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Urgent Bulletin on Truth: You and Your Church Stand on the Precipice

You and Your Church Stand on the Precipice

You and your church presently stand on the Precipice of the Falling Away, which is the Turning Away from truth.  This is urgent and this urgent bulletin is sent out to alert you as to exactly where you are standing in the history of the church and in the status of current history.

6-1:   It Can Happen to You and to Your Church!

First, you must realize the worst that can happen to you and your church based on the Word of God in Jeremiah.  In this series of “Bible Studies in Jeremiah and Prophesy” it has never been suggested that right now the United States as a nation of God’s people is as bad off as was the nation of Judah, a nation of God’s people that were “backslidden”; however since God gave to His people of the world the Bible as a compendium of examples of what not to do and of what to do as a church, as churches, and as Christians, then we must consider the horrible possibility that the same backslidden nation condition that happened to God’s people of Jeremiah could also happen to the nation of God’s people in the U.S. today, especially when we see some many signs today in America so comparable to what was happening in Jeremiah just before God sent them into Captivity for 70 years.

1.  Even as it is not suggested that the prophesy of Jeremiah and the Bible indicate that the United States is not yet as bad off as the nation of Judah in Jeremiah, so also it is not suggested that the U.S. will shortly go into a 70 year period of Captivity.  For one thing, all the signs of the time about the end which happens at the Second Coming of Christ indicates that there is not time for a 70 year period of Captivity under some unbelieving oppressor like Assyria and Babylon, say China or Russia, etc.  What was urgently true when Paul wrote II Timothy 4:1 as an introduction tot he five stages of the Falling Away of 4:3,4, is even more urgently true today about the Second Coming and the setting up of God’s eternal kingdom on earth.  That is, stated in a more positive fashion, THERE IS MORE LIKELY TO BE THE ETERNAL KINGDOM THAN THE 70 YEAR CAPTIVITY.

“I charge you therefore before God and the Lord Jesus Christ, who will judge the living and the deal at His appearing and His kingdom”.  (II Timothy 4:1)

2.  Even as it has been stated over and over in these “Bible Studies in Jeremiah and Prophesy” that what happened to the nation of God’s people of Judah in Jeremiah’s day is that exactly the same as the present state-of-the-union in the United States, although we have found and will find many similarities and warning signs, so also it is not stated that prophesy of the Bible including Jeremiah dictates that God has given up yet on America as a “generation of His wrath” like in Jeremiah 7:29.

“...for the LORD has rejected and forsaken the generation of His wrath.”  (Jeremiah 7:29b)

However, it should be noted that only two generations of God’s people in the whole history of the world have been designated as THE GENERATION OF THE WRATH OF GOD, one in Jeremiah at approximately 750 B.C. and one at the end just before the Second Coming, that approximately 40-80 years of the Falling Away mentioned in II Timothy 4:3,4 and in II Thessalonians as one of the only two signs of the times that have to come before the Second Coming takes place.

6-2:  You and Your Church Help to Determine the End.

How quickly you allow yourself and your church, yes also your nation as “one nation under God” to “turn away from truth” (II Timothy 4:3,4, the fourth stage of the five stage last great apostasy called the Falling Away, will determine how quickly this nation becomes “backslidden” just like the nation of God’s people of Jeremiah.

“Yet they did not obey or incline their ear, but followed the dictates of their evil hearts, and went backwards and not forward.”  (Jeremiah 7:24)

Yes, it is up to You and Your Church.   You must see that “backsliding” in Jeremiah and the rest of the prophesy of the Bible is, according to the Bible and contrary to the popular misconception that it is the practice of those who do not faithfully attend, backsliding is a nation, church, or citizen of God’s people moving away from God and the truth of God to go backwards, even when in the name of progress and a new building.

6-3:  Urgent Bulletin:  Look at that Precipice at Your Feet!

The urgency of this present status of You and Your Church Standing on the Precipice of the Falling Away, that precipice being the “turning away from truth” demands that we also urgently consider what is “Truth” in the Bible and what is the truth on truth.  Having gone already through the first three stages of the Falling Away--(1) intolerance toward sound doctrine like on God’s name in vain, violation of God’s rules on marriage and divorce, on greed and covetousness; (2) a replacement of Spirit driven and Christ driven churches and Christians with the very popular and common “want”, personal, and “desire” driven church, where personal “dictates of their evil hearts” replaces in PURPOSE DRIVEN where Holy Spirit and Christ ought to be {one might say that instead of the “Rivers of Living Water” flowing out of church members and churches today, we have “Torrents of Personal Satisfactions”; and (3) the unheralded and vast “heaping up” in pulpits, Bible classes and conferences, and on TV of itching ears Bible teachers--the sure and final sign that we right now stand on the edge of this giant precipice of the Falling Away, the Bible identifies as “turning away from truth”.

“This is a nation that does not obey the voice of the LORD their God nor receive correction.  Truth has perished and been cut off from their mouth.”  (Jeremiah 7:28)

6-4:   The Times Demand True Bible Prophesy on Truth.

4.  In any effort to meet this national emergency, the subject of this month’s Bible Study on Jeremiah and Prophesy, and the next three months will center around the Bible teachings of Jeremiah and the rest of the Prophesy of the Bible on TRUTH.

   I.   “You and Your Church Stand on the Precipice”.   

  II.  “Turning Away Finalizes Falling Away”

III.  “Prophesy on the Truth About Truth”.

 IV.   “When Truth Perishes”.

6-5:  “Intellectual Honesty”, “Relative Truth”, and Absolute Truth.

Somewhere along the way in these Bible Studies on Prophesy {alias “truth”} we must consider a more modern prophet who never intended to be a Prophet, nor was recognized as Prophet although He was a Physicists and speaker on religion that was recognized with the Noble Prize in Physics, Dr. R. A. Millikan, for proving that there is a discrete particle called the electron.  What Millikan has done for us in “Evolution in Science and Religion” is:  (1) to help scientifically distinguish between absolute truth and relative truth; (2) to clearly identify how the scientific and educated in the name of education, culture, and science can be just as prejudiced by sin and pride as any other group of humans; and (3) to lead us along the paths of what is reality and what is not, how the unseen of science or religion and Bible can even be more real than what we see every day.  Somewhere we must wrestle along the line with the “intellectual honesty” of such Philosophers of Religion as Elton Trueblood on this matter of TRUTH; and must finally come to distinguish between the world we think exists, and the world we think we live in, and the world that God has established as ULTIMATE TRUTH!

The real danger of this fourth stage of the Falling Away, the turning away from truth on the part of a nation of God’s people, is that God’s own people in the churches may never recognize that they are in the very process of the turning away from truth.  So soothed have they been in their own personal desires and comforts, so put to sleep by those itching ears Bible teachers that they have so urgently sought and established in Bible teaching positions, and so fortified are they against sound doctrine, that they may not like in Plato recognize that the light they are received daily and each Sunday is not even real light and real truth.  The rescue will be the Bible and the Bible on Prophesy about Truth!

The outline of this series of four Bible Studies on Jeremiah, as well as the already completed 4 months of Bible Studies, and the total proposed package you will find on the following web page:

The 4 subsets on “TRUTH”, you will find starting on:


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