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Request to Define "Bible Based Backsliding"

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Well, dialogue is solicited know on one of the newest Bible search questions as shown below!  And a corresponding recent Bible question which indicates that either the answer is not understood or like the majority of church members there is the refusal to understand, another sign of the Falling Away as "they will not endure sound doctrine" (II Timothy 4:3,4).  That other question begs the wrong answer, "What is backsliding away from the church?"

Question #121:   What Is "Bible Based Backsliding?

Backsliding is one of the most misunderstood words and concepts of the Bible.  This misunderstanding and mis-application of the teaching of the book of Jeremiah, where the word is found 34 out of the approximately 38 times in the whole Bible, has to be the work of Satan to lead away truth and into the fables of the Great Apostasy of these days called the Falling Away; and unfortunately it is enhanced by the fundamentalists that now control the SBC who falsely claim a literal approach to Scripture while trying to deceive you into think that backsliding is away from church attendance.   In reality, the backsliding of the Bible and of Jeremiah in particular, was too much church attendance, or religion, without any correspondence obedience of righteousness on the part of those who considered themselves to be God' people, obviously "called" but not "chosen".

Bible Based Backsliding is a Generation less Righteous.   While you are facing up to the truth of the Bible according to the Bible, and especially on backsliding in Jeremiah--which is the book of backsliding since of the approximately 38 times the word is found in the Bible, 34 of those are in Jeremiah; and hopefully having understood the lying words of backsliding as a failure of attendance at the house of God, you are in a position to see that Bible based “backsliding” is a generation of God’s called people that are far less righteous--righteousness comes from obedience and a lack of obedience is unrighteousness--than the generation or generations before them.  (Jeremiah 7:24-29) 

Please read it from the Temple Message of Jeremiah for yourself, in Jeremiah 7:24-29.

1.  The whole generation of a nation went “backwards and not forwards” (7:24).   

2.  This last generation did “worse than their fathers” (7:26). 

3.  This is a nation that does not obey the voice of God and which refuses to receive correction in spite of all the Bible knowledge.

4.  God Himself has “rejected and forsaken the generation of His wrath” (7:29)

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