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World Money Markets and the Second Coming

7-2: Second Coming of Christ.

With the obvious additional and most fearful calamity of the collapse of the U.S. economy {or at least depression} adding fuel to the fire that both the Blessing from God has been removed from America and a Curse has been placed on the land and the people because of (1) a lack of righteousness on the part of God’s people in the churches, and (2) a lack of fervent and effectual prayer based on righteousness, and also with all these signs in the heavens above and the earth beneath, "fire, and blood, and vapor of smoke" (Acts 2:19,20) which are given to God’s people as signs of the end and a preface to the Second Coming of Christ, you just know that God through the Bible, like He does on everything else, must have something to tell us on this U.S. and world wide financial crisis. After all, we know that what motivates most people of the world is money, with the status, comfort, and security that goes with it. While we as citizens of the world are far from the long standing teaching of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount to "seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness" with a secondary priority of "these things shall be added unto you", what we know to be true is that for the average American and world citizen it is, "seek first all these things which money can buy, and the kingdom of God and His righteousness is of secondary importance."

Also although you have to admit that while hurricanes in the last few years in America have attracted attention, and thought, also the floods and long stream of calamities that started with 9/11 {throughout the world as well as in America}, no other calamity has attracted the attention and even fear that has been engendered by failures in the very foundation of the U. S. economy. Today’s email news by Eddie Evans entitled "Bank rescues spread as Bush gives assurance", not only told of the "rescue plan" rejected by the House of Representatives with more problems in the stock market, but primarily the world reaction to this financial crisis in our economy: (1) the European Commission demanded that the U.S. live up to its responsibility for starting this financial crisis that is now affecting the whole world, spreading fears and Bank collapses from Wall Street and WaMu in Seattle and in any home where retirements are based on the stock market and money certificates and home mortgages {a relative this week lost over $100,000 of what I know had to be a large part of his anticipated retirement}; (2) caused Bush to react with assurance that the legislative process would go on, making this statement to prevent further panic in the stock market, of course as thousands withdrew their support of large corporations in stock when they could because they were not in company 401Ks, and before the stock market opened another today, however today we hear it is greatly down again; (3) Ireland reacted to the financial crisis with provision of an across the board guarantee to all its banks for all its savings; (4) Russia briefly clamped its stock markets shut after the beginning of trading; (5) shares in the British bank HBOS plc fell based on fears about Lloyds TSB {what is really fueling this financial crisis is a lack of trust in big business and big government, long standing with the government as evidenced by the confidence level of Americans in the President and in Congress, more recently in big business as Americans recall what happened to Enron and WorldCom, more the employees and stock holders as the fatcats got rich and the rest of the American people, 10% of the fatcats of this country spend 50% of the money and long ago Pastor James warned that "do not the rich oppress you"--it is just that with their ads for trust and with their propaganda that you too can be wealthy, even providing in many ways instant wealth for a very, very few with gambling, so that you would overlook this "greed" that is now overwhelming most people of American and scaring the world}; and (6) France, Belgium, and Luxembourg provided a rescue for bank Dexia with a promise to provide by the end of the week protection for savers.

2. Babylon is Rome and any large and wealthy city today. However, enough of the problem! What we really want to know is what message the Bible has for us on this world-wide financial crisis and how it relates to the Second Coming of Christ. Although it is getting somewhat ahead of the Bible search question on the Second Coming of Christ and the world-wide signs that indicate its eminence, we need to look at in Revelation more than in the signs of the times of Acts and Matthew 24 from Jesus, how relevant the Bible is on this world-wide crisis like on all the other recent calamities, and we will start that with a very relevant quote from Revelation 18:11.

"And the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her, for no one buys their merchandise anymore..." (Revelation 18:11)

Granted that it is a long ways from the wealth and merchandise and big business of the city-state of the Babylon that is being directly discussed here to big cities of wealth and commerce today like London, Paris, and above New York and Wall Street, even as Babylon is the example and model here of what happened to the wealthy city-state of Rome; so in turn it is also a model of what God intends to do at the end of time in this earth age to contemporary large cities, the leader of which as the world is every day acknowledging is the large cities of the United States like New York and Wall Street, even WaMu in the state of Washington with all its connections to Wall Street and home mortgages and the money markets of the world. {You just will not start to recognize the message and messages of the book of Revelation if you do not realize: (1) that Babylon is applied to the city of Rome, and to any large city of the world today as "a candle still burns in the city of Rome" (Revelation 18:23), and when all large and wealthy cities of the world, alias Babylon, are destroyed with fire at the end of this earth age and just before the Second Coming of Christ, no longer will even a lamp of candle burn in the city of Rome--any large and wealthy city of the world--"Therefore her plagues will come in one day--death and mourning and famine. And she will be utterly burned with fire, for strong is the Lord God who judges her (Revelation 18:8); and (2) that since the message of the book of Revelation had to have a message of comfort and justice and victory for the Christians of the first century to whom it was written, that just like the prophetic predications of all the Old Testament Prophets like Joel, Amos, and Zechariah, etc, it has both a long-range and immediate application--instead of calling it double or triple meaning, since the prime message is always the justice of God with the law also of Blessing or Curse, depending on the righteousness and prayer of God’s people, and that consistency of character and justice is also the same, it is far better to call it the full spectrum of God’s justice, immediate with blesses of curses with calamties on a nation based on the righteousness and effectual prayer of God’s people or final at the Second Coming of Christ, when for this earth age it is all over according to the consistent and composite witness of the Bible.}

