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Lessons Learned from Ike {Messages from Above}
Well Ike hit and what did we learn since it is common to say "lessons learned from..."


-1.  That acts of God or calamities as a series of a curse from God, the opposite of a blessing, show a lot more grace of God with only approximately 3 deaths from Ike as compared to 18 dead and 48 injured in the man made accident in the California train collision, and 88 in the Russian plane crash.

2.  But for the grace of God in a last moment movement to the east of Ike before landfall, the surge would have killed many as predicted in the lowlands.  {Recall the predicting by Judge Emmet and others of "sudden death".}

3.  Lakewood Leaks Faith.  The Gospel of Prosperity for which Osteen and Lakewood Church are famous leaked; and since the famous teaching of this church is the False Gospel of Prosperity which says that if you have enough faith you will continually prosper, got flooded and leaky since surely the calamity of a hurricane like Ike is the opposite of prosperity.  In fact, since by the grace of God, the only real causalities was property--for which God has little regard in the first place except to the extent of what is necessary for sustenance of life, this should remind Osteen, Lakewood and the 61% of Americans who have taken a curse on themselves by adopting this false Gospel of Prosperity, which according to Galatians, is not a Gospel of the same kind but a Gospel of a different kind.


2008-09-14 12:05:49 GMT
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