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Moving On Backwards, the Opposite of Progressive

Two current this week events, one local in Alamogordo New Mexico and the other global with a Bible search question on, about “Bible Based Backsliding” ,both placing an emphasis on the current necessity of urgency on this chapter about Jeremiah and Prophesy already underway several weeks ago as part of the “Jeremiah and Prophesy” Bible Studies month by month for a year as outlined on the “Bible Studies in Jeremiah and Prophesy” page of  It certainly helps to get the subject of this chapter originally intended to be “Progressive as the Opposite of Backsliding” out of the category of theoretical and academic Bible studies without contemporary and timely applications to church life and Christian life right now.

One large Baptist church in Alamogordo, which by the way has been the inspiration for the development and writer of the soon to be released book “Den of Thieves” primarily because of the leaders in the church who practice bad habits such as the taking of God’s name in vain; and then try to cover up such bad habits by their church attendance and church positions of “righteousness” by making like in Jeremiah, in the Temple Message of Jeremiah 7, and from which Jesus quoted as he ran the money changers out of His Father’s House of Prayer and Worship.  Then in Jeremiah and religious leaders in the time of Jesus on earth were in their own minds making church attendance and activity a “Hideout {or cover up} for Bad Habits”, like today hiding under excuses and “lying words” like “we are not perfect, but we are trying”, or our salvation is in our buildings and in our local church membership and faithfulness in attendance.  God Himself gave the Temple Message of Jeremiah 7 word for word to the Prophet Jeremiah, in which God labels such excuses about misplaced faith in a local church and its buildings, and the living of a life habitually all week of continued “abominations”, as the misplaced faith of “lying words”  {see Jeremiah 7:4 and 7:10}.

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2009-03-10 10:49:00 GMT
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