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Friends of God, a Recent HBO documentary?

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FRIENDS OF GOD?  A Recent HBO Documentary


You can tell by the recent HBO about Evangelicals, “Friends of God”, that Americans do not catch on to the Falling Away.  While the interviewer and others responsible for the HBO documentary are given kudos for some clarity on Evangelicals, especially on Ted Haggard, Joel Osteen, the charismatic and new life church movement, those responsible people, I am sure, fail to realize that all these things they found questionable in the Evangelical movement {really fundamentalism} are just more symptoms of the great and final event of the Bible called the Falling Away; and furthermore that she, as well as others who can not see the difference between Fundamentalism and Conservative on “the faith once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3), in spite of Henry Steel  Commager’s conclusions years ago about the paranoid nature of this movement started  by a group of California Millionaires—more social and political than Bible, and which we see continued with the religious group of which President Bush was introduced to Faith.

     First, to demonstrate some of her superficiality on the Bible and Bible understanding, you must look at the misuse of  “Friends of God”, “Friend of God” having been reserved for only one who lived and walked with God in the Bible, Abram whose name was changed from Abram to Abraham because God Himself recognized him as a Friend and considered him a friend.  Even more so are those today who would rush into a supposed friendship with Jesus relationship, never knowing the full implications of Bible teachings on such in John 13-17, of the full requirements of such depth of Christian discipleship that primarily only the 12 Apostles were able to meet {Paul is added to the 12 since Judas fell by transgression}; and having never read FRIENDS OF JESUS IN THIS AGE OF BIBLE AND COMPUTER, an eBook publication from SunGrist_Bible.  {See .}   This book tends to illustrate what is really wrong with all churches, not only evangelicals {although, of course, they lead the others leaders in the Falling Away}, as also what is wrong with the American Christian movement in that Christianity and Christian faith has become superficial, soft, sentimental, and subverted by Satan and the world, also unbelievers.

As you read II Timothy 4:3,4 obviously about the Falling Away as when but during the time of the Falling Away would God’s people in the churches and otherwise be accused “the time will come when they will no longer endure sound doctrine”, then you must decide when the Falling Away happened, is happening, or must happen in the future; and surely after you thoroughly read II Thessalonians which has no lack of clarity on the time sequence of the Falling Away with a visual on the Man of Sin, the son of perdition, and the withdrawal of the Holy Spirit from earth with the subsequent release of Satan to do his worst, then you will see the Falling Away as a period of time of approximately 40 years {that is, if you throw in the Bible understanding of the book of Hebrews about the Falling Away} just before the Second Coming of Christ.  Surely if you look for the Second Coming to be shortly, you must look even more shortly for the Falling Away.

And an intolerance toward sound doctrine among church members is not the only sure sign of the present existence of the Falling Away, especially among new churches and new movements like the charismatic’s and the fundamentalists that took over control of the Southern Baptist Convention approximately 30 years ago; for other signs according to II Timothy 4:3,4 {also the news and current church and religious history in America}, is the POPULARITY of Itching Ears Bible Teachers, these many new Bible teachers and preachers on TV and elsewhere with new words, phrases, and even new Bible revelations {they think}.  You can safely say today based on the entire Bible on the Falling Away and the evidence of the Falling Away today in America, that any BIBLE PREACHER OR TEACHER THAT IS POPULAR IS HIGHLY SUSPECT.  While Christianity and Christian Faith has never been a majority movement {“many are called and few are chosen” and “many there are that go the way of destruction while “few there are that go the narrow way to life”}, it is even less so during this time of the Falling Away.  It is during this time of the Falling Away, as Paul warned the Ephesian elders would happen in the very church where he taught and won disciples, that Bible preachers and teachers would scatter the flock and take advantage of them, working not so much to further the kingdom of Christ and the righteousness of God but rather to promote their own personal gain, position, and profit.  {SunGrist_Bible seeks primarily to promote Bible understanding and SunGrist_Bible and the books only to the extent it enhances the primary purpose of Bible understanding.  SunGrist is “Everything Bible, and Free or Almost Free”.  Order by email any eBook or hard copy by email, read from it and then if it is Bible conservative or a spiritual blessing, then pay for the few that have a price.}

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