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How Will We Know when the Holy Spirit is Withdrawn from Earth?



There would be much less confusion on eschatology {the events of last things of this Age} had not so many fundamentalists Southern Baptist either taken years ago the Bible lessons from Scofield by correspondence or prematurely committed themselves to the Scofield Notes on Revelation and other eschatology because it was so easy late Saturday to use the Scofield Notes for Sermon preparation like they were part of the inspired Word of God.  {Before you get yourself committed to these Notes you fundamentalists and others interested in eschatology, it would be wise to consider the background of Scofield as a lawyer, jail bird, divorced, and then pastor of a Congregationalists church in Dallas, Texas where he developed the correspondence course that later became the Scofield Reference Bible Notes.}


What really keeps such fundamentalists committed to this indefensible position {beside the ease of Note utilization for sermon preparation and acceptability with other fundamentalists of the SBC and Bible Baptists} is a fallacious commitment to what bound Satan for one thousand years, when if you apply the very fundamental principle of hermeneutics to simply let the Bible say what the Bible wants to say without isogesis, or the reading of preconceived ideas and meaning into Scripture, it is apparent that the same Holy Spirit that will be withdrawn sometime during the Falling Away, and Who clearly in the context of II Thessalonians thereby allows a rapid increase in the mystery of lawlessness {of course this includes terrorism} and the runaway crimes of the son of perdition {which right now appears to be revealed in history as Osama Bin Ladin—goodness some superpower like Satan has to be helping him in order to allude the wrath of the President of the United States along with the most powerful intelligence agencies and military ever assembled in the world}.  This same Holy Spirit, the He who now restrains of II Thessalonians, is what bound Satan’s work in the world as He came to the earth in great power and presence on the first day of Pentecost after the Ascension of Christ.  And before His Ascension, and in John 16, Jesus described this binding work of the Holy Spirit to restrain Satan as a matter of convicting the world of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment.  You can see where if Satan is restricted in his efforts to convict the world in favor of sin, especially on the sin of unbelief, on righteousness to distract from the righteousness in Jesus, and of an accountability to God as the Judge of all on the earth, then his activities would be restricted, restrained, or bound.


Unfortunately according to II Thessalonians some time during the Falling Away that we are presently in {if you do not believe this, then please read some of my books on the subject from} the Holy Spirit is withdrawn from this earth, and the question naturally arises as to how we will know?  Certainly it will not be from an absence of the speaking in tongues and other charismatic disturbances forbidden by the two books of Corinthians, since these groups have learned to simulate the presence of the Holy Spirit even to the extent of faking a false language called by them speaking in tongues.  {Oh yes, numerous conservative Christians have heard such pastors saying to a would-be new convert repeat these syllables after me, and it reminds one of children playing repeat after me O-wata-goose-iam!}  So how will we know when the Spirit is withdrawn from the earth during the Falling Way?  Well, it should be obvious based on what Jesus taught in John 15 is the function of the Spirit in the world, that is to the worldly, that there will be a rapid increase in lawlessness and crime because the Spirit is no longer here to restrain on sin; there will be a rapid increase in unbelief in God and Jesus with many substitutes as Mormonism, Islam, agnosticism and atheism where “an evil heart of unbelief {the world nor many Christians do not have God’s value system where unbelief in Him and Christ is the most hideous of all sins} is developed to replace faith in the living God {there is no such God as “Allah”, a god of the Koran so that bottom line what happens is that such people worship the only other supernatural power besides the living God, the God of Creation and of the Bible, that is they worship Satan; and thirdly as Satan is released by the withdrawal of the Spirit, the world’s awareness of God and accountability to the real living God of the Bible will go down rapidly, and I am sure you are aware of all the hideous things in big business, government, and the whole world can happen as humanity forgets that someday they must inevitably face the judgment of God.  {Yes, like PayDay SomeDay.}


