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Answer to Jeremiah on the Falling Away and the Second Coming

{the following is an excert from the last chapter, chapter 30, of "DEN OF THIEVES" which is entitled "Sound Doctrines (Exegesis) on the Second Coming of Christ"--you can read all the chapter free at"SoundDoctrinesOnTheSecondComing"/, look at the total Table of Contents of the "Den of Thieves" from which it is taken, or read and/or download chapter 29 on "Leaky Barriers to Strong Delusion".}

30-7: Why Fundamentalists churches can Ignore the Falling Away?

NOTE: While once it seemed permissable to ignore the fundamentalists on eschatology as innocent victims of the Scofield Reference Bible {so helpful in many cases but detrimental on "last things", who staring young as preachers and teachers of the Bible and with the immediate need to speak on last things naturally turned to the Scofield NOTES, and through the years have become victims of their own sermons and class notes--they can not throw them away as many have heard them, and they still have the need to use them; however, now as it becomes appararent that such beliefs on eschatology stand in the way of sound doctrine and sound Bible exegesis on the Falling Away and the Second Coming, it is no longer possible to be quite. We can love the men and yet abhor their 10% of False teachings and preachings on last things.

It is so easy for churches and church leaders of the fundamentalists persuasion to ignore the Falling Away, because they have postulated this extra-biblical concept of the Rapture {not a Bible word} to replace the finally {the end of this world age} of the Second Coming. What this does for them is three fold: (1) it prevents them from accepting any responsibility, at least in their own minds, for the Falling Away, since, at least in the terminal phases, they are taken out of this world, they think, by this fictitious Rapture that they use to replace obvious Scriptures on the Second Coming like I Thessalonians 4:13-18 {which we will come to momentarily}; (2) they are able, and would you not also if you are still living at the time, to be among those who do not have to go through the final tribulation as the universe reaches toward the terminal phases of crumbling; and (3) they become instant experts on this brand of eschatology because what sincere reader of the Bible by themselves would ever just from reading scriptures like I Thessalonians 4:13-18 be able to get this fantastic and imaginative sequence like Dr. Jeremiah presented from the pulpit last Sunday: (1) First Coming, (2) Rapture, (3) 7 years, (4) Second Coming, (5) the Millennium, and (6) The End with the New Heavens over the New Earth.

Sorry for this personal attack on such fundamentalists of the pre-millennium persuasion, but they leave you no choice since this weird and extra-biblical beliefs have come from no other objective source except their imaginations, and with their misleading and half-truth charts and graphs. It has always been a mystery why such fundamentalists have gotten so emotional when, without any scriptural quote or justification, have laid out this fantastic sequence of last events. Without emotions and graphs and charts they have nothing, and if you catch them out on their feet with a last things discussion where they have no chart or graph, emotion and imagination is all that is left. Of course, like fundamentalists throughout American history, they always have that fighting spirit--remember it was one of their leaders, We. A. Criswell, who told Bill Moyer about the fundamentalists fight to gain control of the SBC, that they would keep fighting until one side or the other wins. They did; they destroyed careers and reputations of so called "moderates" {the implications were always that they were liberals of all things on the literal interpretation of the Scripture, which really meant on the Scofield Notes} from pulpits and Seminaries; and political with this admirable aggression, which is a shame could not have been put to work for the cause of Christ, took control approximately 25 years ago of the Southern Baptist Convention. Much of the fighting still goes on, primarily between eastern southern baptist and Texas Baptists, between fundamentalists and Baylor, and Southwestern Seminary and fundamentalists. Like a rattlesnake they are quiet now that they are in control, until disturbed; then woe be unto the person who has the courage to cross them on pre-millennium beliefs.

Are there good fundamentalists and bad fundamentalists? No doubt, but just like Mormonism until you get down into a deep and serious study of their real history and especially the false doctrines of their four extra Bibles, you wonder how any Christian could retain support for such!

And now that the subject of Mormonism has been brought up, let us consider what Dr. Robert Jeffress said last Sunday about one each Demon being behind all the alternative religions in the world like Buddhism, Mormonism, and Muhammadanism {all these isms, Dr. R. G. Lee use to say, that should be wasims}; and consider since it is so hard to sufficiently explain the foothold that Scofield Notes on eschatology have gained in the Bible belt with the three reasons offered above {escape from responsibility for the Falling Away, escape from the Final Tribulation of the universe crumbling, and more status as leaders with the expert answers that none would gain from real Bible study}, that just like a Demon, perhaps Satan himself, sits on top of the Temple at Tabernacle Square in Salt Lake City, Utah, so also a Demon was influential as Scofield, a divorced lawyer called as pastor of the First Congregationalists church in Dallas, spread through correspondence courses on the famous Scofield Notes throughout the Bible belt. Even as you can not explain the spread and influence of Mormonism, with all the fantastic stories and claims and weird doctrines and Bible, apart from the supernatural help of Satan and his fallen angels, so also you can never explain apart from the same supernatural help the spread of such "isogesis" of the Bible, with half-truth, that the Scofield Notes have reeked their havoc among backwoods preachers of Tennessee and Texas.

