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Lest We forget Satan's Warriors

Satan’s Warriors


While CNN  recent efforts at “God’s Jewish Warriors”, “God’s Muslim Warriors”, and “God’s Christian Warriors” are to be commended on their historical insights afforded us on Israel, the Muslim world, and the fundamentalist Christians, they like Bush in his efforts to identify “evil” are not theologians, or more importantly did not exhibit any Bible knowledge or belief in the Christ of the Bible.  They also failed to mention the largest group of warriors today, that of Satan’s warriors; and it seems that the common usage of God with warriors is either blasphemy or the taking of God’s name in vain.  However we should expect that from the world at large called generally the secular world or in the Bible just “world”, where the contrast is made between children of the world and children of God. 


There is no way that you can equate any kind of physical warrior {this excludes the purely spiritual warfare of “we war not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places”} with the Christ of the Bible, the Christ of God the Father, with war or warfare as Jesus reinforced the teachings that “you shall not kill” and to “love your enemies as yourself” and “to turn the other cheek”.  And since Jesus came to earth almost 2000 years ago to make the real God of the Bible and of the Universe, by the way the only living God, know to humanity, then with God like with Christ you can not equate war and warfare with the Trinity.


If we get down to the nitty-gritty and the gist of the matter from the perspective of Christians and the Bible, praying that the Bible is the only criterion for our knowledge and faith on God and Christ, then the question comes would Jesus say today what He did to Jewish leaders of His own day, which we could also apply to four of the members of the Larry King Panel, one a Jewish rabbi, one a Muslim cleric, one a liberal without any Bible convictions except separation of church and State, and one a Southern Baptist fundamentalist as any President of a SB Seminary must be to remain in position while the fundamentalists are in control of the Convention.  So Jesus said to the Jewish leaders of His day after they said they were not in bondage to any man or Satan, “we have Abraham as our Father”—and by the way all four of  these panel members would claim Abraham as their Father, and to be children of Abraham; but Jesus shocked them, and still shock many today in the reading of the Gospels, especially the Gospel of John which even the Jesus Seminary denies as Word of God, as Jesus said, “You are of your father the devil”.  I think we would have to say that all warriors are influenced by Satan who does believe in and practice murder and lack of love, it is just the extent of that influence from Satan that must be identified from the Bible.  Even as Judas Iscariot went through two states of influence from Satan, the first when Satan put it in the heart of Judas to betray Jesus and the second when Satan entered into Judas to complete the betrayal after the Last Supper, then we would have to say that these so-called warriors of Satan can be influenced also to several degrees by Satan; and further if we are honest and realistic on the Bible, we would have to admit that all children of the world, that is all that are specifically not children of God through faith in Christ, are to a certain extent the children or warriors of Satan.  Of course the extreme version of Satan influence is called in the Bible “demon possession”; and we would not accuse all such warriors of this world of being in this extreme category, although certainly we can see from the pages of the Bible a classification of Satan influence that would be more domination than of possession.


Even as our illustrious and fundamentalists President would not surely identify the same evil in an American Christian who is a victim of the Falling Away, where they are brethren of Hebrews where they have developed “an evil heart of unbelief in departing from the living God”, as the evil of terrorism, so we would not equate an evil heart of unbelief in America and American churches, or even American Muslims of good citizenship, with Satan possession.  However, we must insist from the Bible that in God’s sight as clearly written in the Bible is the fact that unbelief is as evil, in fact more so as unbelief is the only sin that will send one to hell, an evil greater than murder or respect of persons.  Definitely God’s definition of evil would be much larger and more inclusive of world’s citizens than that of George Bush, and indeed even much larger than the tolerant viewpoints of the total six on the panel of King.  {Sorry, but we did not write the Bible, nor do we try to instruct the God of the Universe who did write the Bible.}


I must remind you of things mentioned often on, SunGrist_Bible, and the books from SunGrist_Bible that are advertised on such as FRIENDS OF JESUS IN THIS AGE OF BIBLE AND COMPUTER, that there are three great differences between the American Democratic Faith and the Faith of Jesus and the Bible:  (1) the American Democratic faith has a concept of tolerance that allows for example the Presbyterians to vote whether Jesus should be claimed as the only way of salvation, a kind of toleration that actually is intolerant on sound doctrine—that is consistent with the scripture about the present Falling Away where “the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine” {see II Timothy 4:4,5 and such books of SunGrist_Bible as CHRIST, PAUL, AND THE FALLING AWAY, or SNATHING, STUMBLING, AND THE FALLING AWAY, or WHAT THE CHURCHES DON’T WANT YOU TO HEAR!}; (2) in the American Democratic Faith, the majority is right but in the faith of Jesus and the Bible, the minority is right and going the way that leads to eternal life; and (3) while the American Democratic Faith forbids discrimination based on “race, religion, or creed”—and we do obey that—the faith of Jesus and the Bible forbids discrimination based on status, money, and clothing {they do not honor that!}.  And even as the book of James puts respectors of persons on the same level as murder and the violation of any other ten commandment, so we would have to based on intellectual honesty with the Bible place all warriors and children of the world in the on the side of Satan category.  Perhaps to a certain extent they are even Satan’s Warriors, some good, some bad, and some dedicated beyond credulity.

2007-08-26 19:42:26 GMT
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