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"We Are Safe, We Are Safe"

Jeremiah’s Famous Temple Message



We are indebted to journalists like Brian Williams and NBC when so many cover-ups are uncovered for the first time; however when they themselves become a cover-up on the spiritual condition of America, for popularity or out of a superficial knowledge of churches and faith in America—after all they are not a Henry Steele Commager on the American Mind or a Vernon Louis Parrington on the Main Currents of American Thought, and no doubt the writers for Brian have not read or studied the books, nor perhaps are more deeply involved than a casual trip to a church on some occasions.  No, we would have to believe that as Brian and the writers optimistically with rose colored classes described the spiritual state of the union in terms of a nation of “faith” and of many churches, mosques, and temples, a nation where 90% of the citizens believe in God, they like most American Christians today were soft, superficial, sentimental, and subverted.


I am sure the secular news throughout the nation of Israel during the period of the Divided kingdoms of Judah and Israel read this optimistically as the government and priests and princes lauded the toleration for polytheism; but a few prophets in Judah and Israel that actually spoke for the One God of the Universe accused them of fornication in the going after foreign gods, and spoke of their inevitable captivity in Assyrian and Babylon as punishment for their sins as a means to make them better.


What Brian and the writers, setting up in that high tower of comfort and security overlooking New York city, enjoying status, popularity, and high salaries, were talking about is what American Studies scholars have referred to as the American Democratic Faith.  It is a patriotic set of doctrinal beliefs centered around toleration and the majority and a concept of God which exists only in their collective heads which J.B. Phillips referred to years ago as YOUR GOD IS TOO SMALL.  Too small for salvation, too small to help a nation anymore, and too small to promote an effective Christianity.  Where the Bible and the American Democratic Faith part company is on the majority where the Bible states that “broad is the way that leads to destruction and many go that way” while few go the way of life and life eternal; and on the subject of toleration where the toleration of the American Democratic Faith, recently allowing the Presbyterians to vote on where Christ should any longer be claimed as the only way of salvation, has actually become the intolerance toward sound doctrine of II Timothy 4:4,5 as “the time {has already} come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but out of their own desires will they heap up to themselves teachers with itching ears, turn away from the truth and turn into fables.”  Indeed, if you can label this false prophet and false teacher present heaping up (the process is twofold—sound Bible teachers are being heaped out and itching ears teachers and preachers are being heaped in, often in the name of fundamentalism} of  Bible teachers and preachers, with the extensive growth of itching ear citizens, and churches across the land where personal desires have replaced sound Bible doctrine, and where the God of Creation and the God of the Bible has been replaced with some concept of a Santa Claus, then that kind of spirituality is indeed rampant across this nation.


There is no such toleration among the Muslims that are of course counted in this 90% of citizens who believe in God.  They pray all the time, “There is one god, and his is Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet”; when in fact according to the Bible which claims to be the Word of God and word from God, the only God of Creation and of the Bible, the only real God of the universe in the light of which all others are idols or promote the worship of Satan is the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ.


If you desire to see the real spiritual condition of the United States and the churches in the US, read and study again the famous temple message of Jeremiah where with a message from the only real God of the universe, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, this major and unpopular  Prophet of the Bible called churches today like the temple in Jerusalem a “den of thieves.”  WE have chosen to misunderstand it, although the meaning is obvious.  It is not that thieves of our 401Ks and incomes and medical benefits are in churches, although they are, it is that the majority of members have become like worshippers in the temple in Jerusalem in that they live like they want, independent of the requirements from the God of the Universe, during the week then come Sunday or the Sabbath to superficial worship of a God they do not even know, and say as they look at the beautiful temple around them that “We are Safe, We are Safe.”  And it is all a lie.  They were not safe as they went into Babylonian captivity.  And we are not safe as shown by 9/11 and in light of the fact that the United States is also part of the old earth and the old heavens that will be destroyed just before the Second Coming of Christ.  We are about as safe in the long run as a spider under the rug in the living room.

2007-10-04 17:12:01 GMT
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