You know, what we know must happen for certain during the very last days of this Age is that a gigantic army must come against Jerusalem for the great Battle of Armageddon, that this army will also attack the camp of the saints outside of Jerusalem, that the army will be led by Satan and the Son of Perdition, and then dramatically the Lord Jesus Christ, at His Second Coming, will intervene to destroy this large army.  Right up to the point of this dramatic intervention, history will move along almost routinely, even from the “wonders in the sky above and on the earth beneath” not much different from all the wonders that we are seeing on earth and in the sky right now with blazing fires, and droughts, and floods, and hurricanes, and tornadoes, and you name it.  Even the radical Muslims with their terrorism in Iraqi, Lebanon, the West Bank, and Gaza which has already surrounded Jerusalem with a large army of dedicated destroyers has so quickly become accepted and routine, that sometimes we forget all these extreme imaginations of the fundamentalists on what will really happen in the last days.  Even as we have come to accept the characteristics of the Falling Away in the United States based on the toleration of the American Democratic Faith, such as divorce in churches up over 51%, where over 60% of church members believe in the false gospel of prosperity, the increasing gap between Christ and the church, and the rising tide of the mystery of crime and lawlessness in the US as well as in the world, even so we have come to accept Osama Bin Ladin, a follower or a relative as the Man of Sin bent on destruction of Jerusalem, the possible already unbound Satan and withdrawn Holy Spirit as also routine.  {Of course, we still have all these preachers of vivid imaginations with their charts and elaborate timelines, propagating so many things still to happen that tends to disguise what we may really already be into.}  You know how these fundamentalist because of their commitments to Scofield Notes have foolishly postulated:  (1) Christians will be raptured out of the world before the final tribulation {they also confuse the final tribulation with the great tribulation which obviously happened in the first few centuries after Christ}, which if you look at any Scripture about last things and the Second Coming you will notice that this rapture happens at the same time as the Second Coming, so simply that they have overlooked these verses in their dedication to their messages of youth and the Scofield Bible Notes; and (2) that the withdrawal of the Holy Spirit from earth is the Holy Spirit in church members as they are raptured before the final tribulation.  Oh, how foolish it is to confuse the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of real believers such as comfort, reminders, teaching, illumination, and conviction with the work of the Holy Spirit in the world where He has for over 2000 years convicted the world of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment in order to counter and bind the work and will of Satan.  {Yes, this is not numerically the same as 1000 years, but it is the same period of time, the one thousand years being sort of like a lease for life, it is a time marker.}


There is much more to say; however I am sure you will not read it in a newsletter.  Please avail yourself of the opportunity to read a more conservative and sensible sequence of eschatological events in my volume 2 of the Learn Christ Commentaries.  On   This Bible commentary is actually on all five of the books from the Apostle John—Revelation, Gospel of John, and the three little epistles—and this is the way you want to study any individual book of the Bible, that is in the total context of the Bible.  In keeping with this principle of Bible hermeneutics, comparing scripture with scripture, you will find that the eschatology presented in this volume 2 is based on the sequence of last events given by Jesus Himself in Matthew 24; and surely you would admit that what is taught in Revelation and the Old Testament on eschatology {both OT and Revelation on eschatology are in volume 2) must be consistent with what Jesus taught and of the same sequence.  Another key to the understanding of Jesus in Matthew 24, even Daniel and Revelation, is to recognize God’s habit in all eschatology of what I like to call “scans of history”.  Often the same period, from now to the end, is covered in a scan; then repeated in another scan; then another and sometimes up to seven scans as in Daniel.  It is much like the radar we worked on in the military where the first scan caught the coast line and mountains, and each subsequent scan with time, covered the same terrain but filled in more topological details because of the closeness.  Well, you must experience it for yourself by more detailed reading.  And once again I run out of time and space, where another newsletter will be required to cover the eighth top topic of the Bible, “Listening More Important Than Sacrifice”, and you can expect another mid-month newsletter in August.


By the way, lest you think such matters are trivial, it is really what split the Southern Baptist Convention, once the largest Protestant denomination in the world.  It is what caused all the dissension as the fundamentalists destroyed so many careers and influence of seminary professors and pastors, who did not cater to them or accept their Scofield views on eschatology, thus taking control of the SBC under the leadership of Charles Standley, Adrian Rogers, and W. A. Criswell.  Unless you grew up among fundamentalists ministers, you will find it hard to believe, yet true, that such fundamentalists make pre-melliumists a criterion for faith and practice beyond any major doctrines of the Bible.  They have to!  Otherwise it becomes obvious that they have bought the Bible of a Congregationalist, bought the Notes of the Scofield Bible as Word of God.  Also that many of their sermons and doctrines of youth have been worthless!  If you are honest you will admit that fundamentalists have always and still been noted for their fighting spirit {50 years ago in SBC work we called them fuedamentalists, now not so popular since they control the politics of the SBC}, also a mean and legalistic spirit without graciousness, noted for their superficial so-called exegesis of the Bible that is more about the Bible and isogesis than Bible itself, and their dedication to the destruction of all other conservatives that disagree with them.



2007-08-01 13:06:22 GMT
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