And to many of us real Southern Baptists and real conservatives on the Bible, these fictitious fundamentalists beliefs on eschatology have seemed sort of trivial until we have recently come to the point of realized: (1) that this is an escape mechanism to ignore Bible teachings and doctrines on the Falling Away; and (2) to ignore the real eminence of the Falling Away {like a little girl of his church said to Dr. Jeremiah, you know "out of the mouth of babes" and "a little child shall lead them", how do you talk about that Jesus could come again at any time and then you add all these things of history that still need to happen?

It is sort of scary that these weird beliefs remained for so long neatly tucked away in their Scofield Reference Bibles and in their NOTES for classrooms until recently. While it is justification for taking responsibility for the Falling Away in their own church and churches and a carrot of hope offered to church members to escape the final tribulation as all the signs of such build up in the world news, it just seems that we must also consider that such "half-truth" and "lies" and denial of the real truth of the Bible is part of the "strong delusion" from God Himself of II Thessalonians 2:9-12. And it is really scary since it is an indication that (1) the Holy Spirit has been withdrawn from earth without the Pentecostals or fundamentalists even knowing it or making any difference in the way they worship, (2) that Satan has been therefore released from bondage to do his dirtiest, (3) that we should be seeing a peak in lawlessness and sin in this world (perhaps the lawlessness of terrorism is much of that even as the greed and incompetence on Wall Street and in excessive mortgages}, (4) that God has begun to send "strong delusion" that the unsaved will believe the lie and lies of Satan and his demons (II Thess 2:11), and we should right now be looking for the final great battle of Armageddon and against the camp of the saints, which would mean that we are also right now deep into the Falling Away and should by now have a good visual on the Son of Perdition, after all we know Jerusalem to already be completely surrounded by enemies that would destroy it as Gaza, the West Bank, Hisballah, and Iran.

30-8: Strong Delusion and Lie of the Rapture to Replace the Second Coming.

While reluctant to give any credence at all to this lie about the Rapture, primarily out of respect for many good preachers and pastors of the fundamentalists persuasion, with faithfulness to the exegesis of Scriptures on the Second Coming, like I Thessalonians 4:13-18, that Jeremiah abused last Sunday, it is no longer possible to keep silence out of respect for these men.

Look at I Thessalonians 4:13-18 and tell me how if you read it, or do read it, you would get anything out of it except the full truth of the Second Coming! How else could you, as you will not find the word Rapture at all mentioned in the verses, nor will you find the word mentioned just like millennium in the total Bible. You must go to their graphs and charts and Scofield NOTES to find anything about this word and concept, this great half-truth of strong delusion.

"But I do not want you to be ignorant, brethren {if you were left alone to read this Scripture by yourself and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, which you must as a Christian of the new birth do anyway, you would not be ignorant; nor have you been ignorant; but if you accept the graphs and charts and NOTES of Jeremiah and other devoted fundamentalists, you will get ignorant}, concerning those who have fallen asleep, lest you sorrow as others who have no hope {these fundamentalists have lessened your hope like they did for the little girl by placing all kind of historical obstacles that must come before the hope}. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again {and indeed we do believe that, and as far as we know they have not tampered with this which makes them more practitioners of half-truth than of lies}, even so God will bring with Him those who sleep in Jesus..."

Just a minute, doesn’t even this last statement demand finality!

"For this we say to you by the word of the Lord {by the Word of God is much better than by way of graphs and charts and imaginations even when supported by Darby and Scofield}, that we who are alive and remain {so far and if it happens quickly that is us} until THE COMING OF THE LORD {the Second Coming, and nothing here about Rapture} will by no means precede those who are asleep. For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God {sure sounds like the Second Coming to me, how about to you}. And the dead in Christ will rise first. {How terminal, like may at "The END" of Scripture!} Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord." (II Thessalonians 4:13-17)

How terminal those last words sound also!

Now, if you were in the shoes of Satan and his demons as they look at the signs of the times on the eminence of the Second Coming, you see they will not in their own minds put it off with deceptions on a Rapture and 7 more years before the Second Coming, and even then 365,000 more days past the One Day of the LORD and Lord until the END, what would you do to distort the comfort and message of II Thessalonians 4:13-18?

You can’t deny it since there is so many obvious Scriptures on the Second Coming; and since you have already succeeded in having so much of the world deny your own existence {this is Satan talking and thinking and getting ready for the end}, and you know the inevitability of the lake of fire and brimstone, then your natural desire is to take as many as possible with you, offering half-truth which is always more effective than complete lies, to replace with the Second Coming this fictitious teaching of the Rapture and Millennium.

