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Prep For "the End" of the Final Stages of the Falling Away and Final Tribulation

Prep For "The End".

With all the weird stuff offered to the church today in the name of "last things" {eschatology} and based on Scofield Notes, "the End" according to Jesus and the rest of the Bible, starting with the One Day of the LORD of the Old Testament and with consistency and continuity carrying through the New Testament as the One of the Lord and LORD, should be "Prep for "the end" of the of Falling Away and Final Tribulation. The eschatology of the Bible is quite simple and final, without a timeline based on Scofield’s isogesis with the book of Revelation with all kinds of complications and added events, when based on the teachings of Jesus in Matthew 24 and Luke 21, then allowing what is easier to understand there be applied to the more imaginative and figurative teachings {this does not include all those weird charts and drawings from the fundamentalists} of the book of Revelation: (1) it is first the final two stages of the Falling Away as taught in II Thessalonians and by Jesus as "because sin will abound the love of many will wax cold", surely all in the church can see that we are now well into the first three stages of development of the Falling Away in that all around us in our churches we see evidences of the "Den of Thieves" and the "Hideouts for Bad Habits" of the first 3 stages--intolerance toward sound doctrine, the church driven and Christian driven life of personal desires and wants, and the vast heaping up in pulpits and on TV and in best-sellers of "itching ears" Bible teachers--so that all we have left to fulfill in our churches across the land of II Timothy 4:3,4 is those last two stages of (a) the turning away from truth and (b) the being turned into fables; and (2) the final tribulation as the groaning of the whole creation reaches the climatic stages of diminished light from sun, moon, and stars, ushering in the final One Day of the LORD and Lord we read about so often throughout the Bible from cover to cover.

So much of what Jesus taught in Matthew 24 and 25, such as in the Parables of the Fig Tree and of the Ten Virgins, is not as an intellectual curiosity to satisfy the imaginations of fundamentalists, but rather to engender PREPARATION for these last two events of the Falling Away and the beginning final tribulation of that One "great and notable day of the LORD" (Acts 2:20 and Joel 2:28-32). It is just not fair what fundamentalist’s preachers are doing to their listeners, especially those out of the Dallas Theological Seminary who bought the Scofield Notes "hook, line, and sinker". For example Dr. David Jeremiah in a very recent message on end times must have reassured his own congregation 4 times that they would be raptured off this earth during the strong delusion of the Falling Away and the final tribulation, while offering them the false and non-biblical hope based on charts and drawings that they would be taken up form earth while all these bad things were happening. IT JUST IS NOT FAIR TO THE PEOPLE AND IT IS NOT FAIR TO THE BIBLE!

Even as fundamentalists with their Scofield Bible Notes on eschatology are confused the finality of the One Day of the LORD and Lord, consistent as one day throughout the Old and New Testaments, so also are they confusing the nature of the end of the Falling Away and the Final Tribulation for Christians. Sorry in spite of respect for some of them like Dr. David Jeremiah, so popular now, and men like John R. Rice and Lester Roloff, in the past, we must challenge them with "what part of the end" or "what part of the One Final Day of the LORD and the Lord do you not understand?

Once the church and the ministry of the church stops attempts at the rescue of sound doctrine, we are through; and once the two final stages of the Falling Away--(4) a turning away from the truth, and (5) "be turned aside to fables" (II Timothy 4:4--it is all over with this old earth so that with the many other events of that One Day of the LORD and Lord {of Old and New Testaments}, the new earth will be ushered in simultaneously as the New Jerusalem is lowered down from heaven (Revelation 21). Without making it personal and in the name of Bible and Bible doctrine we must stand up publicly to these popular giants {and please never forget that in this time of the Falling Away, unlike during the time of Billy Graham, popularity is a bad sign--that is, the false prophets become more popular than the true purveyors of truth} of the pulpit like Jeremiah, LeHaye, and Haggai. I know with a name like Haggai you give the perception that you are attacking the Bible itself.} Where do you think the false prophets are anyway that Jesus guaranteed with be part of the tribulation {"For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive if possible, even the elect" (Matthew 24:24)}, hiding in some backwoods corner where they can not reach the majority of people that become victims of the Falling Away? No, they will be popular; and heard from some of the largest pulpits and over some of the most expensive television. What you will not hear very often, especially now that the fundamentalists have taken political control of the Southern Baptist Convention, is the men on true exegesis of the Bible on last things and Revelation like Dr. Ray Summers with his "Worthy is the Lamb" and "The Life Beyond", formerly of Baylor, and McDowell with his "Meaning and Message of Revelation", formerly of Southern Seminary, and the many real conservatives of the SBC who were trained by and bought this exegetical in-context approach to last things {eschatology}. You see the very reason that such fundamentalists as Criswell, Stanley, Rogers, and their supports waged the war for control in the first place--in spite of all these flimsy excuses you can find in writing that support the popular approach--was in defence of the Scofield Reference Bible Notes on eschatology. In short, they did not want to throw away their sermons on such false concepts as a rapture independent of the Second Coming, of a thousand years on earth, and primarily their guarantees to their church members that all of the church will be raptured out of the way before both the Falling Away and the final tribulation.

