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God Shows Wonders in the heavens above and the earth beneath.



There are so many “wonders” of nature happening lately with floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and accidents that we might naturally tend to wonder if these “acts of God” are the same wonders  in Joel and quoted by Peter in Acts that God says “I will shew in the heavens above and the earth beneath.”  (Acts 2:19 and Joel 2:28-32).  It is obvious as so often in the Old Testament that God is talking as He says “I will show”, and it is also obvious that the custom socially and in the law is to call such acts of nature as acts of God.  We can find no other cause in the cause and effect chain to subscribe to these unusual acts of weather and nature:  they are certainly out of the ordinary.


Well, as we briefly look at “wonders” in the Bible, and the Bible meaning of the word, we must quickly add that there is another source of wonders in the Bible; and that is the “lying wonders” of Satan and the man of sin that is described in II Thessalonians.  Are they the same kind of wonders, alias accidents and acts of nature in both Acts 2:19 and in II Thessalonians 2:9?  To answer this first we look in a good Analytical Concordance to see if the same Greek word is used in both verses, and what is the literal meaning of the Greek word.  Since you know the nature of  Paul’s writings, indeed of the whole Bible, to repeat the same thought in several words for effectiveness of communication, then when we first look closely at II Thessalonians 2:19, before into our Concordance, then we find three words and phrases used synonymously:  “all power, signs, and lying wonders.”


“The coming of the lawless one {you see in the context of II Thessalonians that the lawless one is the man of sin, the son of perdition, and we would have to say that our number one choice right now would have to be Bin Laden, a relative or associate since they so strongly desire to lead an army against Jerusalem which must happen at the end of the world Age in order for Christ at the Second Coming to destroy said army} is according to the working of Satan {well, here is definitely the source of these lying wonders although the Son of Perdition is the instrument so that in the Son of Perdition we also looking for murderous and ungodly acts of Satan, say in terrorism}, with all power, signs, and lying wonders.”  (II Thessalonians 2:9)


And if we look in the Concordance for “wonders”, we find:  (1) it is the same Greek word “teras” used in both verses, and (2) the literal translation is “prodigy or wonder; and while we are in the Concordance it would be informative to look quickly at the other 14 usages of “teras” in the New Testament.  First in Matthew 24:24 like in Mark 13:22 {and you will immediately recognize these as the same great discourse by Jesus on eschatology or last things} where Jesus describes how in the last days there will be “false christs and false prophets” who will “show great signs and wonders”—so that obviously with Satan and the man of sin we have false christs and false prophets showing, almost like God showing great signs and wonders, however we will notice shortly that in the final signs and wonders before the Second Coming, called that Great Day or Day of the LORD and the Lord, and as quoted in Acts 2:18-21, God’s signs and wonders far outstrip that of others as the light of the sun, moon, and stars are diminished; secondly in John 4:48 where Jesus reprimanded Israel for always seeking signs and wonders, those signs and wonders related to both the turning of water into wine and the healing of the Nobleman’s son {can you entertain the possibility that some healings today could be also from false prophets and christs who in reality are performing  “lying wonders” with the backing of Satan}; third in Acts 2:22, also part of Peter’s famous sermon on the day of Pentecost, where here Peter explains how Jesus was approved by God Himself by miracles and wonders, so that bare minimum we now have with signs and all power another synonym for wonders, the word “miracles”; fourth in Acts 2:43 where many “wonders and signs” were also done by the Apostles {never forget that Jesus told the 11 apostles that as friends of Jesus, they would do greater works than Him}; fifth in Acts 4:30 where once again signs and wonders is equated with healing from God; sixth in Acts 5:12 where again many signs and wonders by the hands of the Apostles; sixth in Acts 6:8 where a deacon and evangelist, Stephen, did great signs and wonders because he was full of faith and power; seventh in Acts 7:36 {among other things you would come to think of the book of Acts as a Book of Signs and Wonders} where in Stephen’s final address he recalls the history of how God brought Israel out of Egyptian bondage by way of “wonders and signs”, and from the record of Exodus we know those to be acts of God like locusts, turning the water into blood, sores, hail, and finally death of the firstborn throughout Egypt—you see these to be acts of nature and acts of the opposite of heal, that is the causing of illnesses and death; eighth in Acts 14:3 where Paul and his companions also like the earlier Apostles were granted by God signs and wonders in order to bear witness to the word which they spoke; ninth in Acts 15:12 where at the Great Jerusalem Conference, Paul and Barnabas told of the miracles and wonders God worked through them for the benefit of Gentiles; in Romans 15:19, of course by Paul where he talks of the mighty signs and wonders among the Gentiles which were by the power of the Spirit of God; tenth in II Corinthians 12:12 where “signs and wonders and mighty deeds” are identified as “signs of an apostle”, more of the greater works than Jesus of such Friends of Jesus; and lastly in Hebrews 2:4 where God bore witness with the work of Jesus on earth with “signs and wonders, with various miracles, and gifts of the Holy Spirit.”


