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How American Churches Are Responsible for the American Economy?

How American Churches Are Responsible for the American Economy?

22-7: Covetousness in America Has Made of Churches a “Den of Thieves”.

Even if you could see so many recent calamities on the United States since 911, such as hurricanes, fire, and floods, as calamities as part of a curse from God {the opposite of a blessing or blessings from God}, you probably gullibly thought that the recent calamities of the economy on Main Street and Wall Street had nothing to do with the responsibility of God’s people and the churches. Well, if so, please read again the Temple Message of the Prophet Jeremiah, or really God through Jeremiah, as God labels such houses of God as today in America as a “Den of Thieves” and as a HIDEOUT FOR BAD HABITS. You know now that you had a “Den of Thieves” in these large business institu­tions as they profited at the expense of their own employees and other Ameri­cans, exercising greed and decisions which eliminated the homes and retirement 401Ks, of millions; but although most of these executives are church members, if not all, and typical of their lesser counterparts in churches who also “desire to be rich”, and who soothe that desire over with the Gospel of Prosperity, also have make into a “Den of Thieves” what was originally intended to be houses of prayer and righteousness.

1. All this covetousness and other unrighteous violations of the ten command­ments (Jeremiah 7:8,9) have continued as a normal life style of American church members at the same time each Sunday they go into their own houses of prayer and God to effectively say that God is blessing us to do all these “abominations” (7:10) of violations of the commandments of God.

2. You see, this is what is so bad, when the church is made a HIDEOUT FOR BAD HABITS, it is as if in their own mind as stated by Jesus and Jeremiah, that God has blessed them for being so greedy and gluttonies. {Isn’t that the real message of the Gospel of Prosperity adopted by over 60% of American church members, that part of our faith and church membership is that God blesses us with greed and covetousness?}. And much of it started during the last 50 years as so many evangelist rationalized their own wealth and seeking of wealth as a blessing from God, leading and preaching for other church mem­bers to believe and practice the same Gospel of Prosperity.

...and then come and stand before Me in this house which is called by My name, and say, ‘We are delivered to do all these abominations. Has this house, which is called by My name, become a den of thieves in your own eyes?’ ‘Behold I, even I, have seen it’ {you are not hiding in that church as much as you think, and your cover ups are not working as God still sees and knows all about it}, says the LORD.” (Jeremiah 7:10,11)

3. The nesting of Dens of Thieves in American churches started, like in the case of these evangelists of the Gospel of Prosperity, with doctrine and beliefs of “lying words”.

Behold, you trust in lying words that cannot profit.” (Jeremiah 7:8)

Even worse than the misplaced trust in financial institutions of investment like AIG {and the leaders who lead to trust in them}, which turned out also to be “lying words”, is the trusting of lying words from evangelists and pastors of the lying words of the Gospel of Prosperity.

4. Those same “abominations” (Jeremiah 7:5-9) of Den of Thief churches are present in American churches today as Paul testified for such “perilous times” as these in I Timothy 3:1-8 as he listed the follies and bad habits of church mem­bers. And did you notice that number one in the bad habits as these churches make their own church a HIDEOUT FOR BAD HABITS is (1) love of money and number two is, surprise surprise, (2) covetousness.

5. Please notice also in Jeremiah 7:5,6 the obvious warning to business and gov­ernmental leaders {the problem with so many of our leaders in government is that they also are among that of incomes over 250,000 a year, and there­fore naturally have their commitments and loyalty to this group, the “world knows its own”, sort of thing} because they have “merchandised” the people of God in their own nation. There is in Jeremiah 7:5 a positive way out of the dilemma from God, “For it you thoroughly amend your ways and your doings, if your thoroughly execute judgment between a man and his neighbor”; and then in Jeremiah 7:6 with more specifics of what the government, business leaders, and church members must do by way of a true execution of justice and judgment: (1) “if you do oppress the stranger”, (2) “the fatherless, and the widow”; (3) if you do not shed innocent blood; and (4) if you do not walk after other gods to your hurt”, recalling that any entity placed in the life before God, like money, status, greed, and covetousness is a false god.

22-8: Cover Up of the State of the American Economy Eclipsed by Churches.

As frustrated as Americans are over the sudden revelation of all these problems in the American economy, should be the frustration and concern of Americans, especially church members, over the cover ups {hideouts} of a lack of righ­teousness and effective prayer in American churches that lead to this collapse. Yes, the American churches are responsible to the American people for the condition of the American people that lead to this most destructive calamity in the series of calamities since on this nation since 911. Yes, you will not get them to take responsibility like the government leaders, religious leaders of the temple, and the people of God would not take responsibility for their own concept of “Den of Thieves”, nor for the destruction that was about to come on their own nation.

They had already lost the favor of God. God told Jeremiah that no longer did He want to hear prayers on the behalf of these people of God. God would no longer listen; and the rest of the plague or curses on the nation would naturally follow from the Creator and Sustainor of the Universe. It does not matter whether you chose to think of the “curses” of the Bible as (1) an absence of blessings from God, which of course they are anyway; or (3) a series of calami­ties from God because favor with God for a nation of God’s people has been lost. The result is the same in calamities!

NOTE: This short on the American economy is from “Continuing Faith”, the new and latest, last chapter,chapter 22 of BIBLE REPORTS FOR BELIEVING. {Formerly in the process of developed, it was entitled Reports for Unbelievers and Reports To and For Believers.} In order to read the complete message, go to .

WARNING: Like with many blogs and Answers to Bible Search Questions from the E-books of SunGrist_Bible, the sample above from BIBLE REPORTS TO AND FOR BELIEVING has not yet gone through the final editing process, containing more mistakes than the final published edition of the books.

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