermon in 2000 on the new millennium based on “And after six days, Jesus went”, to milk out of this simple and straightforward phrase of routine events of the Gospel story all the great changes he expected in the next 1000 years, or last Sunday when Jack Graham isogetically milked Revelation, likewise going everywhere preaching like Rogers in order to say what he really wanted to say anyway.  Graham’s reasoning is so ridiculous and amateurish {surely he wrote it as a young Scofield Bible dedicated preacher in Arkansas, never with spiritual maturity revising the same sermon}that the flow is hard to recall; however it went something like this the seals of Revelation 6 speak of the wrath of God, and since Christians are immune to the wrath of God at judgment, the church will be raptured before the great tribulation.  There was also some foolishness, no doubt superficially based on Scofield and Darby, about churches mentioned so often in the first chapters of Revelation and then not mentioned at all, another basis for the church being gone from earth during final tribulation.  He talked about many scriptures, never quoted, referred to Revelation 6 only word for word which we can read, and then perverted the meaning of the only verse that was really presented, Revelation 3:10.  He interprets the promise of Jesus to one local church, the church at Philadelphia, as a promise to the total body of Christ near the end time; and further interprets the promise to that church “to keep them from the hour of trial that will come upon the whole world”, properly interpreted as a promise to this local church during the Great Tribulation of the first century, not as a promise to all modern churches during the Falling Away of  the Final Tribulation.


But what I want you to see is how Jack and Prestonwood working together so aptly portray the process of the Falling Away as presented in the Word of God of II Timothy 4:4,5.  Although nothing was ever said in the message about the Falling Away, nor about WHAT THE CHURCHES DON’T WANT YOU TO HEAR, it like baptism was an enacted sermon on the part of pastor and people.  The process of the Falling Away according to II Timothy 4:4,5 (read it for yourself) is:  that time comes in history, now, when they {churches and church people} will not endure sound doctrine; they must find comfort during this time of the Falling Away, so they heap us teachers with itching ears like Jack Graham, who has read Scofield Bible notes, and who can use that as a basis to comfort the people of the Prestonwood Church that they will not be in the final tribulation, as they with the Holy Spirit will be raptured out of the world; they are doing this out of the personal desires of church members at Prestonwood not out of faithful exegesis of any parts of the Bible—we already know from the objections when they announced a satellite church in Frisco that would make them larger than Lakewood Church rather than a mission with another pastor, and their response that the message of Jack Graham is what they wanted—and we know that the ultimate way to comfort your people as a pastor besides in one form or another convincing them that they are the elect of God is to excuse them from final tribulation; they turn away from the truth of honest and faithful Bible exegesis, and they turn into fables like a rapture far before the end, a thousand years with a material kingdom of prosperity so the well-to-do will not lose what they work so hard for, and foolish to claim that the “He who restrains”of II Thessalonians is not the withdrawal of the Holy Spirit Himself, but of the Spirit in the bodies of church members .  {You really have to go some in order to justify all the previous foolishness that you have bought from Darby and Scofield.  It is to be handed to you, however, for loyalty to Dallas and the Congregationalists church where Scofield pastored in Dallas, also to W.A. Criswell for years undisputed leader of the fundamentalists takeover of the SBC, that you remain faithful to fundamentalism, the fighting spirit, and interpretations based on Scofield notes rather than the Bible itself.  Moreover, you probably do not know the difference!  Large bodies tend to think they are always, absolutely right as do pastors of large churches with a large status.  Don’t forget that he that is greatest now is not necessarily he who will be greatest in the kingdom.}


The Falling Away is largely a movement among churches who have departed from the living God, have left what they saw in the works of God for 40 years; and like Pastor Ted Haggard and the New Life Movement Church which he formerly pastored in Colorado before his homosexuality and drug use became public, you can not separate the behavior of a pastor from the church.  “Like the priest, like the people”; and what Prestonwood and the New Life Movement Church of Ted Haggard have in common is that they made each other, they grew up together, and they both really made each other what they are today.  You know when it comes down to it, how can you tell where the churches and the pastor created the Falling Away, at least in their own local church, or the world-wide Falling Away created them.  Does it matter, pastors and people had freedom of choice and that freedom of choice has been exercised in favor of intolerance toward sound doctrine, itching ears teachers and a heaping up of such in classes and the pulpit and as deacons, free reign to personal desires over the desire of Christ, a back turned on truth, and a perchance for fables.  And do you know the best way to tell when a church or pastor has become a victim of the Falling Away.  If he or they are popular during the time of the Falling Away!


Prayerfully that you will become more intense for Bible on this subject, turning to on “Christ, Paul, and the Falling Away”, a commentary on the book of Hebrews; turning also to  on a reconciliation of the Security of the Believer with the Falling Away based on the parable of the seed and the sower, and turning to on WHAT THE CHURCHES DON’T WANT YOU TO HEAR.  Actually there is a list of 18 Bible truths that they do not want you to hear, and which you will not hear from them as a sin of omission in preaching and in order to comfort their members as the elect, but the prime one mentioned in this Bible commentary is that they do not want you to hear that they are inevitably leaders in the Falling Away.  It can not be any other way:  the world, youth under 21 years of age, and unbelievers have nothing to fall from.  And if Graham, Haggard, Prestonwood and New Life are not guilty of the Falling Away, there is no Falling Away.  That is what you would like to believe; however in order to get there you will have to make many more misinterpretations of Bible, also ignore and delete from your Bibles many clear teachings that the Falling Away must come before the Second Coming.

2007-07-22 23:26:33 GMT
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