NOTE: Like with Theology which goes beyond Bible to include the opinions of men, you should be leery of extra-biblical words like "rapture", "millennium", and even eschatology unless it is identified as "last things" or more important as "the end" of which Jesus taught. Always and ever you should look to the two great scholars of the book of Revelation of our times, Dr. Ray Summers formerly of Baylor and author of WORTHY IS THE LAMB and THE LIFE BEYOND and McDowell formerly of Southern Seminary with THE MEANING AND MESSAGE OF REVELATION. Of course, these significant contributions were made to Southern Baptists before the fundamentalists under Rogers, Stanley, and Criswell took over the SBC; no doubt have been replaced in Lifeway book stores, and replaced by backwoods fundamentalists teachers who at one time were more a part of Bible Baptists. This Bible Baptists just like the literalism on the Bible which fundamentalists claim is a contradiction as bad as Military Intelligence such no groups in American religion have practiced, once in the closet and classroom but lately more in the open, so much isogesis against the Bible. Fundamentalists, whom Henry Steele Commager once said was a group started by California Millionaires and who are paranoid, are more proponents of a community religion that adopts as much of the world system as Bible. However now they have the conservative mantel of the SBC to wear as a disguise.

31-1: Finality of "the end" in Matthew 24 and Luke 21.

Sorry, it is necessary at this point to ask the fundamentalists, "What part of THE END do you not understand?" as armed with only Matthew 24 and Luke 21 we can see how final and simple the end is without all these imaginative Scofield additions of a rapture, seven years of Falling Away and final tribulation, the Second Coming, one thousand years reign of Christ on earth....and then and then and then the end! What we get from them is seven years and one thousand years of plenty! With the teachings of Jesus in Matthew 24 and Luke 21, it is so final and simple.

1. "And what will be the sign of ...the end of the age?" As the disciples asked Jesus in Matthew 24 which started the whole discussion of signs of the end. It is a good thing that they did not ask a fundamentalists like the religious leaders of the day as they would have never gotten to the end what with the addition of their isogesis like the ten nations of the European community, two Second Comings, seven years, one thousand years...and on and on and on and on, so that in spite of such contradictory warnings to their congregations that the Second Coming is eminent, they hear better all these additional signs that are put before the end.

2. Now such fundamentalists of the Scofield persuasion would appreciate Jesus warning in Luke 21:9 that "the end will not come immediately", since they will not let it happen anyway in their own minds and messages; however, since Jesus had only mentioned the signs of the "beginning of sorrows" up to this point, it is far different from what the fundamentalists now stick in your way, well beyond the first century and well beyond where Paul warned that before Christ can come again in II Thessalonians, there must be the Falling Away and a visual on the Man of Sin; and while it hard to think that as current day church members in America today, we stand exactly where those Christians of Thessalonica stood on the two simple things that must happen before the real Second Coming of the Bible, with the exception that we are now in most of American churches at the fourth of five stages of development of the Falling Away, and read to plunge into the point of no return of (a) the wholesale turning away from truth of the great apostasy {which by the way takes Christians here on earth apart from a theoretical and extra-biblical rapture in order to really happen} and (b) turning into fables, the impetus for which comes the "strong delusion" as Satan is released a little while from bondage as the Holy Spirit is withdrawn {See the details of II Thessalonians}.