1. To Satan and the deceived, it is this postulated one thousand years of the Millennium {recall that one thousand years, 9 times, is Biblical, but not a millennium} that is more important than this postulated Rapture, and indeed it is their postulated Millennium that demands a Rapture. Since they will not admit that (1) the coming of the Holy Spirit in great power to earth on the first day of Pentecost after the Ascension is what bound Satan from doing his full dirty work to deceive many, and the withdrawal of the Holy Spirit from earth of II Thessalonians 2:6,7 is what looses Satan, they need this fictitious millennium to explain all the one thousand years events including (a) the binding and losing of Satan, and (b) the first resurrection as different from the second resurrection, how Christian martyrs will live and reign with Christ for a very long and variable time, even as required that the fact that such martyrs are living and dying today, then experiencing the full body resurrection of the first resurrection {remember, it is given to those for whom it has been prepared like the Apostles, John the Baptist, Enoch, Elijah, and the beheaded for Christ of today}; and (2) since the wealthy, like Commager stated the fundamentalists movement--and I am sure they had a lot to do in Dallas with the Scofield Notes and the current organization in Memphis to promote such--was started by a group of California millionaires, and you can do a lot with money...that is, this wealthy and well-to-do, perhaps the 10% that spend 50% of the American money and say in the 250,000 category, do not want to give up their possessions so that with one more thousand years on earth they can hold onto those possessions and status, they deceive themselves into thinking, for one more very long thousand years.

2. A postulated Rapture helps fundamentalists preachers ignore the Falling Away in their own church and churches. After all, if the Christians are taken up into the air, perhaps not for the full 40 years of the Falling Away but at least say the last 7 years when it really gets rough, then they do not become a part of the final problems of the Falling Away. Perhaps, they postulate, even though they might acknowledge a part in the first three stages of the Falling Away, partly because it is obvious that is presently happening in churches and that they are also obviously still here on earth--(1) the intolerance toward sound doctrine, (2) church membership and Christian life motivated more by "wants" and "desires" than the control of Christ and the Holy Spirit, and (3) the vast present "heaping up" of Bible teachers and preachers with "itching ears"--however, they postulate not to be a part of the last two of the five stages of Falling Away development: (1) turning away from the truth, and (2) turning into fables.

Yet the very postulation of such half-truths and false doctrines as Rapture and Millennium proves that they two have already become victims of a turning away from truth and a turning into the fables of the Rapture and Millennium, with strong indications that they have been subjected by God Himself to "strong delusion".

30-9: Look at your churches and you will see the Falling Away now.

Perhaps the best answer to such strong delusions about the Second Coming, the fictitious rapture and the fictitious millennium, is simply to ask these fundamentalists to look at the world around them and in their churches for the signs.

1. Divorce among church members.

2. The taking of God name in vain overtly by church members and inevitable also by their unrighteousness.

3. The curses of a curse on Americans, the land and the people, that has come from God as it has replaced the blessings of a Blessing on this nation, due to the lack of effectual fervent prayer of church members and a lack of righteousness.

4. The replacement of the faith of Christ and the Bible with an American Democratic faith which (1) makes tolerance, by the way a specially defined kind of tolerance that allowed the Presbyterians a few years ago to vote whether to say Christ is the only way of salvation since it seems intolerant, more important than convictions based on the Bible; (2) respect for and emphasis on the majority over the minority; (3) a forbidding of discrimination based on "race, religion, and creed" as more important than the discrimination forbidden by Pastor James in the Bible based on "clothing, status, and money".

5. 61% of American church members and Christians believe in the Gospel of Prosperity which is a gospel of another kind than that of the Gospel Paul delivered, a Gospel that falls down to worship status and things and therefore other gods.

6. Special revelations have become the primary thrust of "itching ears" Bible teachers and preachers as they present not only the Gospel of Health and Prosperity, but provide special concepts, words, and revelations that promote seed-money for them, denying the long establish teachings and doctrines of I Corinthians 14 and continuing to practice the forbidden attitude of "did the Word of God come to you only or did it come out of you?"

NOTE: Could it be that the obvious signs of the Falling Away in their own churches is leading such fundamentalists preachers as Dr. Jeremiah to, in desperation, reach out for the rescue of a Rapture and a Millennium; or to preserve their positions of leadership, the first places in the kingdom if you would, and of current popularity {always a bad sign during the Falling Away}, as the faithful of their own people both read the Bibles for themselves on the Second Coming, as they begin to wonder how these leaders let their churches and country get into such a big mess! Perhaps increasingly we hear of these false teachings on rapture and millennium as obvious signs of Falling Away, A Curse on our country, unrighteousness and a lack of effectual and fervent prayer--things now impossible to cover up and hide--stare in the face of all and become more apparent! In other words, if you can’t preach all the Falling Away and the Second Coming from exegesis of the Bible, then preach and teach by isogesis and imagination and even strong delusion the rapture and the millennium.

