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Fear and Faith: Who Said What to Whom?

19-4:  Extremes of Fear and Faith.

At one extreme of the fear and faith correlation is (1) A False Sense of Security which we saw as 3 men tried to ride out Hurricane Ike in Galveston on the third floor of a pier, also in the false confidence and trust of American people in the big businesses like Lehman, Morgan Stanley, AIG, and so on and on, even in the misplaced and abused trust in the Federal government and FEMA by the people of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, like wise a false sense of security in the message of the Gospel of Prosperity of Lakewood which the people of Hous­ton have recently come to see as leaky; and then the other extreme (2) where lives are depressed by an extreme phobia of fear from all the uncertainties of life and living, even more so of eternity.  There is a balance between these two extremes as recommended by the Bible which we will pursue briefly in this sec­tion.

1.  A False Sense of Security.

The Friday night and Saturday morning September 12 and 13 that Hurricane Ike rolled ashore at Galveston, 3 men decided to weather the storm in a three story structure built on a pier.  As the surge with winds and waves came ashore, at first they watched on TV from the first floor store and later retired to the third story apartment above it.  They were shocked and even afraid of the large movements of the structure, three feet to the side and three feet back and forth and sometimes with the wave walls three feet up and down.  When the power went out in the third floor apartment, they went down to reset the circuit breakers; but found that the first floor was gone, swept away in the Gulf.  During that night they attempted to call 911 for rescue, how­ever according to the plan for Galveston and Houston, search and rescue did not start until far after daylight.  The rescue chopper did one by one pluck them out of the crumbling pier structure in a basket, and deposit them on a safe location ashore.  When asked why they did it, the response was that they had done it before and it worked.  Of course, I am sure, the beer drinking helped their false sense of security during the night until they discovered the disappearance of the store and first story below them.

So it is in thousands of large and small churches, many beautiful of the most modern architecture and some showing signs of rapid growth as they were over the years thrown together, where millions of Americans have found solace and security amid any storms of life.  Whether it is the solidity of the structure, or the size of the crowd, or even the comforting nature of the messages and fellowship, they have sought and found security in these church buildings.  Like the three men on the third story of the Galveston pier, from their limited without tragedy and calamity experience, they have found security.  Like God’s people of Jeremiah, they look around each Sabbath day to see and find secu­rity in their surroundings as the world crumbles about them and underneath them.  What do you see as the drive past these thousands of churches each Sunday, noting the large parking lots of cars and the well dressed men, women, and children except like when you continue to go to ball games every Saturday or watch on TV, but that this is going to last forever.  “We are safe, comfort­able, and security”, you think.

Goodness with this series of calamities, with the overwhelming possibility of a Curse from God like from God on God’s People in the Bible, how many more exam­ples of a False Sense of Security do we need:  (1) these people on the pier at Galveston during Ike, and in the wiped out Island on Bolivar and the rest of the Gulf coast and Houston; (2) the misplaced confidence in big business which for years has been engendered by their ads, like for AIG and others; and (3) the failures of the government recently to do their job to protect the American peo­ple just like the failures we saw after Hurricane Katrina, even the failure of pro­tection of the twin towers; and (4) the failure of the basic faith tenets of the Gospel of Prosperity believed by 61% of the American people, the subject of best selling religious books and that attracts thousands to Lakewood and other churches.

2.  “We Are Safe.”  {A False Faith}

What do you think God’s people of Jeremiah were really saying in the Temple of God when they shouted:

“We are Safe.

We are Safe.”

But that they found security and comfort in the House of God.

What do you think they were saying when during services they shouted:

“The temple of God,

The temple of God are these.”

But that the fact that this House of God was the Temple of God assured them security and comfort.

And so it is with God’s people in the churches of America today, they feel secure and comfortable in a House of God, but for many reasons made clear in Jeremiah and by Jesus, as well as the Bible on the Falling Away, this is a sense of false security.

God’s people in the many churches of America today are saying:  (1) We are saved because we are a member of our church, or a member of THE church, or even because of the size of our church, and that many members could not be wrong; (2) we have security because we are in a House of God, a House of God that is in the United States blessed by God {and at one time that was true with THE BLESSING of God, not a Curse of God, was upon this country}; and (3) since this is a House of God, we all name the name of Christ and of God, our prayers are being heeded and have power with both God and man.  {Please do not forget than when the House of God of Jeremiah, the Temple of God, became a “Den of Thieves” and “A Hideout for Bad Habits”, God ceased to listen, much less answer, their prayers, and went so far as to tell the Prophet Jeremiah not to pray for that House, those people, the people of God.  All we need to know to see if our houses of God in America are in the same position is to determine if the same conditions of a lack of loyalty, lack of righteousness, and lack of love of God before idols and other gods, are being met.  Surely by now, and from the Bible studies of this book with a comparison with the conditions of our churches today in America, you know how comparable or similar our houses of God are to that of Jeremiah and of the Temple during the time of Jesus!

2.  How Much Fear can Faith Eliminate?

If we had that “perfect love” that John writes about, we would also have a per­fect lack of fear; most of us will never find that high degree of love that Jesus and John had for each other, even notable among the 12 Apostles; and we will light on a love and fear somewhere between the two extremes, hopefully if we are always in the process of believing that is also a process of improving with an increase in love and a decrease in fear.  It is true according to the Bible, if you can generate enough perfect love for God and Christ, then you can elimi­nate all fear!  Likely this extreme will not happen for you, but you can certainly work on improving it by:  (2) feeding other sheep of God and Christ as Jesus encouraged Peter when He also asked three times, “do you love men”; and (b) by eliminating all other gods in your life, perhaps also imperfectly, that nudge out primary loyalty to God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.


For more on this subject of “Fear and Faith” read the complete chapter by the same subject from the .  This is the bottom line chapter, and last chapter, of REPORTS TO BELIEVE AND FOR BELIEVING. 

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