NOTE: Reasons it is terrible what fundamentalists are doing to their congregations about "the end": (1) they water down the hope by attaching all these things that must happen before the end; (2) they deceive their congregations on real Bible with charts, drawings, and weird imaginations based on two questionable lawyers of the past, Darby and Scofield; (3) they add to the Bible which is prohibited by some of the last words of the book of Revelation; (4) they make Bible teachings like in Revelation, Matthew 24, and Luke 21 of "private interpretations", even though admittedly they have the group support of other fundamentalists, in violation of "no Scripture is of any private interpretation" from Peter; (5) they become supporters of the "strong delusion" of the final stages of the Falling Away in that they lead their people to ignore or deny the Falling Away; and (6) they prevent adequate preparation for the final stages of the Falling Away and the Final Tribulation, what real Bible would call "the end", which was the real intent of the teachings of Jesus and of the book of Revelation.

3. Why in the world do you think Jesus says in Matthew 24:13 that "he who endures to the end shall be saved" unless there will be Christians right there on earth and during the final stages of the Falling Away when Christ comes again; and immediately in One Great Day {yes, perhaps a very long day but nearly as long as the 365,000 plus 7 times 365 days of the fundamentalists} will come the last great battle of Armageddon, the gathering of Christians and lost from the four corners of the earth, the finality of the whole creation groaning with the diminished light of the sun, moon, and stars in the heavens above and the destruction of all the works of earth by fire, the separation of lost and saved with judgment for either heaven or hell, and then the new earth with at the center the New Jerusalem lowered down from heaven.

NOTE: By the way this verse from Jesus which encourages Christians to make preparation by enduring to the end of Matthew 24:13 is proceeded by another, "because lawlessness {sin} shall abound, the love of many will wax cold" also demands that a lot of Christian be there for a period of approximately 40 years, like God’s people in the wilderness who fell, to experience the Falling Away and the Final Tribulation. {The Tribulation of the Final Tribulation is more suffering caused by the increased disintegration of the earth and the heavens, unlike the Great Tribulation of the first few centuries which was persecution; and which created so many martyrs of the first resurrection type of Revelation 21. By the way, according to the Fox Book of Martyrs and the website on Christian persecution more Christians are martyred today in foreign countries than previously in the Great Tribulation of the first few centuries, which means that so many of these fortunates will be ahead of American Christians, that is the few in the churches that retain faithfulness, with there presently received resurrection bodies, and we must wait until the Second Coming to receive our resurrection bodies, even though our dead Christian relatives who sleep in Jesus in the other levels of heaven will also come with Christ, and with us also receive their resurrection bodies. Of course, unless they were martyred; and then that case they have already received like the Apostles and others martyred of the first few centuries, and those also today who have dead similarly, their resurrection bodies, and furthermore they have "lived and reigned with Christ for a long period of time called by the variable one thousand years", or if recent a much shorter one thousand years. Yet it will seem to them, like to God to Whom "one thous and years is a one day or one day as a thousand years", in quality like one thousand years, in that time does not really matter; and after the real end of the Bible, we will live on the new earth forever with God Who will live and dwell with men.

4. When the End Comes as the Gospel is preached to every nation of Matthew 24:24--"And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness in all the nations, and then THE END will come"--who do you think is going to do all this preaching during the final stages of the Falling Away and the Final Tribulation if all American Christians have been raptured up to heaven for 7 years?

You see, the fundamental problem of the fundamentalists and Scofield is that they fail to see the very basic principle of hermeneutics on end signs; that principle being in the teachings of Jesus, in Revelation, and even in the Old Testament Prophets that sweeps are made from certain points in time {identified more than by the signs of that time than by time itself} to the END; then a later point in history all the way to the end; then still another point in time to the END, so that the final end point in time is at the ONE DAY of the LORD and Lord which ushers in the END. Perhaps for those who lavish and requires charts of time sequence and weird drawings, a chart based on Bible exegesis might be offered that goes: (1) at the top and with the longest period of time of history from the "beginning of sorrows" to the end; (2) then a little shorter line to the END that begins with the end of the beginning of sorrows, say about the desolation of destruction of Daniel, the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple by the Roman General Titus in 70 A.D. , to the END, and this line would also correlate with from the Great Tribulation to the End; (3) then a third much shorter line from the Falling Away and Final Tribulation to the End; and (4) then the shortest line of all from the One Day of the LORD and Lord to the End. And this would be Biblical!

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