2. After all the primary thrust and application of the Second Coming, like the germ of the Day of the LORD and the Lord from which it originated in the Old and New Testaments, is that this is the final and true rendering of the justice and judgement of God. The Old Testament Prophets told us how people were saying "the Day of the LORD, the Day of the Lord" as an appeal to how things would finally be made right, of course people of the Hebrews the most of whom did not recognize the place of the Second Coming of Christ, as the pre-eminent event of the Day of the LORD; and the Prophets had to tell the primary thrust of the prophetic message then as today, that you might not want all the end results of the Day of the LORD, especially with what happens at the Second Coming: (1) the increased groaning of the earth and heavens, Paul wrote about in Hebrews 12 and from the Prophet Haggai’s introduction will finalize with the last great earthquake and the destruction of all the works of earth by fire and also of the heavens; (2) the signs in the heavens above and earth beneath, with "fire and blood and vapor of smoke" {have you every noticed that even in hurricanes and flood there are a lot of fires} will increase to the limit where "men are crying for the rocks of the mountains to fall on them" for rescue against all the crumbling of the structure of the heavens and earth; (3) the Gospel will be preached to every nation (Matthew 24) and "then the end will come"; (4) the two signs must precede the second coming of Christ, the Falling Away and a visual on the man of sin, the son of perdition, before the Second Coming can come, according to II Thessalonians; (5) also according to II Thessalonians, the rising tide of the mystery of sin and lawlessness like a flood on the world and America and the American churches will overwhelm citizens of the world, with a noticeable spike in sin and lawlessness {includes greed and terrorism--so that perhaps as Bush is now recognizing although he likes to call Wall Street "a mistake"; the axis of evil is much larger than foreign and three countries, but includes the greed of the world merchants and of Wall Street and even average church members with "the spirit within us that lusteth to envy" (James 4:5} and covet}, this spike will and must occur as the Holy Spirit is withdrawn from earth {even as the binding of Satan from vast influence in the world was done when the Holy Spirit on the first day of Pentecost after the Resurrection came in great power and presence, so the loosing of Satan obviously--in spite of the perversions of the fundamentalists and the malarkey of a thousand years on earth which denies all that Jesus and the Bible teach and taught on the kingdom of Christ being established during the lifetime of Christ, also as Daniel does}; (6) then with all these preparations and after the fulfillment of all these warnings to God’s people--long ago God said that He would never do anything without warning His own people--then it will all be over as Christ comes again; (7) of course there will be the ultimate destruction at Armageddon of the vast Muslim army {no doubt with the assistance of many countries} that comes against Jerusalem and the camp of the saints by Jesus and the multitude of angels that come with Him {just think of the damage one or two angels can do like those at Sodom and Gomorrah instantly destroyed at God’s destruction, the wicked and twin cities where not even one righteous person could be found}; (8) there will be the gigantic gathering of the living and the dead from the four corners of the earth {of course the dead in Christ, Christ will bring with Him}, so that final judgment will be rendered {the ultimate message of the Day of the LORD and Lord of both Testaments of the Bible} according to (a) works of those not committed to faith in Christ, and (b) a name written in the Lamb’s book of Life, the church roll of the assembly written in heaven of Hebrews 12:23 for all those who believe in Christ; (9) establishment by God of the New Earth and the New Heaven to replace the old earth and old heaven destroyed by fire and explosions; (10) the lake of fire and brimstone for the unbelievers as death and Hades are emptied into the lake of fire, with eternal punishment of this place where the "worm dies not and the thirst is not quenched", and eternal abode for believers in Christ on the New Earth where the nations of Gentiles surround the New Jerusalem, lowered down from heaven on Mount Zion and the New Earth like John saw in Revelation 21, where God and Christ dwell with men forever and rule with the Apostles and all those of the martyred type for whom it was prepared.

That is a lot of eschatology or "last things"; but it is a good summary of all in the Bible on the events preceding and following immediately on the Second Coming of Christ. If you have any more specific questions, please address them to or . Also you have been introduced to a lot of Bible that hopefully you will research and study; for like Jesus told the religious leaders of His day who missed the fullness of truth with tangents, religion, and sidelines, "Search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life." (John 5:39)

7-2: Complete Collapse of the World’s Financial Markets and the Second Coming.

