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Fay Favors Florida



Nothing personal Florida, but you are dong something wrong; and according to the bluntless of the Bible, which of course finds God's people of America and thousands of churches in self-denial just like about the Falling Away which is now the most determinative force in our history, it is that you are ignoring righteousness and prayer.  {Please read the "Righteousness of God and Man", Top Topic of the Bible #2 on for this free online Bible course now underway.}  As one fine Christian recently said, and active student of the Bible, “Never in my lifetime have I seen weather like this”, and she is 73 years old!  Is that 73 not enough for the approximately 40-80 year period of the Falling Away, depending on whether you include the only the 40 years of the first generation in the wil­derness as explained in Hebrews, or the 40 of the second generation, or eventhe much worse behavior of covenant breaking on the part of God’s people in the time of Jeremiah, do the extent that God told Jeremiah not to even pray for them anymore, God Himself calling them a “Den of Thieves” instead of a House of Prayer, and then as translated in the NIV a “Hideout for Bad Habits”.  Calamities Are Chastisement from God; that is, if they are the people of God.  All others are under just the automatic law, like gravity and photosynthesis, that “He makes the rain to shine on the good and the bad.”  What is so different about this time of the Falling Away, is that what with the rising tide of the mystery of sin and lawlessness, the good of the wheat are hardly separated from the bad of the tares. While we know clearly from the New Testament, especially Hebrews 12, that God chastises His own children, not bastard children, and we know of the long history of God’s chosen people of the Hebrews how the chastisement was on a large social and political scale of calamities of nature, invasion, and cap­tivity; but some how we still today, out of personal choice and because we are enamored with the Gospel of Prosperity where nothing bad happens to God’s peo­ple of enough faith, did not get the total message of the Bible that these “acts of God” of nature and destruction are under the control of God.  Just a little careful listening to the details of many national and international calamities of recent years, and goodness knows I hope you see the increase, like in the Typhoon of Malaysia, like the tornado where the baby was thrown free and at a distance from the home, and even Fay in Florida where so much property has been destroyed by wind and water but few lose of lives, you would note all the miracles of God in the protection and preservation of certain He has selected, quite often the guardian angels working overtime.

Fay Favors Florida.

What if we would put the clear teachings of the Bible bluntly on chastisement and calamity, and at the same time apply them to Florida.  About the most blunt we could be would be to say, “The citizens of Florida are not doing what they are suppose to do in righteousness and prayer, and that it is primarily the responsibility of the churches in the sight of God--the abode of God’s own peo­ple--that these continued and increased calamities are coming on the State.  Just typical of the Old Testament, and the covenant that God made with His people, is the dedication of the Temple by Solomon, and the prayer of Solomon during that dedication which clearly acknowledges that the land and the people will be blessed by God as there is righteousness and prayer, but cursed by God with certain calamities when there is no longer the obedience of righteousness and prayer.  Even as righteousness and prayer go together--remember the Scripture that the “effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much”--so a lack of righteousness and effectual prayer means that a people or State no longer avails with the God of nature control.  Goodness, as we all know, and can tell by listening to the thousands of church services any Sunday and sometimes Wednesday across the land, and in particular in the Bible belt of Florida, that there is no end to prayer, formal, mostly shortly; but since the proof is in the pudding and those calamities keeping hitting the States, there in the sight of God there is still a major problem with the effectivity of the prayer, or the righteousness, or both!

When the place of worship and attendance as in Jeremiah, with Jesus as He cleansed the Temple, and as in the Gospel of John quotes from Jeremiah, becomes a “Den of Thieves”, it has already vanished as a House of Prayer.  But, you will recall that God told Solomon that is exactly what would happen without the obedience of righteousness and prayer when Solomon with prayer dedi­cated the first Temple as a House of Prayer.  Also how often did Moses talk about this same subject of righteousness and obedience and prayer, with either blessings or a curse, with God’s own people.  {If you desire to read more on the Den of Thieves book, “dedicated to the FBC of Alamogordo, NM and any other large church where the organization takes precedence over the people”, then you will find a page on that book on this website and on}  That most churches in Flor­ida and the US are in the same trouble of God’s people of the OT times and those of Jesus’ day is not only made obvious by the calamities that God is bring­ing on Florida and the United States, by the way quite often on churches build­ings themselves, but also by the recognition of most that churches, like the country, are in the perilous times of II Timothy 3:1-9.  Indeed as written in the recent ebook from SunGrist_Bible, most churches have become a HIDEOUT FOR BAD HABITS.  {If you care to learn more about this ebook. please go to\Hideout_for_Bad_Habits\ or the Publication Page of}  Honestly, the prevalence of bad habits in your church are surely know to you, and the extensive cover-up attempts to hide those bad habits which now are worse in churches than in government, the mili­tary, or big business; and if you practice intellectual honesty, you will admit that the taking of God’s name in vain is common among God’s own people in the churches, quite often by the very people who lead in worship of God.  {Please see “Respect for God” in the REPORTS FOR BELIEVING ebook of SunGrist Bible.\Reports_for_Believing\ .}

What we really can not tell yet is whether all this bad weather, and bad signs and predictions of continued bad weather for two more years, is (1) a pertubation in the norm, or (2) a trend of chastisement by calamities that will continue unabated until there is righteousness and prayer from God’s own people in the US; or (3) the shaking of the earth, as in the words of the Apostle Paul where the “whole creation groaneth” has gone so far in God’s plan that there will be no turning back from the total destruction of the earth that must happen before the Second Coming of Christ.  In either case, there is that need on the part of the churches for more righteousness, obedience, and effectual fervent prayer.  It is up to the churches for the unrighteous and none prayerful can not do any­thing but be innocent bystanders; that is, unless they care to turn to the righ­teousness of God and prayer, and even respect for God, without which there is nothing.

Well, is Florida worse than any other State.  We thought after Katrina that New Orleans in the sight of God might be the most unrighteous city in America; but then there are the fires in California, the drought in New Mexico, Georgia, and Texas, the floods in the midwest, and on and on with so many calimities of nature and even invasion at 9/11 that if possible, we would have become accustomed to them.  I am sure the Federal Budget, already pushed to the limit and beyond, has not become accustomed to such intensity of calamities.  I think Atlanta prayed for a day or a week, and they received a little relief; however this within itself is another testimony that “In God we trust” is only on what we render to Cae­sar, not to God, and that we have so very...very....very far to go on righteous­ness and effectual and fervent prayer.  Do you and your church volunteer?

2008-08-24 15:10:10 GMT
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