Surely now we are ready for some basic Webster dictionary definitions.


First “wonder”.


  1. a cause of astonishment or admiration {you can see where such lying wonders as Satan can form through Osama Bin Laden, such as the attack of 9/11 or other acts of terrorism are surely lying wonders from Satan and of II Thessalonians; and the signs of miracles and healing of Jesus and the Apostles were wonders of admiration.

  2. Marvel—this could apply to the wonders of nature, the acts of God and the recent acts of nature in the weather where people marvel at both the number and the intensity of disastrous as if Jerry Falwell is right in that the protective hand of God has been removed from America.  {I would think that the more likely plan of God is that the fulness of the Gentiles is complete, the US as carrying the Gospel to every nation was the fullest of that fulness.}

  3. Miracle.

  4. The quality of exciting amazed admiration.

  5. rapt attention or astonishment at something awesomely mysterious or new to one’s experience.

  6. a feeling of doubt or uncertainly.


Second, the word “prodigy” that the Concordance uses synonymously with wonder.


  1. a portentous event:  OMEN.

  2. something extraordinary or inexplicable.

  3. an extraordinary, marvelous, or unusual accomplishment, deed, or event {Certainly this would apply to 9/11 as well as all the floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other recent disasters.}


In conclusion, we should offer some proof from the Bible that the signs and wonders of the last days of Acts 2:16-21 as quoted from Joel 2:28-32 start gradually during the last days and build up in intensity until the end of the last days and a “little while”, that is where Christ Comes Again at the One Day of the LORD and Lord where immediately before are the extreme wonders and signs shown by God in the heavens above and the earth beneath, alias the diminished light from the sun and moon and stars.  {If you desire to look at the continuing of these last wonders as identified with the One Day of the LORD and Lord, then do a Bible study through the Old and New Testaments on “That Day” or “One Day’ using a good concordance, or purchase the book from the LEARN CHRIST commentaries, volume 2, at .}  You can quickly see from the teachings of Jesus on eschatology from Matthew 24 and Mark 13, where Jesus starts with the “beginning of sorrows”, that is what happens in the First Century along with the destruction of the temple and Jerusalem and the scattering of the Jews, that right there with these marvels and wonders are such generally considered acts of nature as “famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places” (Matthew 24:7,8).  This is the beginning of “last days” and the beginning of the signs and wonders in the heavens above and on the earth beneath.  By the way, you saw in the context of Acts 2 and Joel 2 that among the wonders God shows in the heavens above and the earth beneath, increasing in intensity until diminished light, includes "blood and fire and vapor of smoke".  Whether God allows it in the case of Satan and the Man of Sin with acts of terrorism or God directs it in the case of acts of nature, it is under the control and plan of God.

2007-08-26 17:52:36 GMT
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