Opps, we forget to relate the obvious collapse of the financial markets of the final large cities of the world, Revelation 18, to the Second Coming of Christ. The Scriptures in the book of Revelation, the final word and words as God intended and as Christ planned when He taught the apostles that the Holy Spirit would reveal to them things to come (John 16:13), do clearly relate final financial collapses to the Second Coming, although like with many things related to the last things and the Second Coming of Christ, like Christ said on earth when He said that no one could know the exact time, that He did not know, but gave in Matthew 24 certain both signs, "the beginning of sorrows", that would continue to happen in history from His time to the end and then such final signs as the gospel preached to every nation and the vast increase of the "heaping" up" (II Timothy 4:3,4) of false prophets and teachers with "itching ears", therefore we can not say with certainty that the final "one day" of Revelation 18:8 is the final One Day of the LORD and Lord of the whole Bible {please see the "Day of the LORD an Lord" in the Bible commentary and at }, nor can we say with absolute certainty, like some who try to go well beyond the Bible and Christ with special revelations to impress you, that since this is the second Great Depression of the United States which we have experienced since 1900, that this Great Depression, or whatever Bush and others call it, is the final collapse of the markets of Revelation 18:11 and in context.

The only four things we can know from absolute certainty about the timing of the Second Coming from Scriptures, particularly from II Thessalonians is that immediately preceding the Second Coming will be: (1) a peak in the rising tide of the mystery of lawlessness and sin, a mystery already at work in the time of Paul as he wrote in II Thessalonians; (2) withdrawal of the Holy Spirit which in turn looses Satan to do the utmost in his dirty work; (3) the Falling Away among Christians and church members, "the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine", goes through all the stages and finalizes in (a) a turning away form the truth as it is in Christ and the Bible, with a whole substitution of false doctrines and perversions of truth by the "heaped up" Bible teachers and false prophets of "itching ears" {goodness knows, that today they are like termites coming out of the woodwork of the male and female type, on TV and in pulpits and in the healing ministry, and pastors and best-selling authors with the Gospel of Prosperity and Healing, and special revelations that supplement the Bible}, and (b) a turning into fables, a step in the process well developed in the Roman Catholic Church about mid-history, "the later times of I Timothy where they were seduced by doctrines of devils and evil spirits", and where with 3 extra Bibles from hell and Satan, the Mormons isolated themselves from the Christ of the Bible, but is about to experience an exponential climb, increasing that is an increasing rate, in the other churches of America.

You can know that a financial collapse in the world is related to the Second Coming, because in the Bible teachings of large, wicked cities of the world, the Babylon and Rome of Revelation 18, it is (a) preceded by the seven bowls of the wrath of God "on the earth" (Revelation 16:1) {an elaboration on the signs of Matthew 24 as Christ intended for the Apostle John to do in the book of Revelation without like Christ listing any specific dates}, with the violent and deadly judgements on earth from the seven powerful angels, the messengers always of God, and then finally "another angel" (Revelation 18:1), after the seventh angel, and by the way an angel "coming down from heaven, having great authority" (Revelation 18:1) to announce that all the great and wicked cities of the world are "Fallen", with the elaboration of merchant and world commerce details of Revelation 18 under the heading of Babylon; and (b) followed by in Revelation 19:1,2 with a pronouncement of victory for "the true and righteous" judgments of God of the opening of heaven (Revelation 19:11) as Christ comes again in great power, glory, and victory as "He Himself treads the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God" (Revelation 19:15). Yes, quite a different Christ as the Second Coming than at the First Coming where He "was meek and mild, and riding on the back of a donkey".

NOTE: For more on the "Blessings and Curses of A Covenant with God" go to the chapter 15 by that same title in MESSAGE OF THE WRITING PROPHETS, volume 5 of the LEARN CHRIST commentaries, product_LCCvol5/ . For more on Eschatology, including a section on Eschatology in the Prophets where Day of the LORD and Lord are so prevalent, go to chapter 25 of LCC volume 2, a chapter in CHRIST FOR INDIVIDUALS on Revelation with the other of the five books from the Apostle John { }, and perhaps with all the first seven chapters, one of which is best answers to the question of Revelation, "How Long?" you will be interested to read "The New Heaven and the New Earth" of Revelation 21,22, of chapter 31 in CHRIST FOR INDIVIDUALS. Likewise in the Bible area of "last things" or eschatology, and on the same subject of the Second Coming discussed in this Bible Q and A, look at chapter 17, "Thessalonians, Second Coming and Prerequisites" from volume 3 of LCC { product_LCCvol3/ with a section of the Day of the LORD and Lord of Old and New Testaments.

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