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Mormons and Other Fundamentalists of the Establishment

You are Witnessing the Peaking


I hope you earnest and real believers {even some real southern Baptists that have survived the fundamentalists takeover of the SBC} realize the phenomenon that you witnessed last week on the part of evangelicals, which is what the fundamentalists now like to call themselves for PR reasons:  (1) you saw the fundamentalist Pat Robertson, formerly with such strong convictions and evangelistic efforts on Pro-life and anti-gay flip-flop hypocritically to support Giuliani who is not pro-life and not anti-gay, and what is under discussion right now is not the pros and cons of these two issues but rather how sound doctrines of fundamentist can change as it is politically feasible {and you can always beat on fundamentalists in spirit and action joining a fight, Pat’s offered reason was that the prime battle now is against terrorism in Iraqi}; and (2) you saw the President of the South Carolina SBC join with the fundamentalist President of Bob Jones University in support of Romney; and (3) the evangelicals as the fundamentalists now like to call themselves as they have expanded their organization to include the new life movement of churches like where Ted Haggard was, and as by the way President of the National  Evangelical Association {hope that rings a bell}, and also to include Roman Catholics—this was a move initiated by Haggard while he was still President of the National Evangelical Association.


It make you wonder if the fundamentalists, who by the way under the leadership of Stanley, Rogers, and Criswell and with Falwell in the background took over approximately 25 years ago the SBC, destroying the careers and reputations of many good pastors and seminary professors, supposedly in the name of sound doctrine {you see this is the implied meaning of fundamentalism, that they are more fundamental and sound in doctrine than other southern Baptists, especially those they labeled and destroyed as moderates}.  However, I hope that you are beginning to see more than any sound doctrine are the fundamentalists, even like fundamentalists in Muslim movements like for example many years ago in Algeria, where they are far more concerned with their position and standing in the community of believers—state, convention, or national politics—than they are with real convictions of sound doctrine.


My, my how far these Evangelicals have fallen away from sound doctrine, even into the fables of Mormonism, when they can say that their own VALUES are the same as that of the Mormons who:  (1) have replaced the Bible of Christians with four other Bibles and the belief  that any time their Presidents, Prophets, and Apostles speak there are speaking revelation on the same level as our Bible—don’t ever forget that our values on based on the One Bible which is Word of God, on Christ, and on the unique values of life that come from new birth with THE GOSPEL; and (2) have advocated, promoted, and written in one of their Bibles, THE DOCTRINE AND COVENANTS, that the Gospel of our Bible has been modified to be a “reformed gospel” where works are re-established as necessary for salvation which in turn makes it impossible for them to every experience the value of the real Gospel and salvation since the Gospel of the Bible of Christians demands “salvation by grace only without one single work of any kind”.  You see all these Bible facts have been so quickly thrown over by these “Evangelicals” in favor of their continued community status which is really what has been important to them all along.  And while they are evangelically preaching and teaching the supremacy of the Scofield NOTES and for pre-millennium as the way of salvation to order to maintain there status of fundamentalism and control of the SBC, they show the consistency and foolishness of their true colors as those “who will not longer endure sound doctrine” (II Timothy 4:4,5); and who have already gone through the process of about the last 40 years of the Falling Away where they in Seminaries and pulpits and denominational leadership have heaped up teachers with itching ears, have done so by to meet the personal desires of their members and leadership, have so quickly when feasible turned away from the truth, and now with the Mormons are supporting values that are fables.


While we are so concerned with the American Democratic Faith, as we should be but not to the detriment of the faith of the Bible and Christian faith where discrimination is forbidden based on clothing, status, and money {I will guarantee you that at Arlington National Seminary many of the homeless veterans—we now know that one-fourth of the homeless are veteran}; but has been replaced by the second place but important forbidding of discrimination based on race, religion, and creed.  And you see that these reversals of priorities are also part of the fundamental working tenets of these fundamentalistic evangelicals.


As I tell my Mormon friends, and some of my best friends are Mormons, as I have always told them, and now we must tell our fundamentalist friends of the SBC the same, they are under two curses of the Bible:  (1) First they are under the curse of the last pages of the last book of the Bible, Revelation, that a curse rests on the head of any that add to or take away from the Bible; and (2) they are under the curse delivered by God the Holy Spirit through the Apostle Paul when he wrote that if any other preach another gospel other than the one originally delivered with the “faith once for all delivered to the saints”, like the reformed Gospel of the Mormons and now of the fundamentalist, then let them be “accursed”.  And that is all that I have to say about that!


Well almost!  I did not mention the “peaking” in the title.  As the Falling Away of approximately the last 40 years is fully developed the “purposes” of the local churches, denominations, and the lives of individual Christians, then as simultaneously Satan is loosed as the Holy Spirit is withdrawn, there will be in the world news a peaking of signs that this has happened unseen to the human eye such as:  (1) last year after a decline since 1970 cop killing went on the increase with other signs of crime and terrorism as indications that the rising tide of the mystery of lawlessness is peaking that Paul speaks of in II Thessalonians that was already at work in his time; (2) Satan called and appointed and back itching ears Bible teachers as part of the heaping up process are coming out of the wood work like termites as “everyone has a word, a song, and a message”; and (3) now as never before are you seeing the fables of unsound doctrine peak!

2007-11-12 13:40:57 GMT
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