7. American churches increasingly, large and small, like God’s people of the Temple of Jeremiah, are becoming hideouts for the bad habits of II Timothy 4:1-9 with more and many ways to cover up, churches and church leaders becoming more competent in their excuses and maneuvers to cover up than government, the military, and big business. {Please see "Hideout for Bad Habits", the SunGrist_Bible book on-line at  .}

8. Christians today like God’s People of the Temple of Jeremiah and the Temple during Jesus’ own day which He cleansed have made the churches which were originally and intended to me places of worship by God and man, from houses of prayer where once there was effectual and fervent prayer into a "Den of Thieves". {Please see "Den of Thieves", the SunGrist_Bible book on-line at .}

9. Greed along with incompetence have been the natural outcome of the American dream, as much among church members and Christians as among those of the world, where the prime thrust and loyalty of life has been more for things and other gods than from Respect for the One Great God of the Universe, and the consequent inevitability of unrighteousness and a lack of effectual and fervent prayer that also inevitably once brought the blessings of the Blessing of God. {Please read "Fear and Faith" and "Respect for God" from REPORTS TO BELIEVE AND FOR BELIEVING, in the new Ebook by SunGrist_Bible, and on-line at www.biblecombibleman/Reports_for_Believing/  .}

30-11: Graphs and Charts of Fundamentalists versus Bible Exegesis.

1. The Graph of a half-truth of Daniel on the Man of the Kingdoms as a substitute for the Bible truth that Christ set up the kingdom while on earth the first time and that the kingdom will be fully received on the New Earth after Christ comes again.

It is so obvious from the exogesis of certain Bible verses of Daniel that the kingdom of Christ, that kingdom which will last forever, was established during the Roman Empire period of world domination, alias during the time and teachings of Christ as the kingdom came to rule in the hearts of men; and yet with the graph of the King and kingdoms of Daniel before him, most based on Scriptural exegeis and some on the isogesis of imaginations like the ten toes {not in Daniel} they speculate a fictitious kingdom and materialistic kingdom of the fictitious millinneum to be established after the real Second Coming. What do they base it on, not the same Scripture that used to construct the graph in the first place, except for the ten toes which are also speculation that leads them to the nations of the European Community, but on the Graph; and that is the ultimate in isogesis.

2. The sequential timeline graph that includes the rapture after the first coming, then 7 years, then the Second Coming, then the Millennium, and then the New Earth; and to replace Bible exegesis on Matthew 24 and the book of Revelation which runs parallel in overlaps, like with Jesus from the beginning of sorrows to the end, from the Great Tribulation of the First few centuries to the end, and from the beginning of the One Day of the LORD and Lord of the diminished light from sun, moon, and stars, to the End of the One Day.

While the graph of the sequence goes like this: first coming, to rapture, to 7 years, to Second Coming, to Millinneum to the New Earth; and really their only justification for a fictitious Rapture and fictitious Millinneum {along with Scofield NOTES}, the real sequence of Matthew 24, Luke 21, and the book of Revelation go from One Day of the LORD of the Old Testament, with the diminished light of the sun, moon, and stars, and the One Day of the Lord Jesus Christ, that "great and notable day of the Lord" of Acts 2 which establishes the beginning of the Last Days as the coming of the Holy Spirit and the end of the last days as the culmination in that One Day, part of that One Day, we must say the biggest part, is Second Coming of Christ, with the destruction of the Army at Armagaddeon and of the universe by fire, the gathering of saints and the lost for judgment and separation; and then the establishment of the new heavens and new earth with at the center the New Jerusalem lowered down from heaven where God and Christ will dwell on the new earth with the new humanity forever. You see this One Day of the LORD and Lord, so often taught in an exegeis of Scriptures both Old and New Testament, is also a terminal day of God, "the end" so famous in Scripture, and possibly in even one 12 or 24 hour day, or at least one final and short period of time called a day.

30-10: More Deceptions from False Bible in Matthew 24 and Luke 21.

30-11: More "Coming of Christ" from the Bible.

30-12: The Principle of Two or More Witnesses, of Consistency of the Bible.

30-13: "The End", Eschatology or Last Things in the Bible.

30-14: Exegesis and Hermeneutics: the Bible is Self-Interpretative.

30-15: Day of the LORD and Lord in the Bible.

1. Day of the LORD in the Old Testament.

2. Day of the Lord Jesus Christ in the New Testament.

30-16: Obvious Curses of the Bible on the Isogesis of False Bible Teachers.

30-17: Biggies of the Bible on the Sound Doctrines of the Second Coming.

30-18: Some Bottom Line Bible Teachings on the Second Coming.

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