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Bible for a Rapidly Changing America

Introduction to Bible Studies in Jeremiah and Prophecy

it is safe to say that American history and heritage is changing rapidly, even drastically, or "nothing is the same as it use to be in the past" ...well, Jeremiah is God's Message for 2009 on current affairs...

Jeremiah is chosen over Isaiah as more the prophesy of the Bible for today, because it is more neglected as words from God and the Word of God. In other words, if in churches of America, as we claim, we are to preach and teach the "ALL SCRIPTURE given by God" of II Timothy 3:16,17 then we must include this neglected large book of the Bible. Granted a few select quotes about the "new heart" of the new birth and the deceitful and wicked heat are heard periodically, but by and large most church members have not even heard of the famous among a few Bible scholars of the Temple Message of Jeremiah, the message the Prophet Jeremiah stood every day at the gates of the temple to deliver, the message to whom God told him no one would listen; however that must be delivered as a final warning to the people before the ultimate chastisement.

Also because as you study in the Word of God of Jeremiah, you will find that the state of the union of God’s people in Judah is more like the United States today than even Isaiah or the rest of the Prophets. Granted that American Christians do not sacrifice their children to foreign gods, unless you count the unjustifiable war in Iraqi as such; there is no overt worship of the Queen of Heaven unless you count over family activity as such in America that takes precedence over the real spiritual worship of God; and while for at least one hundred years since the Prophecy of Isaiah, God had continued to chastise His own people with a series of calamities, much like on this nation since the 911 of eight years ago, to the extent as Isaiah stated that no room was left on their backs for more stripes, and it did no good in the sight of God, Jeremiah of that century and America of today having an obvious similarity in a series of calamities as part of an absence of continued peace and blessings from God, as far as we know part of our northern kingdom of Canada has not already gone into desolation and captivity, nor do we like Judah in the time of Jeremiah face an eminent desolation and captivity.

1-1: JANUARY: What Then Is Most Similar Between the Judah of Jeremiah and the United States today?

For a list of some of these similarities, and more on the 2009 Bible Studies in Jeremiah and Prophesy, please go to:

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