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Spitzer, Morality, and Sin

At no other time in American news and history do we see the superficialities, ignorance, and distortions of morality and the Bible, than times like these which has been called by CNN “the fall from grace” of Governor Eliot Spitzer.  Right here, we see a less than adequate usage of the Bible and the most famous doctrinal distinction of Methodist.  First of all to consider that Spitzer could have fallen from grace he must have been under the grace of God as defined as a Christian.  Then the discussion gets far more difficult and deeper into the theology of the Bible. {If you want to do some depth of analysis why not go all the way to the Source, in the book of the wisdom of the Ages which just happens also to be the word and Word of God for all the humanity which He has created.  He did not leave us without proper instructions for sin and morality—it took thousands of years and approximately 40 authors on the human side of Apostles and Prophets to write—just put as much effort into it as you put into reading novels and philosophy!

1.        First of all, it still applies like the founder of finisher of Christianity taught, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, that “he {or she} without sin should cast the first stone.” (John 8:7)  We can be superficial here also, recalling that even Satan has the habit of quoting scripture out of context and to use it for personal gain.  There is a great difference from the popular concept of the American Conscience on “throwing stones when you live in a glass house”, and what the Moral and religious leaders were doing in trying to kill the adulterous woman.

a.        Today like with the Moral Majority as with the Pharisees and Sadducees, scribes, priests, and Jewish leaders—which by the way Jesus condemned vehemently as full of dead men’s bones and “of their father the devil”—there was a legalistic and appearance-only concept of the law of the Ten Commandments.  Adultery is a good example.  Many today are violating this law of God in the sight of God without actually hiring prostitutes of the Emperor’s Club.  Jesus taught a much deeper meaning of the 10 commandments which was really there all along and written in the Old Testament the same time as the actual commandments of Exodus and Deuteronomy.  For example the statement by Jesus that the commandments are summarized in “love for God and for fellow man”  (Matthew 22:37-39) was a direct quote from the same Old Testament books. (Deuteronomy  6:5 and Leviticus 19:18)

b.      The sin that is as bad as murder is discrimination based on clothing, status, and position; and if you want to get into the nitty gritty of sin committed by Spitzer and most other politicians, men of position, and just plain what the Bible would call men and women of the world {not presently in the category of children of God because of a righteousness by faith}, then they like all in the world are as guilty according to Pastor James and the Word of God as if they had committed the act of adultery or murder.

2.        If all these know-it-alls on sin, morality, and the law of God really want to help on the sin problem in the nation, let them get some real personal knowledge of the Bible, and then consider:

a.        A strong motivation in the favor of such bad behavior is the American concept and teaching of the school system and as a foundation of the American Conscience that man has evolved from monkeys.  If you drill the American mentality enough on the alleged fact that man came from animals, it is so easy for such people to fall into animal behavior.

b.      Really please get into the little Epistle of I John where you will find:  (1) all sin, it is part of humanity on both sides of the new birth, and further any one who says he does not sin or consequently who in throwing stones generally portrays an unrealistic attitude that they are without sin does not have the truth of God in him (I John 1:8)  and (2) as Pastor John, the longest and last living Apostle of Jesus and author of this part of the Word of God, stated a habit of committing the same sin over and over is a different matter.  Frankly what John writes is that “He who continually commits sin has not been born of God”. (I John 3:6) And it truly seems that Spitzer had committed this sin of adultery over and over during a 6 year period, also we can hardly put a singular act of sex and adultery with anther woman like former President Clinton did in the same category.  Yes we can spout our own ignorance of the laws of God, or we can face the clear teaching of the Bible in I John that there is sin which all humans commit and then there the other kind of habitual sin which indicates no new birth.


2008-03-12 19:18:50 GMT
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